A Portable 75/40* Meter NVIS Antenna

A crossed-dipole turnstile antenna for 2-meter ARDF

Dipole and Inverted V Antenna Basics

20 meter antenna plans

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Bill, W1WAW, 20 meter antenna plans, and 20 meter antenna plans decided to set up NVIS antennas at our respective locations in northwest Vermont, and to use them to communicate on a daily basis over the two major ridges between us. I also have a CW antenna averaging 40 feet high, so that antenna provided a comparative benchmark, 20 meter antenna plans.

Mine is hung at 8 to 10 feet above ground between two trees. What we have learned has been very positive! I have been able to communicate reliably with any station in that area without asking for fills. The message gets through! My 40 meter NVIS work has been more limited, but I expect to have developed more information by the spring of The NVIS antenna should be a strong candidate for emergency communications in mountainous terrain!

All the performance information in this article relates only to use of the 75 meter portion. That map is updated at about 42 minutes after the hour. He went to college and learned the technical animal model diabetes gastroparisis and outs, and a career in radio en They can be used for multiple purposes such as Base Station, Port The AIM D antenna analyzer measures the complex impedance magnitude and phase at each frequency of interest in the range of 0.

You can hardly see this mini 14 foot rotatable dipole 20 meter antenna plans the street! Its tiny 7-foot turning radius fits on the smallest roof its perfect Can I still use oxidized coax cable? You must be logged in to post a comment.

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20 meter antenna plans