How to Build a Flat AM Loop Antenna

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AM Ferrite Sleeve Loop FSL Antenna Part 1

Am antenna plans

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The design looked right, but only by making one could I find out how good it was. The result is audibly better AM reception at my home in Mesa, Arizona. The original wooden frame was problematic to build and alas, not very substantial so I tried substituting plastic pipe for the wood, with the antenna wires on the inside.

This proved to be durable and easy to construct. Fortunately I continued to follow the instructions to the am antenna plans, then went back and read it again with the knowledge that there had to be two long wires, and walla there they were. Once the black wire is seen it is obvious in subsequent looks. Working in medical imaging, I am always fascinated am antenna plans the way the human visual system filters image information, causing some things to be invisible until they are pointed out.

I am curious whether the shape and size of the loop is critical to the efficiency of the AM reception and how you determined the optimum design. You might also want to check out the broadcast Digital TV Antenna described in the attached document, am antenna plans. The green carpet in my living room might not have been the best background.

The shape and size of the AM antenna are optimal, according to Wagoner. On the back of my stereo receiver and apparently most there are antenna jacks marked for AM and FM. For best reception you should use both an AM antenna and an FM antenna, just by inserting the wires in their corresponding jacks. Here are the parts Round telephone cable with four solid 22 wires works best, am antenna plans.

Cable with twisted pairs of wires interferes with AM reception, and therefore must be avoided. Thanks to Gary Camp for advising me about this.

Thread the telephone cable through the plastic pipes and fittings, like stringing beads. The ends of the cable coming out the bottom should be of approximately equal length. Press the plastic pipes and fittings together, with the telephone cable inside.

Strip the outer insulation from both ends of the telephone cable. Mine is from JerryCoam antenna plans, part no, am antenna plans. Cut all but the white wire on the left, and all but the black wire on the right, leaving just enough to connect the wires that remain. Save the pieces of wire you cut off.

Strip and solder each short wire on the zyprexa and alcohol to a short wire on the right. Make sure each connection is from a left wire to a right wire. Remember that left and right wires of the am antenna plans color are opposite ends of the am antenna plans wire.

An effective connection pattern is left , am antenna plans. My home-made circuit continuity tester has both a beeper and am antenna plans light that come on when the circuit is closed. Twist the two long wires together so that they have approximately 2 turns per inch. Watch out for kinking. Build a base for your antenna out of wood, plastic pipe, or other insulating material.

Or, depending on the location, you could hang the antenna from a ceiling. Drill a hole in one side to let the wires through. You can turn the antenna in any direction to get the best AM radio reception. Ted, This was fascinating and I have a few observations to share. Vincent curatola and lung cancer you for sharing. Phil Rauch Phil, Thanks!


Am antenna plans