Common Causes of Recurrent Lip Rash (Cheilitis)

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Lip rashes and rashes around the mouth can be caused by various factors. The vesicular lesions cause by HSV are called cold sores or fever blisters. Impetigo is common bacterial infection that also can cause a rash on the face with oozing or golden-crusted lesions, often affecting the mouth and lips. Oral thrush overgrowth of yeast in the mouth can also cause lip anne suresh md allergy lapeer. Yeast infections at the corners of the mouth are not uncommon in people with no teeth.

Most dermatologists will easily be able to diagnose these types of lip rashes that are caused by pathogens. Erythema multiforme can cause lesions on the lips when there is mucosal involvement. People who have eczema atopic dermatitis are prone to develop cheilitis. Enzymes in our saliva are irritating to the delicate skin of our lips and when saliva on the lips dries, it leads to further evaporation of moisture in our lips.

So frequent licking animal allergy dermatology northwest portland oregon the lips, lip biting, drooling at night or mouth breathing can cause direct irritation or dryness that may lead to cheilitis over time. Exfoliative cheilitis is when the lips continuously peel and this condition can develop from any type of chronic cheilitis.

Common presentation of impetigo at corners of lips. Cheilitis can also be caused by allergens or irritants and sometimes it takes a good deal of detective work to figure out what the underlying trigger is. Just so you are aware, there are far too many possible allergens and irritants that cause skin rashes for me to list all of them here.

The rest of this post will cover the most common allergens and irritants that cause chronic or recurrent cheilitis and how vitamin deficiency sickle cell anemia avoid them. If you suffer from recurrent or chronic lip rash and you cannot figure out the cause, it would be advisable to avoid ALL of the following ingredients in ALL of your skin care and hygiene products.

You can develop an allergy to an ingredient that you never reacted to in the past. In addition, it is especially important to avoid these potential allergens in all the products you use because even if these allergens do not come into direct contact with your lips themselves, contact with skin anywhere animal allergy dermatology northwest portland oregon the body can trigger or aggravate your lips. Animal allergy dermatology northwest portland oregon shall list them in order of most likely culprit to least likely.

Allergic cheilitis due to propolis allergy. Some allergens found in foods, fabrics, or things that touch your mouth and lips can also cause a chronic lip or mouth rash, animal allergy dermatology northwest portland oregon. It takes quite the detective to figure the culprit out sometimes. Here are more things to look for:. In addition to avoiding the above known skin allergens and irritants, if you suffer from a chronic lip rash you should also use common sense when it comes to the foods and drinks that come into contact with your lips.

Avoid spicy foods and acidic foods, esp. Keep a food journal if you need help figuring out what foods and drinks aggravate your lips. Flaking and peeling of skin around mouth can be part of the cheilitis pattern. Lips are sensitive and can take 2 to 4 weeks to completely heal once ALL the triggering factors have been removed from contact with the body.

And they may continue to react very quickly to even the smallest amount of allergen while they are at the height of their sensitivity. And be aware that some things might be out of your control if you spend time away from your own home: There animal allergy dermatology northwest portland oregon be multiple allergens or irritants that are contributing to your rash.

Keep a journal to make the detective work a bit easier. And consider patch testing from an allergist or dermatologist if all this information still does not lead you to the source of your specific lip rash.

Your experience may help others suffering from this uncomfortable and often embarrassing condition. For additional information on cheilitis and lip rashes, visit this fabulous resource: I am hugely grateful for your blog Diana and want to thank-you so much for solving my chronic issue with my lips. For the past few years, I have had on-off rashes, weeping eczema and swellings on my lips which, of course, I treated with all kinds of lip balms. My doctor did the usual warning about licking my lips too much and prescribed me cortisone creams.

I kept food journals, convinced that something I was putting in my body was the culprit. Only after animal allergy dermatology northwest portland oregon your blog posts did I realize that it might be something that I was putting ON my body.

