Yagi Antennas for 6 Meters band

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6 meter hairpin antenna plans

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This 6 meter 6 element SSB yagi was designed and optimized for best feed match using The older "Quick Yagi" program was used in its design. When checking SWR, place antenna with reflector on the ground and prop yagi straight up at a ninety degree angle to earth The SWR in the final operating position may vary slightly but not enough to worry about. Try to get them as close as possible using whatever construction practices and genius you can find.

Round them off to next highest or lowest number and forget about them. The driven element 6 meter hairpin antenna plans shown in the inset in the drawing is insulated from the boom which is metal, by the homemade non-conducting bracket which you must fabricate. Heavy Plexiglass works fine as long as it is thick enough 6 meter hairpin antenna plans support the driven elements one on each side. Other materials may be used to construct the insulator as long as they insulate both halfs of the dirven element from the boom.

The two halves of the total driven element length can be attached to the insulator using muffler type clamps, u bolts, several large wire ties or what ever your gray matter can come up with as long as the elements can not move by outside forces and do not touch the boom after final installation. The other elements of the antenna 6 meter hairpin antenna plans be installed thru the boom but if this is not possible for you, just mount them at the required spacing using your genius.

The final pattern may be slightly off center from the boom by a degree or two but us it anyway. The idea is to have FUN and experiment! The conductors from the feedline 50 ohm coax are attached as you would any dipole. Center to one side, 6 meter hairpin antenna plans, shield to the other using whatever arrangement of nuts and bolts you may have. Seal all connections, 6 meter hairpin antenna plans, coax end and antenna elements from mother nature! You can design your own gamma match for this antenna by using a separate program that comes with the Quick Yagi antenna design software.

Get the free complete download toprol xl and alcohol This is a zip file! Download and unzip the program into a folder of your choice if using Windows XP or earlier versions then unzip it and use "Set Up" file to get started. It is also a good idea to use an " Ugly Balun " or other 1: SWR was checked as above and was less than 2 to1 to start but was lowered a bit, down to about 1.


6 meter hairpin antenna plans