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The Power and Promise of Cancer Research: Presented at ASCO Annual Meeting 2018

2007 asco gynecology cancers annual meeting

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He is a former chair of the education committee of the Hans-Popper Hepatopathology Society. A well-cited author of several peer-reviewed manuscripts, Dr. Adeyi has also contributed book chapters in highly successful pathology and radiology volumes.

Alexopoulou has a strong background in Undergraduate and Post-graduate Medical Education. Alexopoulou is a practicing surgical pathologist with special interest in Renal Pathology and has published several papers in Renal Pathology, including transplantation. A well-known Renal Pathologist throughout Canada has been working as a consultant for several nephrology units and conducts educational workshops for pathologists and nephrologists locally, nationally and around the world.

Following two years of practice in Newfoundland, he returned to pursue additional postgraduate training in the field of Pathology.

Louis University followed by a cytopathology fellowship at the Cleveland Clinic. He joined the University of Saskatchewan inwhere is part of the cytology and gynecologic pathology groups. He is also involved in cytopathology quality assurance and resident education. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. Her interests relate to all aspects of cytopathology, and, in particular thyroid, pulmonary and gynecologic cytology including quality assurance.

Counterpoint from a Canadian PerspectiveSunday July 8, He completed residency in pathology at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics and fellowship in forensic pathology 2007 asco gynecology cancers annual meeting Hennepin County MinneapolisMinnesota. He is board-certified in anatomic, clinical, and forensic pathology. He is a fellow of the National Association of Medical Examiners, and previously served as the President and Chair of the Board of Directors of that organization.

Baker returned to Minnesota. Bane completed her medical school education at the National University of Ireland and residency training in histopathology at Trinity College Dublin 2007 asco gynecology cancers annual meeting affiliated hospitals. Biomarker development and quality improvement in breast pathology are areas of active interest.

Challenges and PitfallsSaturday July 7, Shantanu BanerjiUniversity of Manitoba. He is currently a clinician-scientist with a practice focused on lung cancer and sarcoma. His laboratory at the Research Institute of Oncology and Hematology is focused on understanding prognostic and predictive biomarkers specific to the treatment cancer. He is also the Director of Genomics at CancerCare Manitoba, 2007 asco gynecology cancers annual meeting, responsible for coordinating companion diagnostics for cancer therapy in conjunction with Diagnostic Services Manitoba, 2007 asco gynecology cancers annual meeting.

He is developing new diagnostic approaches to improve patient diagnosis and treatment. By gaining an understanding of the molecular complexity of cancer, accurate diagnostic approaches can be 2007 asco gynecology cancers annual meeting to ensure that patients receive the most appropriate treatment. Novel diagnostic tools are required to accurately identify molecular sub-types of cancer and to predict the effectiveness of treatment.

Bartlett has contributed to the development of translational research within multi-centre clinical trials, several of which have led to new insights into selecting appropriate therapeutics for breast cancer patients.

He aims to foster research in other laboratories across the province to accelerate the discovery of novel diagnostics for cancer. Hallgrimur BenediktssonUniversity of Calgary. A medical graduate of the University of Iceland, he completed his training in Anatomical Pathology at the Universities of Manitoba and Minnesota, acquiring 2007 asco gynecology cancers annual meeting of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, and the American Board of Pathology in Andrew BrackCalgary Laboratory Services.

Andrew Brack is a 3rd year general pathology resident at the University of Calgary. Part of the attraction of pathology for him comes from its many opportunities to explore informatics and collaborative work processes. He is keen to see how adult education principles can enhance group as well as individual competence and deliver better patient care.

Health Care is a Team Sport: Amy BromleyDirector of Accreditation. Bromley completed her medical training at Memorial University of Newfoundland infollowed by an Anatomical Pathology Residency in Calgary. After residency, she began her career as a hospital autopsy pathologist and began collaborating with the Departments of Critical Care, Internal Medicine, and Cardiovascular Surgery.

Her research interests include cardiovascular pathology with a special focus on aortopathy and advanced cardiovascular surgical techniques, as well as quality assurance, patient safety, and medical education. Approach to a Medical AutopsySaturday July 7, Miguel BurnierMcGill University. Hecht Family Chair in Ophthalmology Burnier is the author and co-author of over 2007 asco gynecology cancers annual meeting and has served as Guest Speaker and Visiting Professor at many national and international conferences.

He is distinguished with several national and international awards. Over fellows from 20 different countries have passed through the laboratory.

These fellows are part of BIOPSY Burnier International Ocular Pathology Society which holds scientific meetings every two years and gives a great opportunity for this network to share interesting cases and research. Matthew Cecchini is a 5th year anatomical pathology resident at Western University in London Ontario.

