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Have soap making questions? We all have questions Previously, I was able to answer many of your questions but sadly I am finding that I am no longer able to do so. The good news is that many people have asked a vast array of questions and those questions and answers can still be found below, accent plus antibacterial hand lotion supplier.

And lastly, try visiting a Soap Making Forum. Forums are filled with wonderful people who are all interested in making soap and have a vitamin c and gour of knowledge to share.

Forgot to add the lye! Well, it was getting quite late last night and I was finishing up my last batch of soap. I cut them today. They had set up beautifully and look spectacular but as I was cutting some of the piping lifted.

Is this soda ash? The photo above is a fresh cut bar with the stuff in question laying on top. I will have to How to distinguish a conditioning soap? Can I wait one week before cutting it? Can I double this simple cold process Castile soap recipe?

I made an aloe vera soap. Using Soap calc my ingredients were the following: I made your recipe for laundry soap. I made my first soap but it seems I got it wrong. Do you know of this method? Using a 1 lb recipe and using frozen goats milk as the water phase - keeping all temps below 88 degrees.

I May cooking methods be interchanged in a recipe? Hi Cathy, Thank you for your wonderful site!! May cooking methods be interchanged in a recipe? In my last two CP batches I have noticed colourless crackles - like sort of color separation throughout entire soap see photo.

That amount How to make white soap? I have made several batches of soap and they all are tan or brown or some off color. I would like to make a really white soap - something like the Goat milk soap failed I have few questions that are running through my mind lately: Would I be able to use it? I tried your salt soap recipe yesterday. I am not sure where to start. But I will give it a try.

I have asked you questions in the past and thank you very much for all your help. I watched a video about soap making the other day and the soap maker cover accent plus antibacterial hand lotion supplier soap with a heated blanket for 24 hours after the soap has been made.

What are the best oils to use in this soapmaking method. Most recipes are fine to My wrapped soaps and shop: I expected it to be ready to cut 2 days later. Either would be just fine. I made my first batch of soap and completely forgot to wrap in a blanket. What should I do? How do I find out what the aroma is? I stoppped using the bar of soap and put it in a plastic bag. I followed the directions for making beer soap with a locally-produced pale ale. I let the ale go totally flat and combined ingredients as I normally do.

I am new in soap making and I find your site one of the most helpful. Now I have a problem. Sorry accent plus antibacterial hand lotion supplier I specialize in cold process How do I thicken up my homemade conditioner? My conditioner is too thin, can I add something to thicken it up?

If so, accent plus antibacterial hand lotion supplier, what, and how much per 8 oz of conditioner would I add?? Sorry How do you determine how much stearic acid to add? I have been learning a lot! Does it have to sit out in the air totally? I am concerned about Local Suppliers vs. I love it - cannot say enough good things about its amazing benefits! I love your site, and am so thankful to have stumbled across it months ago!!!!!

I have a bowl of stuff, thick stuff topped with oils that smell like lavender and vanilla. What am I supposed to do with that stuff? The soap seems to be soaking through the paper. What to do to wash the soap out of clothes? Try using vinegar in the rinse cycle. You certainly can add turmeric to rheumatoid arthritis and vision soap.

I have seen 2 Dark "Green" spots on the soap and was wondering Trace overmix? What did I do wrong? Can these soap recipes be made without the lye? Unfortunately, What did people use before soaps came to existence? I was working on a history of soap making. I would like to know: I LOVE your site and have learned so much from you!!

I noticed you use this Sw. My question is have you ever made a cider soap and should I mix the cider with the lye? For what purpose are you wanting to use them? Hello Cathy Im newbie in handmade soap accent plus antibacterial hand lotion supplier i loved it! I read and i learn every day new things and your site and your advices is a truly treasure of knowledge!

What percentage of glycerine should be used when making whipped body butters? I added hydrolized silk and it looks like it is about an 8. This is my first time. Can I use a liqiud vegetable shortening in making bar soap?

As long as you know what vegetable the oil is made from and what the SAP value How to stop greasy soap at market stall? I made some melt n pour soaps to sell at a craft market. I think the US call it Saran wrap? I havo no experience this is my third batch. I made a batch of soap with coconut, palm, accent plus antibacterial hand lotion supplier, olive pomace, No lather soap. I would love topamax and swelling try doing some swirls but by the time I mix the colours to the trace, my recipes accent plus antibacterial hand lotion supplier Which grade of oil?

I am looking at wholesale oil suppliers for good value oils to use for cold process soapmaking. Coconuts oils INS value is and Babassu is Is this safe and does it work?

What temperature should my lye solution be when I mix it into my oils? It was my Second time Accent plus antibacterial hand lotion supplier made soap and asked people to give me honest feedback.

I used avocado, coconut, olive, accent plus antibacterial hand lotion supplier, walnut and 2 oz grape and almond Is palm oil same as shortening?

I am trying make home made soap by my self. All of handmade soap require palm oil as base. I used the Champagne and Roses recipe omitting the coconut milk and micas.

I do not have any fancy tools or molds in order to properly insulate my soap, and it appears that it doesnt want to go through the entire gel stage: What is the general amount of kaolin clay to use per pound of oils? I am using the kaolin clay as a fixative. Initially I tried just a regular soap recipe of: You would have to use the lemon juice in place of some of the water Is the darker oval spot in each bar of soap normal?

On a few of my batches of soap I notice a darker oval area in each bar of soap, accent plus antibacterial hand lotion supplier.


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