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Am bc antenna plans

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Orfanidis - Lots Of Math! Also shows basic station interconnections - From Hamuniverse. This document has been recently upgraded to take advantage of the CSS system and have also added a button to allow the note to be downloaded as a PDF. Dipole Height -- How High?? With a tuner covers the amateur radio HF bands from 40 - 10 Meters. The SWR is usually acceptable on the 3rd harmonic, although that is partly due to the increased feeder losses on But SWR is not the whole story.

This is usually not so severe to make the antenna unusable, and may be considered a reasonable compromise for the dual band coverage. If you do the simple math you will see that on you will have almost a 2 wavelength antenna, which is becoming what we call a "long wire" on the HF bands.

As you probably know, a long wire radiates with multiple lobes, the largest of which are toward the ends of the wire. In other words, most of your signal will be radiated up toward the sky. The reason for the coil in commercial dual band antennas is to phase the antenna currents so you actually end up with two colinear elements which both radiate at low angles, reinforcing each other and providing gain.

Without the phasing coil you get multiple undesirable lobes. It is simple and works OK, am bc antenna plans. This antenna can be built from low cost materials available from the local hardware store. Old TV Antenna Scheme.

Submitted am bc antenna plans Gary Ruehle. My son and I built a dual 6 element stacked yagi for 2 mtr a couple of years ago. TV antennas were all the building materials we used.

After the antenna was complete, we could hit 2 different repeaters about 60 mi away using a 1 watt handheld. This antenna is highly directional, am bc antenna plans.

The coax connector am bc antenna plans at one end of the dipole, where it is most needed. FMx - New To Repeaters? Orr Buy the Book Today! Beam Antenna Handbook by William I. Cowan Contributor Buy the Book Today! Practical Antenna Handbook by Joseph J. Carr Buy the Book Today!


Am bc antenna plans