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Adapalene anti-aging

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Product Question Differin Adapalene - Instructions for general anti-aging not acne use? My skin looks great now. Last week, my doctor prescribed Differin 0. He told me the pharmacist would give me specific directions on how to adapalene anti-aging it, adapalene anti-aging.

I asked for more info, but all he could come up with was the general spiel "apply to affected areas". IMO contact the prescribing doctor for clarification since this is a prescription drug and adapalene anti-aging cannot give medical advice. I wonder if 0. Yeah, adapalene anti-aging, I plan to talk to my doc again when I see him next. This being said, adapalene anti-aging, I find having a bit of prior knowledge usually from this sub! This link might give you a little more info.

It can be irritating for some. Some people do a wait time about minutes before applying it to reduce irritation, adapalene anti-aging. Thanks for the info. Do you use Differin? Is it used primarily for acne? Or do people on this sub also use it for other reasons? I used it about 5 years ago for acne.

Wish I could help more. My derm usually gets back with me the same day or the following day. I have never seen anyone state they use adapalene for anti ageing, not on any skincare sub or forum. Not that surprising since there is little research on it, dermatologists will primarily be prescribing other things.

It certainly has anti inflammatory properties, which are relevant here, adapalene anti-aging. Thanks for this feedback. Do you have any sleep deprivation and diabetes of the generic or brand name of the next step up? I am not familiar with topical retinoids adapalene anti-aging used after a course of oral retinoids isotretinoin TBH, adapalene anti-aging.

One option would presumably be to bump up to the 0. Might depend how your skin responds: The benefits of reducing inflammation should not be underestimated, too strong a product and it is likely to be counter productive since chronic irritation and inflammation damages the skin and so can hasten ageing.

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Adapalene anti-aging