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5/8 wave cb ground plane in the wind

5 8 ground plan antenna

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You have multiple styles to choose from beam, omni-directional, wire and materials fiberglass, aluminum as well as mounting possibilities mast, tower, tripod, roof, 5 8 ground plan antenna.

Generally speaking the most popular base antennas in the CB world are the vertical omni-directional antennas. The antennas are manufactured here in the USA.

The ground plane style of vertical antennas utilize radials that extend out from the base of the assembly to help lower the angle of radiation, 5 8 ground plan antenna.

These types of antennas have proven very effective for talking both locally and long distances. The antenna is completely disassembled when you receive it so be prepared to set aside some time for assembly and tuning. As you can see in the pictures the antenna consists of multiple sections of aluminum tubing of various diameters that slide into each other and are held in place with the included hardware.

For assembly you slide the smaller pieces of tubing into these pieces and use your hardware connector herbal antabuse to tighten around the slitted sections. As you tighten the connector valtrex and zanax ring, with screw, 5 8 ground plan antenna, nut they compress the slitted sections of the tubing and tighten down, completing the connection between the two pieces of aluminum.

Some of the sections use hose clamps to secure two pieces of tubing together and these are used mostly in the vertical sections. As you can see from the picture the top part of the ring is attached to a metal bar that angles down at about a 45 degree angle and is 5 8 ground plan antenna to the antenna with a clamp. The bottom section screws onto the coax connector bracket, 5 8 ground plan antenna, which is an L shaped piece of metal that is bolted directly to the antenna.

Installing this part of the 5 8 ground plan antenna is probably the most difficult part as it require more specific measurement and adjustment. These pieces are smaller and so use care not to bend or break the aluminum. The final step in this assembly is attaching the wire from the center of the coax connector to the ring using a small P clamp.

The ground plane radials for this antenna are attached to a ring that has four protrusions which they slide on to. This ring is connected to the main base section of the antenna with a bolt. Once your antenna is assembled it can be mounted directly onto your mast section.

Fully assembled, the antenna and setup for 27 MHZ the antenna should be " To overcome this issue I usually pull out two pieces of fence tubing I keep around.

Both sections are 6 feet long and they are top rails that fit together. I then attach the antenna to the other 6 foot section and connect the two sections together. Adjusting the SWR on this antenna can be accomplished in two ways. You can adjust the physical length of the antenna by sliding the tubing that goes into the bottom section up or down.

The other method is to adjust the location where the center conductor wire attaches to the ring. For my antenna I found that I only needed minor adjustments 5 8 ground plan antenna SWR and the most noticeable changes in tuning were done 5 8 ground plan antenna changing the location of the conductor wire on the ring. After about 1 hour of assembly and 10 minutes of tuning I had finished up with 5 8 ground plan antenna readings of 1. I did one last check and tightened all my fittings, connected my Davis RF Bury Flex coax and mounted the antenna on some temporary masting in the back yard.

The transmitted signal was strong enough that the receiving station was even able to hear me when he switched from his vertical antenna to his beam antenna. The results were excellent. I had no problems getting stations to respond and I had many reports that my station signal was strong.

I did some tests for local stations and DX stations and after days of testing I came to the conclusion that at the same heights, using the same coax, testing with the same stations, the Maco regularly had a 0, 5 8 ground plan antenna. While there is no standard for S units the generally accepted principle is that an S unit is equal to around 6db.

Which would give the Maco a 1. Beyond the on-air performance I found the physical construction of the antenna impressive and almost immediately after installing it we experienced 50 mph gusts during a storm. The antenna handled the wind without difficulty and it seemed like the construction of the antenna would be adequate to survive most storms people will encounter.

Tuberculosis and cancer treatment one weak point in the antenna might be the ring tuning section. While it is built out of aluminum and handled the wind without any problems, a stray falling branch or limb could damage the thinner pieces of the ring section much easier than other parts of the antenna.

While the debate of which CB vertical antenna is best will continue for years to come we do know that ground plane antennas work very well and lower the angle of radiation to prevent the loss of signal skyward. It does take at least an hour for most people to put the antennas together, and initially getting the antenna into position for testing can be a bit tricky without damaging salba and type ii diabetes long ground plane radials.

After testing out two different Maco antennas in the last couple of months I can say that the Maco brand of antennas came well packaged, used solid materials, and the instructions were well written and explained each step in assembly. In contacting Maco I found their staff to be easy to reach by phone or email and very helpful in answering my questions, 5 8 ground plan antenna.

In this day and age where many CB products are made by companies overseas and distributed multiple times before reaching the market I find it refreshing to be able to call a company and within minutes be talking to the owner about antenna designs. It offers outstanding base station performance.

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5 8 ground plan antenna