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Amlodipine swelling ankles

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Lots of causes for swollen feet, see amlodipine swelling ankles doctor to be checked out, amlodipine swelling ankles. Amlodipine swelling ankles swelling of the feet and ankles is a thiazide and diabetes problem, particularly among older people. Abnormal buildup of fluid in the ankles, feet, and legs is called peripheral edema.

If it persists see a doctor asap, it could be a blood clot as well. Most common are hypertension and venous valve insufficiency One of the possible side effects is swelling. Heartamlodipine swelling ankles, kidney, liver, or vein problems can all cause swelling.

There are very many causes, from congestive heart failureto lymphedemato venous insufficiencyblood clots, pregnancya various other causes, including serious and not-so-serious causes.

The fact that you legs are the lowest part of your body, fluid have tendency to pool down there, with increased hydrostatic pressure -- sometime called dependent edema. See your doctor for evaluation. Arthritis can cause swelling that is usually confined to the joint s that are afflicted. There is a possibility that the swelling is due to fuild retention. See a doc the sort out which cause of swelling you have.

For detail, please review the following articles in http: Some causes of swelling of the feet and ankles can include systemic problems such as hypertension, and problems with the kidneys and localized issues such as arthritisinfection, lymphatic obstructionblood clots, varicose veinsamlodipine swelling ankles, trauma fracturesprainand tendonitis and side effects to medication.

Have it evaluated by a professional and get the appropriate treatment. Swollen ankles could be due to a multitude of causes ranging from simple pooling of fluid in legs dependent edema to varicose veins to medication side effects to inadequate pumping of the heart. Simple measures you can take are obtaining compression stockings, staying active and avoiding excessive salt however for this problem i would recommend a check up with your primary care doc. Arthritis in the foot or ankle joints not only hurt, but can be filled with excess fluid and seen as swelling.

This is often referred to as an "effusion". Many things can cause swelling of your feet and ankles, amlodipine swelling ankles. Local factors such as venous insufficiency or varicose veinsor phlebitis or blood clots of the veins can cause this. Liver disease, heart disease and kidney disease can also cause swelling. Malnutrition with low blood protein levels can cause this, amlodipine swelling ankles.

If it persists you should be examined and have blood work. This sure sounds normal and expected. I do not know what question you are asking given the way your question is written, but any skin traumaincluding swelling, can lead to bruising. There can be a number of things that may be causing these symptoms. Some causes could be serious and should be checked out by a physician for further evaluation. The right side of your heart accepts blood returning from the extremities.

Think of a basement pump. If its not powerful enough to keep up with the water seeping in, the basement will flood. A different agent or a trial of support hose may help.

Lower extremity edema or swelling is seen as a side effect in some people weight gain and loss of stamina this starts in the feet and works up from there It is in general not painful.

It is also resistant to diuretics Which also provides clue that it may be a Norvasc amlodipine side effect. This sounds more like a medical problem. Check with your doctor to find what is causing your swelling. It may from the heartamlodipine swelling ankles, or kidneys. Any drug can cause swelling from the salts used to make the drug. It is amlodipine swelling ankles a good idea to stop your medication or change the dose on your own. It is imperative that you treat your blood pressure to avoid more complications.

Wish you good health! Drink enough water daily, so that your urine amlodipine swelling ankles mostly colorless. Do not use tobacco, alcoholweed or street drugs in any form. Practice safe sexif you have sex.

Peripheral edema is a common side effect. Amlodipine and Lercandipine are dihydropyridines. They both can cause or increase fluid retention edema. Excess dietary amlodipine swelling ankles can cause fluid retentionwhich can explain swelling in the foot, ankles and legs.

Prolonged sitting or standing in place may cause swelling. It can also be due to other medical issues as well: Weight loss surgery and personals this with your doctor, amlodipine swelling ankles. The key point is whether the ankles are painful, red or tender.

If they are not they are numerous causes both local and systemic. If pain is present see a rheumatologist n. Swelling and pain in the ankles can be caused by multiple things such as dietblood pressurekidney function, circulation, nerves, injury, previous surgery You need to see your primary doctor and jot down more info about when do you notice the swelling, does it every go down, amlodipine swelling ankles does it hurt, what is your diet, etc.

Swelling of both ankles is due to a variety of diseases including heart failurelow blood proteins, liver failurepregnancy and other systemic diseases. Swelling of just one leg is due to some type of venous or lymphatic blockage in that leg, or possibly a growth in the pelvis or groin on the same side, amlodipine swelling ankles.

There are a number of things that can cause swelling in the foot and ankle. This is a very nonspecific symptom. I recommend that someone with swelling should be seen by orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon for a definitive diagnosis. One in your area amlodipine swelling ankles be found at www. You should find out if the kidneys, thyroid, heart and joints are working correctly with the approprate medical tests.

The cause could be poor vein circulation, which is tested lidocaine in anesthesia a painless doppler test, amlodipine swelling ankles. Rest, ice, compress and elevate. However, must amlodipine swelling ankles out what is causing the swelling in your ankles first.

Can but better to find out why they are swollen and treat the reason rather than the symptom, amlodipine swelling ankles. Elevate your feet and legs at heart level or above when you can and consider compression stockings. These work very well when you put them on in the morning amlodipine swelling ankles the feet and legs begin to swell up too much, amlodipine swelling ankles.

A number of things.: Diabetics can have swollen ankles from unrecognized fractures, problems with circulation, or fluid vitamin and eksiklikleri without vascular issues.

See your primary care doctor or an orthopedic foot and ankle surgeon to get a diagnosis and treatment. Reduce your salt intake by using a salt substitute. Elevate your feet and wear a compression sock. If you are sure it is sunburn induced then probably no damage would occure with running.

A number of possi Bilities, including rheumatoid arthritis due to the bilateral involvement of multiple joints; other amlodipine swelling ankles of arthritis, amlodipine swelling ankles.

You needs xrays, labs and likely joint fluid to help aspiration to DX or rule out other diagnoses. It could be caused by congestive heart failure. This is something you need to get evaluated by a physician. Possible causes are many. See a doctor and have the issue evaluated. Ankle swelling or edema around the ankle cipro caused anti smooth muscle antibody fluid in the soft tissue and can have many causes such as injury, vein problems, heart problems, arthritis and others.

Norvasc is a diabetes-related agent which is a kind of nutritional or metabolic agent. Read more See 2 more doctor answers. Swollen Ankles Definition Painless swelling of the feet and ankles is a common problem, amlodipine swelling ankles, particularly among older people. And you question is? Read more See 3 more doctor answers. Read more See 1 more doctor answer. You need to have this examined. Ankle Swelling Definition Ankle swelling or edema around the ankle is fluid in the soft tissue and can have many causes such as injury, vein problems, heart problems, arthritis and others.

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Amlodipine swelling ankles