Antennas for 10 meter band

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Homebuilt 10 meter antenna

10 meter antenna plan

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New to Ham Radio? Contact the site with comments or questions. Does anyone have the measurements for building a 10 meter vertical antenna? If you make the vertical 99" long out of aluminum tubing and the ground radials " out of 12 AWG wire they should be a little longer than 10 meter antenna plan radiator anyway it will work well on 11 meters and 10 meters with a low SWR. On an elevated antenna, four ground radials are good, just angle them down a bit for the lowest SWR reading and using insulators, double their use as guy wires.

Why build one for just two bands, 10 meter antenna plan, when you could use it for three! I know what your thinking.

He is telling me to just build a CB antenna. Why would I do that? If you build the antenna out of two 10 meter antenna plan of telescoping aluminum poles, available from Ace Hardware, you can tune the antenna to perform the best for your current use by cutting slots in the top of the larger tube and clamping it at the appropriate length with a stainless steel hose clamp. Your needs may may change over time.

OK, a 10 meter antenna. Or hang a 99" wire from a tree branch down to the center pin of a coax connector. Run two " radial wires from the ground side of the coax connector down at about a 45 degree angle. There are LOTS of vertical antenna designs and dimensions that will work. A vertical antenna for mobile use may not be optimum for roof mounting, for example. What works best FOR YOU will depend on the supports and materials you have available, where you want to mount it, how much money you want to spend, etc.

One of the simplest approaches is to use an old CB antenna - you might have to shorten it a bit, but test it first, 10 meter antenna plan. In college I got a piece of conduit and a threaded coupler, 10 meter antenna plan. Then forced the washers into the threaded coupler it was a tight fit. I fed coax up through the conduit and attached it to the mount in the coupler yeah, it was tricky tightening the connector insidethen screwed the coupler onto the conduit.

I topped it off with a " stainless steel whip. Just set this on a chair on the deck outside my room and leaned it up into the corner. Went about 17 feet into the air at the tip. Drill a hole and mount the connector in hole. 10 meter antenna plan would make the " whip much stronger mechanically.

My washer in the coupler thing would come loose with time. Two Inch galvanized downspout Hey, it is a small, short, antenna! Powered by SMF 1. August 09, August 10,10 meter antenna plan, August 11,


10 meter antenna plan