He served as the director of PGME education for the CAP-ACP annual meeting planning committee where he helped to develop engaging, evidence-based learning platforms for residents across Canada. Director of Post-Graduate Medical Education. He lectures at the University of Toronto and speaks regularly at Canadian and international 2007 asco gynecology cancers annual meeting. His research interests include practice-based research on monoclonal gammopathy investigations, biomarkers in vascular dementia and POCT in tertiary care.

He currently chairs a monoclonal gammopathy interest group MGIG of 2007 asco gynecology cancers annual meeting CSCC, and collaborates with various laboratory and clinical stakeholders on developing a Canadian guideline on the reporting and utilization of serum protein electrophoresis.

Trained in anatomical and general pathologist, she has worked in both academic and community laboratory environments. She is a former Royal College examiner in Anatomical Pathology and has continued work in education with the Royal College International examination activities.

She has been involved with Path2Quality for many years contributing to both the Standards2Quality and Work2Quality documents as well as other Path2Quality initiatives. She is an anatomical pathology and immunohistochemistry assessor for the Institute for Quality Management in HealthCare IQMH accreditation and external quality assessment programs.

Sinceshe has been the provincial pathology clinical lead for the Quality Management Partnership, a joint initiative between Cancer Care Ontario and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

Christian CoutureInstitut universitaire de cardiologie et de pneumologie de Quebec. He is currently the author of 81 peer-reviewed articles and 4 book chapters. SinceDr Couture has been very active in the field of biomarkers testing for emerging targeted and immune therapies for lung cancer.

Dr Couture is a frequent guest speaker at various regional and national organizations, especially on the topic of pulmonary biomarker testing. From Bench to Bedside: Her leadership role in the clinical laboratory includes the implementation and evaluation of genetic tests, 2007 asco gynecology cancers annual meeting.

She is a member of the Cancer Genomics Consortium. My interest in biobanking began as part of a research interest in CNS tumors developed as a member of the Centre for Neurovirology in Philadelphia. This effort has recently matured into institutional funded priority, 2007 asco gynecology cancers annual meeting. Marc DelBigioUniversity of Manitoba. Neuropathology for Anatomic PathologistsSunday July 8, Elizabeth DemiccoMount Sinai Hospital. Demicco earned her M. She has published over 50 articles and several book chapters and served as a co-chair for the sarcoma working group of The Cancer Genome Atlas project.

I am mostly interested in translational research for biomarkers in thoracic neoplasms. His research interests includes the application of artificial intelligence and global proteomics to improve the diagnostic yields of clinical tissue.

Brendan DicksonUniversity of Toronto. This was followed by medical and residency training at the University of Toronto, and fellowship training in Soft Tissue and Bone in Philadelphia. He is an author of more than 50 peer-reviewed medical publications, and multiple book chapters. His research is primarily focused on developing novel diagnostic and prognostic markers in sarcoma, and elucidating the mechanisms of sarcomagenesis, 2007 asco gynecology cancers annual meeting.

Dickson has a strong interest in medical education, which includes medical students, residents and fellows, as well as the broader community via social media histiocytosisX, on Twitter. She obtained her medical degree at the University of Alberta, 2007 asco gynecology cancers annual meeting, anatomical pathology residency at the University in Toronto and fellowship training at the MD Anderson Cancer Center. Her research focus has been toward discovery of cancer biomarkers in gynecologic pathology and their implementation into daily clinical practice.

She is the recipient of a prestigious Stephen F. Vogel award from the United States Academy of Pathology. Djordjevic is dedicated to dissemination of knowledge of gynecological pathology and has directed several short courses and workshops.

She is a nationally and internationally invited speaker. Glandular Lesions of the Cervix, 2007 asco gynecology cancers annual meeting, Endometrium and Ovary: Following this she completed a two year research fellowship in prostate cancer at University College Dublin and was awarded her Doctor of Medicine MD by thesis. Her research and publications focus on prostate and bladder malignancy. Where Does the Pathologist Fit In? He is an active participant in translational and clinical research carried out by the Uro-Oncology program at UHN.

He is a member of several current guideline committees including: Cancer Care Ontario expert panels on prostate biopsies and active surveillance and dial antibacterial body wash 35 ASCO panel on the management of renal masses.

She obtained her Royal College certification in ; she did her pathology training at University Of Toronto and completed her fellowship in breast pathology at University Health Network. In addition to her clinical work, she is involved in translational research and resident teaching. She has a special interest in the integration of platforms designed to support studies of human DNA, RNA and protein biomarkers. Fine is a urologic pathologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center with special interest and research focus in anatomical considerations, diagnosis and management of prostate cancer.

At MSKCC, 2007 asco gynecology cancers annual meeting, he actively pursues studies focused on refining grading, quantitation and staging of prostate cancer and is hopeful that the incorporation of new molecular insights and markers can be accomplished in a background of well-annotated clinical and pathologic data.

Together, they keep busy following the evolving life journeys of their 4 children, 2007 asco gynecology cancers annual meeting, ages 9 to Ashley FlamanUniversity of Ottawa.


2007 asco gynecology cancers annual meeting