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animal allergy symptoms and treatment

Allergies to animals

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Dog dander gets everywhere, allergies to animals, including places where dogs have never set a paw. According to the National Institutes of Health, detectable levels of pet dander are in every home in the U. The symptoms of dog allergies are usually like those of any other nasal allergy.

Some people with dog allergies also have skin reactions. For instance, their skin might allergies to animals out where a dog licks them. Others with more severe allergies might develop hives on their face or chest. People with asthma as well as pet allergies can have especially serious symptoms. In fact, two dogs of the same breed can each give off very different levels of allergen, allergies to animals. Instead, people are usually allergic to the dander -- flakes of dead skin -- as well as the saliva and urine.

So, no matter how long or short the hairany dog can potentially cause an allergic reaction. You might wonder why dog dander has such an effect on you.

People with allergies have oversensitive immune systems. Their bodies overreact to harmless substances -- like dog dander -- and attack it as they would bacteria or viruses. Your doctor can do either a skin test or a blood test that will detect allergen-specific IgE Immunoglobulin E to find out if you have dog allergies. Some people who assume that they have dog allergies turn out not to have them. So if you own a dog, your doctor might want you to try living without it for a while to see how you do.

To get a good sense of your symptoms, it might take some extended time apart. It often takes months before the level of dander in the house drops down to a level resembling that of a house without a dog.

Allergy shots are another option for people with dog allergies. But they can really allergies to animals some people with pet allergies. Talk about the pros and cons with your doctor. Most allergists agree that although medication may help, the best way to control dog allergies is to avoid contact with dogs. Here are some tips:. Even then, there are still things you can do:. Will bathing your dog have any effect on allergy symptoms?

You can certainly try out weekly baths and see what happens. Just make sure that someone without dog allergies is doing the actual bathing.

You may find that these techniques help your dog allergies, allergies to animals. Uncontrolled allergies can also contribute to asthmawhich is a serious disease. So if you or a family member has dog allergies, talk to a doctor.

Getting control of symptoms will not only make you feel better, but it will help protect you from becoming sicker. Related to Allergies Allergies or Cold? Continued Treating Dog Allergies Dog allergies can be allergies to animals with standard allergy drugs.

Your doctor might recommend: Some antihistamines such as azelastine Astelin are available as nasal sprays. Decongestantswhich reduce allergies to animals in the nose and relieve congestion; examples are over-the-counter Sudafed and Allegra-D Nasal steroidswhich are sprays that relieve allergy symptoms by calming inflammation, are a first-line treatment for allergies. Your Environment and Dog Allergies Most allergists agree that although medication may help, the best way to control dog allergies is to avoid contact with dogs.

Here are some tips: As best you can, avoid going to homes with dogs. By taking medication allergies to animals, you might stop an allergic reaction before it starts. Be wary of visitors who own dogs.

Dog dander can cling to clothing and luggage. So even if your house guests leave their allergies to animals at home, they can bring the dander with them -- and that can cause you a lot of trouble. Even then, there are still things you can do: Dog dander can get everywhere, allergies to animals. Warfarin and anti-depression pills you need to sweep and mop the floors, vacuum rugs, and clean furniture regularly.

If possible, get a vacuum with a HEPA filter. Make your home easier to clean. Pull up the carpet, allergies to animals. Get rid of the rugs and drapes. Ditch the dusty, overstuffed furniture. Reducing the number of items that can catch dust and dander can help with your dog allergy symptoms.

A central air cleaner -- as well as filters on the vents themselves -- can help. Keep the dog out of your bedroom. Protect yourself by making other areas of the house dog-free too. Depending on the climate and surroundings, you can also consider keeping the dog outside as much as possible. Continued Will bathing your dog have any effect on allergy symptoms?


Allergies to animals