11 Books to Change Your View of Cancer

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Recommended books and cancer

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How would you explain cancer to a child? Why do I have to stay in hospital? One of the best ways for kids to understand new ideas is through reading about them, recommended books and cancer. This storybook follows the story of a brave hare on her journey to overcome illness, recommended books and cancer.

The hare goes on a journey that tests her strength and courage, all accompanied by colourful illustrations. This book focuses specifically on leukaemia. This book is ideal for a child diagnosed with leukaemia, but also for their siblings, friends, and classmates. Written by author and two-time cancer survivor Mary, this simple storybook follows the story of an 8-year-old boy and his diagnosis. Overall, the message recommended books and cancer comforting and positive, as the little boy eventually triumphs over his cancer and gets better.

Simple and lighthearted, this story follows a little boy named Harry, who has to stay in self image and cancer hospital for a while to get treatment for leukaemia. Harry has lots of visits with Dr John, and receives medicine through a tube in his chest, recommended books and cancer.

The book has a warm and positive tone, as Harry has fun while staying in the hospital and realises that his hair loss is only recommended books and cancer. Sometimes worries or questions are too hard to put into words for grownups as well as children. This colourful activity book is aimed at helping kids aged express their feelings and worries about their loved one who has cancer.

Encouraging creativity is a great way to help children to recognise and learn about their emotions. And the activities in this book could start some helpful conversations between parents who have cancer and their children.

Plus it comes with 5 colourful crayons! Emma was 12 when her mum was diagnosed with breast cancer, and she struggled to find helpful information that was written for young teens. So, Emma wrote her own book to help other teenagers who had a parent with cancer, recommended books and cancer. The book is heartfelt and practical in equal measure and has a beautifully reassuring tone that helps to normalise the recommended books and cancer emotions that can affect a child whose parent has cancer.

A sensitive, warm story written for children whose parent has metastatic cancer cancer which has spread to other areas of the body. Two dads one an oncology analyst and one a child psychology expert anthem medicare plan teamed up to write this engaging, super easy-to-read book about cancer.

With reassuring language and straightforward explanations, this non-fiction book helps children to understand what cancer is and how treatments work. It focuses on a helpful, normalising message about how sticking to normal family routines can be helpful for everyone. With cute illustrations and clear, concise descriptions, this book tackles some of the tough questions children can come out with when cancer affects their family.

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Recommended books and cancer