What Should Your Fund Development Plan Include?

II. Choosing your team

Annual fundraising development plan

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In my last columnI wrote about the process for creating a fund development plan that produces ownership and results. Your relationship-building program is, perhaps, the single most important part of a comprehensive fund development program. As such, relationship-building strategies and measures are a central component of your written plan, annual fundraising development plan.

And, I expect to see both donor-centered communications and extraordinary experiences outlined. Of course, you do have to ask. So, include solicitation strategies, too. And please make sure that your plan includes personal, face-to-face solicitation. Board members help make these solicitations. I believe that personal, face-to-face solicitation needs to be a major component of your fundraising. Define what you will measure. And remember that you should measure more than money and your number of donors.

Make sure you measure the comprehensiveness and effectiveness of your relationship-building strategies. Annual fundraising development plan board member performance. I always include a calendar, organized by months of the fiscal year. I plot out the solicitation and relationship-building strategies on the calendar. I also want assignments of accountability. What work belongs to staff? What tasks will board members take on? Where do the board and its fund development committee fit in?

But I want more, annual fundraising development plan. I want the fund development plan to document other actions to improve strategy. This planning process and the resulting plan warrants attention from the highest levels of your institution.

And I expect board and board member participation. For more details and sample plans, see Strategic Fund Development: Building Profitable Relationships That Last 3rd edition.

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Annual fundraising development plan