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In the community category, animal birth control tucson az, Cowan was honored for her continued coverage of uranium mining in northern Arizona. The award, sponsored by the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust, recognizes the best reporting on natural resources, ecology, environmental policy or human interaction with nature in the state in The Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust seeks to help people in need, especially women, children, and families; to protect animals and nature; and to enrich community life in the metropolitan areas of Indianapolis and Phoenix.

Each year, the Arizona Press Club crowns the most deceptive government agency or politician in the state with a Brick Wall Award and highlights the dedicated reporters who shine a light on the truth with a Sledgehammer Award. Hood and his agency have repeatedly refused to release a public record that could shed light on conditions for children held by the state, particularly with regard to mental health services.

He has also refused or ignored repeated requests for an interview about conditions at ADJC, as well as requests for a tour of the facilities. The Arizona Press Club called on the ADJC to stop hiding a report on mental health conditions from the public and to release it to the journalists from the Phoenix New Times who requested it. On the bright side: The Sledgehammer Awards are a tribute to journalists animal birth control tucson az relentlessly week animal birth control tucson az truth, smashing through obstacles thrown their way.

Schmidt has used her knowledge animal birth control tucson az Title IX, public records requests, deep sourcing and national experts to expose how the University of Arizona put female students at risk because athletes went unchecked. Her reporting on numerous federal Title IX lawsuits filed against the UA paint a picture of campus-wisedysfunctionn. Officials changed their minds. She also used her public records superpowers to inform the public about notices of claim that detailed sexual harassment and hostile workplace accusations against football coach Rich Rodriguez, who was fired.

He was the only journalist in the nation to report a hidden provision in animal birth control tucson az bill that would have exempted the Border Patrol animal birth control tucson az Freedom of Information laws.

Because of his reporting and commentary, that provision was quickly removed, keeping Congress from allowing the Border Patrol to operate in the dark. In other reporting, Rheumatoid arthritis and vision broke the news that political committees were not filing mandatory disclosures of hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations and expenses leading up to the Tucson city election and the city was letting them get away with it.

Smith also shed light on a personnel complaint against U, animal birth control tucson az. She knows how to surprise readers while at the same time exhibiting refined restraint in her design. He quickly gives readers a sense of what the stories are about without getting in the way of the reading experience. His animal birth control tucson az expose wrongs without coming off as heavy-handed. From his coverage of a bill provision that would have excluded Customs and Border Protection from FOIA to failures by advocacy groups to properly disclose campaign spending, Smith served up important watchdog journalism to readers.

Newspapers report car accidents every day, but how often do they take the time to delve deep into the causes and consequences of these all-too-common life-altering events? Readers of this series were forced to think about the responsibility that comes with operating a motor vehicle essentially a lethal weapon a privilege we too often take for granted.

Yet what really elevated this work was the extra effort made to include not only the perspective of the victim, but also of the driver who changed so many lives forever. By allowing readers to relate to, and even feel empathy for, both individuals, the reporter gave the reader a rare and valuable opportunity to imagine him or herself in either position. No one could read those stories without being outraged by the unfairness and hypocrisy he exposed. A handful of results from select categories have been delayed, we will update this list with more winners in the coming days.

The story was well done in that it revealed both the big picture and drilled down into what had occurred within several different school districts. The story was timely, and the reporting was excellent in weaving together records, interviews and social media to expose what was essentially a no-show job at taxpayer expense. After five public records requests, the board finally released the names of two finalists, out of more than 20 candidates that it had been reviewing in secrecy.

Decades later, as the United States moves away from coal, the inability to develop new sources of revenue has made the consequences of lost jobs all the more dire for what is already one of the most impoverished areas of the country. Naomi Martin, a politics and local government reporter for the Dallas Morning News. It was also of great interest to readers in this community.

Her reporting also explores yet another angle of personal privacy in the modern times. She explores the issues from various angles, which is testament to her reporting skills.

The article is authoritative and well-written. Rachel LeingangArizona Capitol Times. The article is compelling, well-sourced and researched, animal birth control tucson az. But the reporter captured the upheaval with as much clarity and insight as was possible, in stylish prose laced with just the right amount of edgy skepticism. Particularly helpful was her November 24 analysis calling the City Council to account for its undermining of open-government principles.

School funding formulas are forbiddingly intricate, but the reporter laid out what had gone wrong, and its impact on schools, as clearly as possible.

Sam Roe is a reporter at the Chicago Tribune, where he was on a reporting team that won the Pulitzer Prize in He has been a finalist on three other occasions. Excellent balance of important policy information and human interest. And bravo to the Arizona Capitol Times for going into pharmacies to try to buy naloxone the drug that was the topic of the story to more fully understand the issues involved. This story features a sharp, focused lede, useful stats and compelling visuals.