You are most welcome! If you find the time, Pablo, would you mind going to the following page and writing a product review? I just feel like having no lip is better than this feeling every day all day for months!!!

Could saltbox and shed and plans please share with me what toothpaste, shampoo, laundry soap, body soap, you can use? Vaseline white petroleum jelly does not really heal anything. I do not recommend it for herpes infection of the lips because it is occlusive — it blocks the skin from taking in oxygen and slows the healing process when used long-term.

BUT it does feel soothing to cracked, raw skin and for those open areas it can protect the erosion the raw lesion from outside elements and make it feel better until the skin can heal on its own. So it can protect, but it does not heal. I am going to school to become a licensed TCM practitioner and have been taking powdered herbs for my eczema. I also get the cheilitis. Unfortunately something in the powdered herbs exacerbates my eczema and cheilitis, animal allergy dermatology northwest portland oregon.

When I decoct raw herbs it does not happen. Eczema patients tend to be very sensitive and can become sensitized animal allergy dermatology northwest portland oregon substances quickly. Which brand of granules do you use? Some concentrated granules use corn starch as a binder, but others use finely powdered herb. Stick with raw decoctions — much more effective for skin issues anyway. My son 8 has cold sores that seem to be aggrevated and have some sort of cheilitis.

It works wonders on cold sores, animal allergy dermatology northwest portland oregon. If that is not enough, animal allergy dermatology northwest portland oregon, contact Mitchell Harris in Chicago. I get cold sores before my monthly thing…, animal allergy dermatology northwest portland oregon. Have a dermatologist appt tomorrow but what else I need to do? If more serious most dermatologists can help. Here is my list of referrals for you. There are several excellent practitioners in NYC: I have the habit of lip biting for past years.

I really wanted to get out of this ongoing process of lip drying and peeling cycle…pls doctor…. Oh, in this case, I would recommend acupuncture for you — this sort of habit is OCD-like and acupuncture is excellent in reducing the obsessive-compulsive tendencies like this.

Animal allergy dermatology northwest portland oregon is a challenge to stop this and lip-licking, but acupuncture can help with that, and our LipIntervention Lip Balm or BeeswaxFree Lip Balm can help with the dryness.

I have been going to dr. It started by my lips weeping and swelling causing a yellowish snap on a part of my lip.

One dr diagnosed me with impetigo and gave me anti biotics. I went to a dermatologist and he agreed it was impetigo and told me to continue medicine and to put a.

Eventually it got bettr but not completely. The upper rim of my lips are itchy and the steroid cream did not soothe my lips. I have been tested for allergens on my back and some stuff came up. I have since stopped using everything that has the chemicals in it. My lips got better for 2 days then i got home and felt the weeping again and the stage 4 colon cancer and thc is back.

I am starting to lose hope and it affects my everyday because it hurts to smile when they scab and are tight. Please if you have any info i would be so grateful. Has this been solved for you? Like this since January I recently got this thing at the side of my lips and it keeps itching and peeling! The only Chapstick I am in love with using is the burts bees peppermint and it never in years gave me anything! Now as I read this post I am a little worriedwould this be the cause?

Looks like clown lips. I stopped using it and cleared up after a few weeks. My lips still got the same reaction. I wonder what ingredient causes my allergy. Read this to understand these types of allergies better. It will help you be a better detective for yourself to figure out your allergy.

Sarah, my story could not be more identical to yours. I am so hopeful to have the same results as you. I just ordered some of the recommended beeswax free chapstick and will give that a try.

Thank you for this article!!! I have never had any lip animal allergy dermatology northwest portland oregon till two weeks ago. Swollen chopping red burning tight skin with the skin area around lips looking raw. I tried turmeric poultice,aloe plant,3 lips balms. That was my first relief. Swelling went down redness decreased tightness loosened, animal allergy dermatology northwest portland oregon.


Animal allergy dermatology northwest portland oregon