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Fungal infections can occur anywhere on the body--even inside the mouth oral lichen planusacording to the Mayo Clinic. Other common OTC antifungal creams include the brand names Monistat 1 tioconazoleTinactin tolnaftateLamisil over the counter anti fungaland Aloe Vesta, Baza and Carrington antifungals miconazole.

Products containing the active antifungal ingredient nystatin include the brand names Bio-Statin, Mycostatin, Nystop, Pedi-Dri and Nystat-Rx; products with the active ingredient butenafine include Lotrimin Ultra and Mentax; those with the active antifungal fluconazole and terconazole include Diflucan and Terazole, respectively.

When dealing with topical antifungal creams, avoid contact with eyes and wash your hands before applying them to the skin. Alternatively, over the counter anti fungal, the University of Maryland Medical Center advises wearing disposable gloves.

Apply a thin film to the affected area, and, if desired, cover it up with a porous dressing. Video of the Day. Antifungal Creams for the Groin. How to Use Aqueous Cream. Treatment of Irritation From Hair Removal. The Best Jock Itch Treatments. How to Treat Infected Hair Follicles. The Effect of Aloe on Herpes, over the counter anti fungal. AmLactin Lotion Side Effects.

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Over the counter anti fungal