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2009 annual diabetes conference reno

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It has been just about a year since I took on my current job and within a few weeks, we will welcome another new class of medical students to the University of Nevada School of Medicine. I am glad to say that throughout a rather stormy year of economic decline in the nation and severe budget cuts in the state, the School of Medicine is delivering on its mission without compromising. We are looking forward to our new students joining an impressive community of alumni-physicians throughout Nevada and the U.

George Smith, and hope that the event will send an inspiring message to our students and trainees that by entering the field of medicine through the University of Nevada, they join a large extended family of professionals. You can be very proud of your kinship! The closeness of these two events celebration and accreditation means to me that our good feelings about what the School has accomplished are reflected in recognition of our accountability for our educational function and its relevance.

We are, 2009 annual diabetes conference reno, indeed, a part of 2009 annual diabetes conference reno very serious national mission of educating doctors who measure up to national standards. Preparation for the LCME visit has gone on for many months, and this is the time for me to acknowledge the incredible dedication that our medical education team has shown in conducting an in-depth self-study.

The leader of this effort has been Jennifer Kimmel, M. At the time of our anniversary celebration, we will not know yet how we will fare at accreditation time. But what the self-study has shown me, what it has said about our work and the people carrying it out, is more than reason enough to celebrate our 40 years as a medical school. Ashish Francisa member of the incoming Class ofis the second Herz Gold Medical 2009 annual diabetes conference reno in the last three years at the School of Medicine.

Barsky, who has both a strong research and clinical background, will lead the effort to further develop the research and clinical missions of the Department of Pathology throughout Nevada in addition to maintaining its outstanding teaching missions. Barsky is a pioneer in digital pathology and will initiate a virtual slide microscopy diagnostic consultative service throughout the state.

His arrival indicates an evolution toward achieving the traditional triple threat of academic pathology. The following physicians joined the School of Medicine as faculty in the internal medicine department in Reno effective July 1: In addition, Kate Martin, 2009 annual diabetes conference reno, M. Martin is former chief resident in the department and 2009 annual diabetes conference reno School of Medicine alumna.

She is a graduate of the School of Medicine and former chief resident of the Las Vegas internal medicine residency program. Previously, basic science research had been carried out in rented lab space on the University of Nevada, Las Vegas campus. With the 2009 annual diabetes conference reno of the 3, 2009 annual diabetes conference reno, square-foot space in the biotechnology center on the Shadow Lane campus, basic science research for the surgery department is now consolidated into three connected and open labs to facilitate teaching and professional discourse among collaborators.

Basic science research related to tissue ischemia, microsurgery, trauma resuscitation and pediatric surgery will be taught by eight surgeon clinician scientists to surgical residents and as a fourth year elective for medical students. The new spaces also house supporting staff. Incoming medical students will participate in the cloaking ceremony which symbolically welcomes them into the health care profession and helps establish a psychological contract for the practice of medicine.

He was awarded the prestigious fellowship sponsored by the American College of Psychiatry. With this new collaboration, psychiatric residents will provide care for the undeserved population in Las Vegas. The Office of Continuing Medical Education announces several opportunities this fall. Inside Nevada Medicine August My heartfelt thanks to her and the individuals who participated in this effort!


2009 annual diabetes conference reno