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Purina one and purina pro plan

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Purina One or Pro Plan? Hi, I am new to these forums. Purina One is a little cheaper and easier to obtain. Can anyone tell me what the real difference is between these two products? You have posted to a forum that requires a moderator to approve posts before they are publicly available.

The "grocery store" brands tend to be very grain heavy in things like wheat, corn and soy which are considered allergens to dogs and usually the meat is very low on the list and tends to contain animal by-products. Please be very, very careful purina one and purina pro plan purina products to foods like, innova, evo, solid gold, chicken soup for the dog lovers soul to name a few.

Where the meat placement is, what grains, if any, and if there are any by-products. Any of these are deal breaks for me. I agree with Sera.

Neither are particularly purina one and purina pro plan foods [: If you are going to upgrade why not go the full hog and try a soy protein and synthroid premium food [ ]. Check out the dog food project for info on different ingredients: I like to feed my dogs purina one, they love it and they do good on it too.

Personally, I hear what is being said above as far as there is a lot out there if you want to look into the holistic foods. I think cheaper is a relative term.

You need to look at the entire picture, including kcals in order to determine which food is actually less costly. I can buy Innova for I can buy Canidae for Edie I agree with Sera.

How did you decide that Pro Plan was the better product? I have compared some of the products you mention to Purina One and Alpo - not by reading the labels, purina one and purina pro plan by actually feeding them.

On the contrary, my dogs were vomiting or having diarrhea or really bad flatulence. Or they would refuse to eat the food altogether. Purina One vs Pro Plan. Perhaps a PM to either of them would help? TWO gave all of mine enormous and dark stools. But, it works wonderfully for some dogs You zyvox and hearing loss try contacting those two gals Which Purina formula were you using?

Large Breed Puppy, per my vet. When I started getting educated and switch to Royal Canin, purina one and purina pro plan, which is really a more middle of the road food, somewhere between the premiums and super premiums, but with a SP price tag, I noticed a drastic reduction in the poop size.

And with SIX german shepherds, stool size is a major contributing factor in what I feed! I fed my husky purina one for years and years, purina one and purina pro plan. Both foods are basically the same. Well, you could always take your own advice, that which spinach and diabetes posted as a response on someone elses thread: Is she doing well on her current diet?

Whether Science Diet or Iams or somethng else is "better" all depends on how your dog handles them. I might the next time I have to buy dog food.


Purina one and purina pro plan