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Watch full episodes and live stream OWN whenever and wherever you want. Go Back in Time. Michael Roizen are back with more from their book YOU: One of the centerpieces of the "You: Staying Young" program is the Day Plan.

Oz says he and Dr. Like many Americans, Frank and Elaine are not aging well. Frank, a year-old part-time professional bowler, complains of routine aches and says he takes about 15 pills a day to combat high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. At home, they say they spend a lot of time on the couch and eat an unhealthy diet of fried, fatty foods.

Roizen drop in on Frank dr oz anti aging plan book Elaine Roizen put Frank and Elaine through some tests to figure out exactly where their health stands. The results are far from good. Both Frank and Elaine are in the danger zone. Frank weighs pounds and Elaine weighs Frank and Elaine also fail basic fitness tests like push-ups, walking and balance. The final test is the Biophysical, a cutting-edge blood test anesthesia induced asthma measures different health markers, from cholesterol, iron and sugar levels to vitamin D and hormone levels.

When he gets the results, Frank realizes just how serious his health is. His triglycerides—or fat in the blood that causes deadly dr oz anti aging plan book plaque—are twice the level they should be.

Where should I make the incision to get to the heart? After I make the cut and open the bone in half with a [bone] saw, will he be able to bowl again? Roizen start with exercise. Frank and Elaine will walk 10, steps—or about five miles—every day. Next is a major diet overhaul. High fat and sugary foods are out. Whole grains, fruits, vegetables, salmon and olive oil are in. The third part is the Chinese practice of chi-gong to reduce stress, the biggest culprit in premature aging.

Watch a chi-gong workout Vitamins and jaw pain six months on the YOU: Staying Young program, the results are undeniable. Frank has lost 60 pounds and 12 inches, and Elaine has lost 30 pounds and seven inches. Six months ago, Dr. Roizen says, year-old Frank had the health of a year-old—which is not good considering the average American man lives to be Meanwhile, year-old Elaine had the health of a year-old.

Frank now has the health of a year-old and Elaine has the health of a year-old, Dr. Frank also got rid of his type 2 diabetes and normalized his blood pressure. Staying Young program even kept Frank from having major heart surgery. Four months into the plan, he went to his doctor about a pain in his back. Oz, telling him Frank needed to have open-heart surgery.

I would have operated on Frank. He was a diabetic, he was hypertensive, he had high cholesterol. So I knew the odds were so strong he would have a heart attack and die. Oz advised the cardiologist not to do the open-heart surgery and instead implant a stent to keep the blocked arteries open. Regularly open up windows to air out your home of all the fumes and particles trapped inside.

Making your house healthier starts right at your front door. Take off your shoes when you enter to avoid tracking in pesticides and lawn chemicals. That plastic could leak into the food. Instead, use glass or other microwave-safe containers. Instead of using toxic chemicals to clean your sink and bathtub, Dr. Oz recommends using baking soda.

And you can use white vinegar to warfarin and swollen ankle your windows. Oprah says she loves their Basic H2 spot remover. Then, let your clothes air out for at least a day before wearing them.

Use a dehumidifier to cut down on potentially toxic mold in places like garages, dr oz anti aging plan book. If you must store old cans of paint and varnish, only do it in well-ventilated places that are far from your living area. Include plants like spider plants, golden pothos and philodendrons in your home.

They are experts at converting carbon dioxide to oxygen. For women over 50, dr oz anti aging plan book, a key component of the YOU: Staying Young program is getting your bone density dr oz anti aging plan book to check for osteoporosis, dr oz anti aging plan book.

To see the difference between a spine of someone with osteoporosis and a normal spine, Dr. Oz and Oprah break out the purple medical gloves. An osteoporotic spine like the one on the right is brittle, while a normal one like the one on the right remains strong and spongy. In bones with osteoporosis, the spinal column will slowly collapse and leave the person with a hump in her back. Oz says there are a few crucial things you can do.

First, lifting weights will keep your bones strong. The third is making sure you get enough vitamin D, which Dr. Oz says is dr oz anti aging plan book favorite vitamin. This nationwide deficiency could be a cause of many serious health problems, including autoimmune disease, Dr, dr oz anti aging plan book.

If you have multiple sclerosis you ought to be taking vitamin D. Oz says to take supplements. Vitamins A, C and E are the antioxidant vitamins. Vitamin B is important for boosting cell metabolism. This vitamin can be found naturally through many leafy green vegetables, but Dr.

Oz says a supplement may be necessary. So taking strattera and wellbutrin B in a supplement makes sense. Interested in more about important vitamins and supplements? Paul is six feet tall topiramate and insomnia only weighs pounds.

The couple eats just two small meals a day—breakfast and lunch. Oz says that calorie restriction can have longevity benefits.

Oz says it is far too difficult for most people to restrict calories the way Paul and Meredith do. Oz explains that calorie restriction sends a message to your body that you will not be able to reproduce because there is not enough food.

The body is then sent a self-preservation message. Oz says there is a protein in our body called sirt that sends the same message. Oz, there are certain foods that can activate the sirt protein to mimic calorie restriction.

He says red wine is one example, because of the way the grapes are grown. Other foods that Dr. Oz says can improve vitality are goji berries and mangosteen.

He says these foods are ancient healing tools collard greens anti inflammatory arthritis have strong antioxidants to promote everything from sexuality to longevity. Another vitality food that Dr oz anti aging plan book. Oz recommends is a weed called purslane.

Those are the healthy oils we want to coat our membranes and our joints," Dr. Oz says he makes a breakfast drink for himself many mornings that he calls his green drink. Oprah takes a sip and is pleasantly surprised. Brenda, a year-old single mother, is the first to admit that she had an unhealthy lifestyle. A lot of junk food. I do not exercise," she says. Brenda says she received a major wake-up call when she started having heart palpitations while driving in the car with her daughter.

After running a biophysical on Brenda, Dr. Oz found that on top of being anemic and vitamin D deficient, Brenda had a thyroid problem. That actually was leading to your muscle literally breaking down.

And when it happens in the severe nature, you actually fall apart.


Dr oz anti aging plan book