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Psoriatic arthritis and rib cage

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However, why the ribs? They are not joints. These can become inflammed in PA. You can also get inflammation of the cartilage and tissue between the ribs, similar to tendon inflammation in the ankles and elbows.

PA in the ribs can be awful! Makes sneezing really painful! The ribs are a combination of joints with ligaments and tendens surrounding them. Here is a link to the anatomy of the ribs. The PA deformed my ribs and sternum before I was properly diagnosed. My ribs are so very bad. Does anybody know anything to do to help? The tissue between the ribs is this kind of white tissue.

I recommend an anatomy book by Frank Netter that you can get on Amazon. Anyway, saw him a few months ago due to agonizing rib pain on left side.

Sent me for X rays So glad to know that this is another piece of the puzzle that fits together. When you have all these symptoms and your doctors have no answers you begin to feel a little bit nuts.

Altho I wish I never came down with this awful PA I at least now feel I have the correct dx and have found the support that will help me. As I am very new to all this and have been given this advice myself by others here, if I were you I would get a second opinion, psoriatic arthritis and rib cage.

Early diagnosis can be very important with PsA. The sooner you get the correct diagnosis and treatment the better! I am going back to the dr next week and will not leave without a referral to a competent rheumatologist. I am a little worried because I have been moisturizing my feet diligently twice a day and the scaly patches and itching are pretty much gone now Altho the nails still look pretty ugly Reading so many others posts on this board, I know I am very fortunate in that my pain is pretty well controlled and I can manage to get through my 4 day work week as long as I have 3 days of my long week end to psoriatic arthritis and rib cage. In other words, I am still functional.

I know many many people are not as fortunate as I am and I am praying for all sufferers of this awful thing Thanks again, Judy in RI. I have psoriatic arthritis and rib cage no problems since grade school however.

Hope everything turns out okay - Joseph. I am a right side sleeper and you guessed it! That is the brontosaurus ribs package! On the grill too long. It just moves prozac and beer around and sometimes it is in multiple places all at once.

PsA does affect the spine. I have it all over but little to no P. My T-spine has fused itself and was told around 7 months ago it is working on the neck. Best thing is to move, even if it is not conventional exercise, but just stretching to keep things from rusting. Another thing is, inflammation in the tendons and muscles, psoriatic arthritis and rib cage. Too much can cause spasms. My mouth is wide open.

I am not crazy! I always thought I pulled a ligament which never has healed. My docs sent me for x-rays and each time told me that I hurt my rib or pulled a ligament.

And the docs told me that it takes a long time to heal. Well, it never had, it always hurts. If I lie down the wrong way, I flinch. I tried acupuncture; it worked for a couple of days, the inflammation would subside. And psoriatic arthritis and rib cage it would come back. Fortunately, psoriatic arthritis and rib cage, it only hurts to touch. I bought one of the back massagers that you put in your chair. It has a heating option and 3 different places you can vibrate.

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Psoriatic arthritis and rib cage