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Cancer decorated animals

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Thanks for visiting my Breast Cancer Diary. I hope you find within it something that will help you. Some of my earliest childhood memories are of my mother and father and I piling into the family car and driving from Cheyenne, Wyoming, to Woodland Park, Colorado, cancer decorated animals, where my grandparents lived in a mountain cabin.

I was only about years old and it was a long drive. My grandmother had breast cancer that had spread throughout her body by the cancer decorated animals she finally went to a doctor.

I guess it was about I remember being in awe of the hushed tones people used when we visited her and I was definitely cancer decorated animals of the oxygen cylinder that sat by her bed. When she finally died, cancer decorated animals, after a long battle, my parents went to the funeral but left me at home cancer decorated animals a friend. I guess they wanted to spare me their sadness and tears.

Cancer decorated animals March,my mother was 66 when she discovered her own breast lump. By that time we were living in Perth, Australia, and I feel pretty sure the grief of losing her only daughter and grandchild to a place so far away was part of the reason she got sick. She felt really good about escaping chemotherapy. However, her doctor kept a very close eye on her and 4 years later discovered bone metastases.

We were all devastated, especially since just around that time my father had a massive stroke and died. Mother had infusions of a drug called Aredia, many sessions of radiotherapy to reduce the bone tumors and finally her doctor talked her into having chemotherapy, cancer decorated animals, something she abhorred and wanted to avoid at all costs.

My family and I moved back to Colorado to take care of her in January Despite all of our combined efforts, my beloved mother died at home with me tending her on March 25, I was always determined that I would be the one woman in my family who broke the cycle of breast cancer.

My studies in natural viagra and heart arrythma led me to believe that there is much we can do to protect ourselves. I read as many books on healing and cancer as I could get my hands on and became well informed. I had a pretty good diet, a reasonably quiet lifestyle, and I used certain essential oils that are known to be anti-tumoral cancer decorated animals my breasts daily.

I checked again, using the flats of my fingertips in the manner taught me by some past doctor. Something there, I thought. It was a few days after my period and I had been noticing over the past year that my breasts sometimes felt different for several days after my period but then would be normal again.

A couple of mornings later, I mentioned it to my husband, cancer decorated animals. I lay down beside him in bed and asked him to check and he said he could definitely feel something as well. None of us was worried. I was firm and told them I had cancer decorated animals see someone today so she scheduled me with another doctor, a male. When I arrived at his office at the appointed hour and he ushered me into his room, I took note of his nice brown eyes and friendly face and felt reassured.

His office however bordered on the surreal. His office was decorated from floor to ceiling and every available surface with plush toys as they are called in Australia stuffed animals in America. A gigantic Winnie the Pooh rizatriptan and buproprion on a small table by his window.

His desk was covered in Winnie the Pooh memorabilia. His exam table was engulfed by a giant brown gorilla. There were chimpanzees cancer decorated animals from the light fixtures. Luckily there were high ceilings in the room! There was a 3 foot Mickey Mouse and his companion Minnie by the door. One wall behind his door had a bulletin board totally covered with the photos of his young patients.

We both decided it was probably just a fibrous change in the breast but he moved the gorilla off his exam table and did a manual exam. I returned home and tried to make an appointment with the radiology center nearest to me. March 29, Bill cancer decorated animals with me to the radiology center, cancer decorated animals, he sat out in the car so he could read his book, cancer decorated animals.

It was a beautiful day. The room was dimly lit and the doctor came in. I was pleased to see a friendly looking female doctor, she was British and very professional but not very communicative. She was good about telling me what she was about to do but through the whole ultrasound she uttered not a word, cancer decorated animals.

I could see the dark blob on the screen that she was looking at. She directed the computer to measure it, cancer decorated animals. She prepared to do the fine needle aspiration. I left there feeling a little low. Cancer decorated animals told me I had to wait 48 hours for the diagnostic results. I was so healthy, how could there be anything sinister?

April 2, cancer decorated animals, I did a lot of yoga and meditation in the intervening days, trying not to worry. Nobody was particularly worried, just concerned. We all wanted to hear the good news that I was fine and it was just a cyst or fibro-something-or-other. Finally he called me in but he went to get the diagnostic results from another part of the office. I sat and looked cancer decorated animals at all the animals and thought that kids must like to go and see him.

When he finally returned, he had a face like thunder, cancer decorated animals. That should have sent me a warning but I was still in my think-positive frame of mind and decided he was just having a bad cancer decorated animals. I felt my heart sink, cancer decorated animals. He went on to say that the thing we could feel in my breast was a small cyst but the malignancy actually sat beneath it.

He said the doctor at the radiology office phoned him on Monday and she suspected there was a malignancy but would wait for the diagnostics. In the meantime, she was going to look at the second set of mammograms I underwent the previous October to see if they really were clear.

I could tell it was ruining his day to have to be the one to deliver this kind of news and in fact he apologized. I sat in utter disbelief and shock and thought what bizarre surroundings in which to be told you have breast cancer, cancer decorated animals. He asked if I had a good support group, he gave me the name of prozac research and neurogenesis who works for the Cancer Council, and sat and called the surgeon to whom he wanted to refer me.

He was very kind, cancer decorated animals. He asked me if I had any questions, cancer decorated animals, we discussed what would probably happen next surgical intervention and as I was leaving, I reached out and took his hand and thanked him. But I drove home in tears. I cried on and off for the remainder of the day, in between calling to cancel clients and reading my cancer books.

It was comforting to have it on hand cancer decorated animals I read lots of great information, as well as some questions I should ask the surgeon.

I sat outside in the sunshine on the most gorgeous day and read it. Thank God the weather was beautiful today. Everyone was so full of concern and love, it was absolutely wonderful. I did not want to be the bearer of this kind of news. Mostly today I felt absolutely in shock. I cancer decorated animals about mastectomy. I worried about chemotherapy and radiation. I vowed to take better care of myself but felt amazed that this was happening because I do take such good care of myself already.

Vitamins, yoga, good diet, healing essential oils. I wondered about the genetic aspect. I wondered why this was hitting me now, at this stage of my life. To get me to take better care of myself in future? Here I was leading this clean lifestyle, I had a totally unstressful job, surrounded by healing herbs and essential oils. By the time Bill got home, I was upbeat and cheerful for him.

He needed to see that, cancer decorated animals. He admitted he felt like crying when he told anyone about this. I told him to go ahead he probably should, cancer decorated animals. Which was weird, because I expected to. Little things kept waking me up, cancer decorated animals. Then I got a hay fever attack, was blowing my nose and got a bloody nose, which was weird enough in itself.

Then there was a mosquito buzzing in my ear, which totally explained why both shoulders were itching like mad. Uterine surgery and coumadin applied my lavender oil and went to sleep in the guest room.

But my mind turned over and over like an over-wound clock. Things always seem worse at night. Finally I fell into a light sleep for a couple of hours. My overriding feeling this day is cancer decorated animals of utter disbelief. But disbelief that it should be happening to me at all. How can this be happening? A friend who is a surgical nurse called.


Cancer decorated animals