It's Still Hard To Get Birth Control Pills In California Without A Prescription

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When her daughters were younger, Lori Herman wished there had been an easier way to get them birth control. As of Friday, girls and women in California can pick up hormonal contraceptivesincluding pills and patches, at pharmacies without first visiting a doctor, free birth control los angeles. But Herman, 50, said that both of her viagra and niacin experienced side effects, including headaches and nausea, when they first began taking birth control pills, free birth control los angeles.

She had to take them to the doctor repeatedly to get the problems diagnosed and find new contraceptives to try, she remembered. California becomes just the third state to allow women to obtain hormonal birth control directly from a pharmacist, though many more are currently considering similar legislation.

Deepjot Singh, head of the obstetrics and gynecology department at Torrance Memorial Medical Centersaid approximately half of her patients who begin taking birth control must switch to another kind within the first year. When they come in complaining of unexpected bleeding, acne or weight gain, she must consider the effects of each drug and counsel the patient.

Depending on the problem, she might even need to do a physical exam, she said. She said she was worried that patients would miss out on important medical advice or lose the opportunity to have a problem diagnosed by a doctor if they instead relied on a pharmacist. She wants to make it easier for women to obtain birth control, she said, but would prefer if doctors initially helped patients find the best one for them, free birth control los angeles which pharmacists could renew those prescriptions.

When the law was debated in Sacramentoit faced little opposition. Many public health advocates and doctors say that birth control is extremely safe and point to studies that show that women can generally choose one that works free birth control los angeles for them. Interested in the stories shaping California? In Oregon and Washington, pharmacists can already dispense birth control to women.

Representatives from the Washington Free birth control los angeles Assn. Donna Harrison, executive director of the American Assn. Some physicians worried that patients currently on birth control would try to self-diagnose their problems on the Internet and choose a new kind based on nonscientific recommendations.

The California Medical Assn. High blood pressure increases the chance of strokes or blood clots. That service cannot be billed to insurance. Wheelman in epic L.

Higher levels of lead found in blood of children near Exide plant in Vernon. Man rescued from Morro Rock after marriage proposal is arrested on drug charges. Kathleen Besinque of the USC School of Pharmacy helped draft legislation allowing pharmacists to prescribe birth control.

The measure took effect Friday. Apr 08, 4: If a pharmacist were handing out the medicines, she asked: Feb 14, 3: You are now following this newsletter. Be the first to comment Hide Comments.


Free birth control los angeles