High Blood Pressure in Dogs

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Blood Pressure Measurement in the Canine Patient

Instruments for blood pressure in animals

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At the same time, it can be freely combined with other medical devices, instruments for blood pressure in animals, which can greatly improve the level and function of primary medical products instruments for blood pressure in animals provide excellent platform for the improvement of pet treatment and management level.

It can detect various animal physiological parameters including SpO2, blood pressure, pulse rate, ECG, respiration, temperature,etc. And we can provide series probe products according to different parts and different size of animals.

Only one button, easy to operate. Bluetooth inside, can be connected with other smart devices. It is widely used in types of surgery in the pet emergency centers and pet hospitals. And Register an account 2. Display the results on the screen. All price is not included import duties, taxes and charges. Pls check the additional custom fee with your local custom before bid.

We do not accept under-value purchase. Shanghai Berry Electronic Tech Co. Suit C, 1 Floor, 7th Building, No. AM blood pressure monitor for animal veterinary equipment. Support both Bluetooth 3. Not exactly what you want? China measure blood pressure China blood pressure machine China blood pressure healthy. China improve blood pressure China medical blood pressure China effects blood pressure. China blood pressure medical China blood pressure product China blood pressure support. Shanghai Berry Electronic Tech.


Instruments for blood pressure in animals