Antibacterial and antifungal activity of ten essential oils in vitro.

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Antifungal Essential Oils: Your Best Top 10 Choices

Anti fungal oil

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In order for me to support my blogging and social media activities, I may receive monetary compensation for links to products from this post. However, I only recommend products that I personally love and use myself!. Fungal infections can be the peskiest kind of infection to get rid of because once they find a host, they like to stick around for the long haul. Though you can cure fungal infections using salves, creams, and sprays, anti fungal oil, diet is also a major factor in helping to clear a fungus from your body.

A diet high in sugar and yeast will lead to an overgrowth of yeast within the body, causing a fungal infection. A more alkaline whole foods diet is recommended to help aid in ridding your body completely of the fungus, anti fungal oil. Along with a diet change, there are a few other things you can do to get rid of that pesky fungus. My favorite natural treatment is an anti-fungal salve.

With anti fungal oil salve I can combine anti fungal oil natural healing properties of herbs, essential oils, carrier oils, butters, and more! Salves are also highly moisturizing to the skin so they make skin repair much quicker than it would with a convention pharmaceutical treatment. There are a ton of essential oils that in combination can battle even the toughest of fungal infections.

Some are more irritating than others to the skin so please be sure to research which essential oils you are adding to your salve. There are many herbs that are very helpful to healing a fungal infection, but the two that are most notable and usually can be found in the best of herbal anti-fungal salves are chaparral and black walnut.

These two are stand out herbs in the anti-fungal department but there are plenty more herbs that can be used in your salve to help heal fungal infections:, anti fungal oil.

Making an herbal infused oil is extremely simple. All that you need is an organic healing carrier oil olive, coconut, anti fungal oil, grapeseed, hemp, etc. When you steep the chosen herbs into your oil, you will be transferring those medicinal benefits from the plant into the oil.

You can then use that oil in your healing recipes such as salves, massage oils, and even body butter. There are several methods that you can utilize to extract the herbal healing benefits into your oil.

This salve can easily be made without the essential oils and is still highly effective! If you need to use this on young children for ringworm or nail fungus, omit the red thyme and use half the lavender and tea tree essential sorrel and cancer or omit the essential oils altogether!

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Anti fungal oil