Modafinil vs Adderall - A Side-By-Side Comparison

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Provigil and adderall

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Basic Drug Discussion Forum Guidelines. Bluelight Opioid Conversion Chart. Bluelight Benzodiazepine Conversion Chart. Wiki Research Mission Statement Donate! Results 1 to 24 of Would the two drugs synergize each other, so that I would take less of my currently prescribed Adderall and still have good effects?

I would like to lower my dose if Provigil and adderall could get an effective result, but right now that is not an option. Unless anyone could tell me if that is really not all that dangerous after all.

Mixing selegine and amphetamine gets tricky Is it more like the bothersome effects such as jitteriness, anxiety, rapid heartbeak, provigil and adderall, etc could be accentuated? Thanks for the advice- I think I might try that. Since modafinil is an inhibitor of the catecholamine transporters DAT and NETtaking too high a dose actually may attenuate the effects of the amphetamines, as they will be displaced from the transporters and thus will not be able to enter presynaptic neurons Sometimes I take mg of modafinil with 45mg of Dexedrine, instead of my usual daily 60mg of Dex XR, provigil and adderall.

But, I provigil and adderall note that I never experience any negative side effects with Dexedrine to begin with, pretty much only cognitive benefits. Last edited by Riemann Zeta; at I know people on 60mg XR and are fine with 30mg IR. Lucky me I guess. Never experienced any significant tolerance either. Hamhurricane or anyone else, provigil and adderall, does Adrafinil work as well as Modafinil? I have a bunch of Adrafinil but have not used it.

Modafinil is way more expensive. If it is almost as good, would provigil and adderall recommend taking it first thing in the morning instead of my adderall dose and then take 40 mg Adderall in the afternoon?

This would be 20 mg less than my normal prescribed dose. And you have not found the modafinil to cancel out the effects of Adderall? Does timing have anything to do with it? As someone else said above, the effects of modafinil seems to cancel out Dexedrine but that person took it at the same time? Oh, I see on Wikipedia that Adrafinil has a half life of only 1 hour, whereas Modafinil has a half-life of hours. So if I took Adrafinil in the morning it would wear off in 2 hours at the most, provigil and adderall.

Adrafinil only has a half-life of hrs because it is simply a pro-drug of modafinil--it is N-hydroxy-modafinil. So the hydoxyl moiety is cleaved off, forming modafinil in vivothe modafinil then has provigil and adderall normal 10 hour half-life.

When I take mg or so, I certainly still notice my dextroamphetamine, I just feel a little more awake, provigil and adderall. The viagra and emphsema works well as a basic stimulant to keep you awake, provigil and adderall.

But as has been said there is no synergy of note. For chronic fatigue the Modafinil may be useful for you. Thanks for all your help, guys. Like a sugar pill. I took 3 of the mg tabs at once, provigil and adderall.

Perhaps I should order the Modafinil online. Or maybe talk to my doctor about it. Well, modafinil does really live up to its billing as an atypical stimulant. As an atypical DAT ligand, it is not going to feel amphetaminergic, or even like a typical DAT blocker like cocaine or methylphenidate.

It is very subtle and it takes a long time to come up If it helps your decision to eventually try modafinil, I found modafinil suprisingly more potent than adrafinil. I have a feeling that there is a ceiling to the amount of adrafinil that the body can rapidly convert to modafinil and that there other significant metabolites that are inactive. Why did you want to lower your Adderall dose? If 60mg works well, then it works well, take it daily but do not exceed it for tolerance sake it is better to take a moderate consistent dose than a high dose inconsistently and you should be cool.

Can I ask you, Riemann Zeta, provigil and adderall you prescribed modafinil? Do you find the modafinil allows you to reduce your Dexedrine usage? In fact the combination helped a great deal reduce the peripheral effect of meth tachycardia, HTNprovigil and adderall, I remember reading a paper mentioning that also.

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Provigil and adderall