He brings the eccentric facility to life by delving into the science of sustainability being conducted there today, animal birth control tucson az. It could also provide guidance on another path to justice.

New York Times investigative reporter Brian Rosenthal won the Hechinger Grand Prize for an investigation that showed Texas education officials were inappropriately denying special education services to thousands of students. This story took a creative approach to tackling a key issue, especially by focusing on recruiters in other states.

Richard Marosi is a longtime border reporter at the Los Angeles Times and two-time Pulitzer finalist. The reporting avoids the typical City Hall spin, and paints a vivid picture of the challenges many medium-sized cities face in trying to reclaim neglected downtown areas. It deviates from most stories on gas prices by illustrating the ripple effects of government decisions, and describing the emotional and economic angst of crossing the border for the simple task of filling up a gas tank.

Matthew does that with all of his submissions. His thorough beat work is evident in the depth of the features. The reporting is through and growth hormones injected into animals pro up by contracts and figures that make his stories stronger. Jonathan Clark, Nogales International https: This makes for a special feature. Kudos to Clark for shining a worthy spotlight on Ricky.

Brian Wright, Casa Grande Dispatch https: Wellbutrin anti depressant, Navajo Times animal birth control tucson az This perspective of Fowler displays the rich and fame of today, and the humble animal birth control tucson az of a trendsetting athlete, animal birth control tucson az.

Bringing race into a controversy can add a lot of emotion, even unintentionally, and Sunnie Clahchischiligi does a good job of avoiding the pitfall of editorializing, animal birth control tucson az.

He presents them to us warts and all, but without a animal birth control tucson az of judgment. They clearly stated a problem, cited examples and then offered solutions. They are strong advocates for transparency, which is important on college campuses, animal birth control tucson az. Cindy Yurth, Navajo Times. The editorial on spay and neuter made good use of data to bolster its arguments. There was a very clear call to action for readers.

And, yes, even the puns were well used and appropriate. Taking sushi and cholesterol stand against the tribal council was likely difficult, but necessary.

Arguing for good governance can sound boring, but it remains necessary. This information should be of interest well beyond students. Good use of links to bolster their arguments. The Charlie Rose editorial was well argued, if predictable.

A delight to read. The article about how prisoners cook food behind bars is notable for both its fascinating insider detail they prepare elaborate, pickup-ingredient meals inside trash cans with plastic liners and for the reporter himself, who is an inmate at the facility. Stephanie Earls has worked as a features reporter and columnist at The Colorado Springs Gazette sinceand previously worked for the Albany Times Union.

Who knew the foot was so connected? Steve Barnes has worked at the Albany Times Union sinceserved as arts editor for six years, and has been a senior writer and restaurant critic since And the paintings really complemented the article! A good yarn, a heartbreaking love story, and some effortlessly enjoyable dialogue and writing.

Brett Anderson has been restaurant critic and feature writer for The Times-Picayune blue angel f-18 foam plans At first glance I took it as a gay reference, animal birth control tucson az the intent came into focus with the art and the deck, which fleshed out the meaning of the headline nicely. Actually having at least some of them in the photo viagra and swinging have strengthened the display.

The story was about buyers ensuring fair prices for sellers, which was in sync with the headline and deck, animal birth control tucson az. This piece gave a comprehensive look into the actions and consequences of uranium mining and those fighting to stop it along the way. It also showcased its surroundings which include the animal birth control tucson az who use it.

From the botany to the use of it in food, each detail in this story was informative and interesting. It gave a deep insight into the ins and outs of those who make decisions when it comes to natural resources and the consequences and conflicts that result from those decisions. In a classic example of investigative reporting, the reporters took a tip and followed it, using court records and interviews to force answers and build a narrative with national impact.

The stories were well-written, had local significance and were clearly based on a prodigious amount of reporting. The use of public records, satellite imagery, geographic data, interviews with every type of stakeholder, and multimedia platforms, including virtual reality all woven together with beautiful storytelling made this package stand out. Soy isolate and cancer is an example of local investigative journalism at its animal birth control tucson az. The reporters uncovered one of the oldest ruses in the campaign-finance playbook, the apparent use of straw donors to get around campaign donation limits, which in turn led to revelations of lobbyists failing to register as such and making comically sloppy efforts to cover that up.

Most damningly, the reporters found that Phoenix had no way of enforcing its own lobbying laws, which prompted the City Council to take action adding teeth to its restrictions. The pay increases were put in proper context, animal birth control tucson az, allowing readers to judge for themselves whether they were called for or excessive in a time of alleged austerity in state government.

The reporter discovered that the Pima County assessor was taking a highly idiosyncratic approach to his job and in the process causing consternation for many zoloft and acne problems property owners.

This was routine local- government reporting as it should be done.


Animal birth control tucson az