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Aging anti loss medicine weight

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Home Treatments Metabolic Weight Loss, aging anti loss medicine weight. There are a lot of weight loss programs out there and they all work. Losing the weight is not the problem.

Inthe Journal of the American Under the credit plan and administered Association published a landmark study that compared the four most popular weight loss diets: No matter what program they were on, everyone lost an equal amount of weight.

Similarly, no matter what program they were on, everyone regained the weight. Our weight loss program is unlike anything you have ever seen or heard about. The problem with weight control has nothing to do with actually losing the weight. The problem is that is that the rate of weight loss will decrease over time, aging anti loss medicine weight, and eventually stop.

Then at some later point it is inevitably regained. First, leaving aside the obvious yet relatively uncommon problem of overeating as a cause of weight gain, the reason that most people gain weight in the first place is because they have abnormally low metabolisms. Some people are just born with low metabolisms.

Second, when the body is put on a program and loses weight, it reacts to the weight loss by further lowering the metabolism. The result is that an already decreased metabolism becomes even lower. In this scenario, which is the scenario that almost every overweight person faces, regaining the lost weight is virtually guaranteed. The only way to permanently maintain a lower weight is to optimize metabolism before, during, aging anti loss medicine weight, and after weight loss.

Aging anti loss medicine weight that is what is unique about our permanent weight control program. Using it our doctors are able to wellbutrin and high pulse even minor decreases in metabolism, and then provide the individualized therapies necessary to maximize it. When you first come to the clinic you will have your metabolism determined with Bio-Energy Testing. Bio-Energy Testing also determines exactly how many calories your body needs to lose weight, as well as what your particular exercise zones are.

Using the results of the test, the doctor will be able to prescribe the correct supplements and hormones your body requires for an optimal metabolism. He will also be able to place you on an individualized program of what and how much to eat, and exactly how to exercise for maximum fat loss. Over the next few months you will lose weight as well as feel great. Because what inevitably happens at some point is that the rate of weight loss slows down and eventually stops as your metabolism falls.

And this is the critical juncture at which our permanent weight control program differs from all others. Because at this point we will perform another Bio-Energy Testing, and readjust your program to get your metabolism back on line. This cycle of weight loss and readjusting the metabolism will be repeated until you reach you desired weight goal. At that point the last metabolic adjustment will be made, and you will never have to be concerned with regaining the weight you aging anti loss medicine weight lost.

Thereafter, aging anti loss medicine weight, on an annual basis, we will continue to use Bio-Energy Testing to adjust your metabolism as your get older. Accessibility Statement Aging anti loss medicine weight of use Sitemap.


Aging anti loss medicine weight