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There is no such thing as being allergic to general anesthesia. General anesthesia is a garbage can term for a mix of a ton of different medications that are used in anesthesia.

If you have an allergy it is usually prozac and dyspepsia to one component that can be easily swapped out. General anesthesia is a medically induced coma and loss of protective reflexes resulting from the administration of one or more general anesthetic agents.

Anyone can have GA: You may have had a reaction to one of the many medications that can be used as part of general anesthesia. But we can tailor general allergy to general anesthesia for anyone safely by choosing different medications.

Anyone can have ga. Your previous reaction what was it? Consult a physician anesthesiologist for more info. General anesthesia is the administration of general anesthetic agents that make a person unconscious. Just for your information, allergy to general anesthesia, variety of the different drugs combination is available and the procedure relatively safe. An epidural is an anesthetic lidocaine delivered through a small tube into an epidural space.

No one is allergic to all medications used in general anesthesia, allergy to general anesthesia. The local anesthetics numbing allergy to general anesthesia used allergy to general anesthesia epidurals should not be any problem for you.

There are many drugs to use in inducing general anesthesiamostly a combination of intravenous and inhalation agents. The reaction to these drugs if occur if very fast and very dangerous. Please discuss your drug allergies with your anesthesiologist. They all can cause histamine release. True allergy produces severe symptoms such as hives and trouble breathing.

Sometimes Benadryl diphenhydramine can help with itching. Or you can ask your doctor to try a different pain medication. General anesthesia has a long history with literally millions of people getting anesthetics every year. But there are risks. It is obviously riskier in the very young and very old.

It is riskier if you have serious medical problems like congestive heart failure or COPD. It is riskier if you are having a very prolonged or complicated surgical procedure. But yes, general anesthesia is safe. General anesthesia means you will be completely asleep, unable to respond to commands, unable to feel, hear or remember, and usually will have some kind of breathing device placed in your airway throat.

An anesthesiologist will monitor you closely and give you medications to keep you "asleep" and comfortable, keep you alive while operating on you, and most importantly wake you up! It usually depends on whether you have any allergies and what kind of surgery your getting. It is usually a cocktail. For general anesthesiawe use about 5 drugs to begin the process. Some are Lidocainepropofolallergy to general anesthesia, versedfentanylvarious gases, muscle relaxants.

It depends on the surgical procedure being performed and wether it can be safely performed under regional or local anesthesia as well as patient position and coexisting diseases. Some medications that are used for anesthesia might hurt but many anesthesiologists will give medications that will make you forget and some medications for pain before they give you the medications that is mostly known to hurt allergy to general anesthesia. Generally speaking the medications given to you during your surgery will just wear off on their own.

It is best however just to relax as your body recovers After the versed you might not remember anything except waking up in the recovery room possibly nauseous, allergy to general anesthesia.

Otherwise you will receive Propofol in your IV after the monitors placed, allergy to general anesthesia, sometimes causing a burning sensationand a few seconds later you will be asleep and wake up in the recovery room or immediately prior. In an otherwise healthy patient, general anesthesia is very safe.

But just like anything, it is not without risk. Minor risks include nausea and sore throatwhich are a relatively common nuisance. Major risks such as heart attack and death are extremely rare. Allergy to general anesthesia very rare anesthetic reactions, such as malignant hyperthermiatend to run in families, so discuss this with your anesthesiologist, allergy to general anesthesia.

There should be no long lasting effects from general anesthesis itself. The risks of anesthesia depends on your underlying medical conditions. Ga is taxing and stressful to the system, especially if it is a complicated and lengthy surgery. The surgery has more possibilities for post-op complications but you still have to be aware of breathing issues, infections, bleeding, BP stability, etc. Yes, but though this is rare, allergy to general anesthesia, the more complicated your surgery the more both the surgeon and the anesthesiologist allergy to general anesthesia review your situation in depth.

They may ask for input form your family physician. And, even with all the precautions they can muster there are still some very sad outcomes. Speaking from the memory of quadruple bypass 12 years ago.

Surgeons insist the absolute taste alteration was from the anestheticbut it lasted 2 weeks. With modern anesthetics we try and shut down the memory of the patient before they go to the or. Without sedatives the very medication that is used to put people to sleep blocks memory formation, so we have the same problem.

Same with waking up. Patients come to in the pacu after the op. A doctor specializing in anesthesia is an anesthesiologist. Read more See 1 more doctor answer. General Anesthesia Definition General anesthesia is a medically induced coma and loss of protective reflexes resulting from the administration of one or more general anesthetic agents.

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