Gabapentin - How bad is weight gain? Can diet help? How good for sleep and pain?

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I have FMS and have been suffering from severe insomnia since Jan. I have become so ill and so limited in my ability to function that I must consider starting Gabapentin in very short order.

I have been avoiding it after losing 85 pounds when I got off Paxil. But this is becoming a do or die situation.

I switched to it from Lyrica. I did gain weight with that. What are you doing to encourage sleep? I see my GP tomorrow and must prepare, but thanks. I have tried everything, every drug on the market in Canada for sleep, topamax and amitriptyline combination drugs" that have the effect of drowsiness, excellent sleep hygiene, natural remedies with a Naturopath, everything, alternative physical therapies.

I was just wondering how much weight people have gained or how severe the gaining and if it can be controlled through diet. Sleep is essential to having a good day. The 1st thing my therapist asked me to do was get a sleep study.

Remeron and weight ga for Ambien my wife did crazy things in her sleep like repaint my daughters bedroom, a neighbor washed the outside of her house in the middle of the night "to clean the house for the in-laws"!

Needless to say, no more Ambien. I would highly recommend using an iPod if you have one and download a remeron and weight ga "hypnosis" app for sleep and pain. My wife with SLE and great pain uses those now instead to sleep.

She wakes up refreshed and to no surprises of redecorated rooms! So to newhope the hypnosis sounds interesting I try a lot of guided imagery and meditation tapes and saw someone for hypnosis and it was guided imagery. And yes I have tried the drug you mentioned. Thanks for your feedback and time. Gabapentin does not help me sleep. I have fibromyalgia, back pain, knee pain. I weigh pounds which I know is too heavy for me, but I cannot see me going for the 2nd part of the duodenal switch cause then I will not absorb anything, so I would suffer more than I am now, remeron and weight ga.

I used too, but apparently my body has become immune to them. My next remeron and weight ga is to have my hubby literally knock me out. I hope one of you gets relief from something. I wish you all the best of luck I know we are all different, but when I started taking Gabapentin. I have gained about 20 pounds in 2 years though!

Same thing happened to my sister, one day she woke up in pain and found out she was sleeping outside on the front steps, remeron and weight ga, but I remeron and weight ga used it in the past and never had anything like that happen to me! At mg 3X a day I sleep like a baby! I was gaing weight like crazy, I gained 45 poundsin 2 months I called my pharmicist and asked him what would make me gain like that and he told me gabapentin and seroquel, so I stopped both.

I also deal with constant pain especially at night, severe fibromyalgia, arthritis,joint and muscular, and neuropathy Sleep has become a distant memory. I used to use Ambien 5mg but hated it and then quit working for me. I am prescribed pain medication by my pain management group doctor but now with the stigma surrounding such meds getting worse by law makers, who i doubt deal with daily pain, i dont know where to turn for help? Marijuana has been brought up but i grew up being insistently told that that is so taboo and dont even know if it will even help with remeron and weight ga pain!

Besides its impossible to even think about in our state, Minnesota. Pain and anxiety from pain has destroyed any hope of a good nights sleep again. Where does one turn to for help? My doctors are no help because of pressure and reluctance to long-term prescribe anythingeven if it helps. Lot of us out there. Gabapebtin has made me go from Not sleeping at all to wanting to sleep all the time, remeron and weight ga.

It has definitely zapped my energy. I am a true insomniac and have been taking Ambien and Remeron. I agree with the others about Ambien and a memory loss. Take the Ambien and laydown. But if you are new to sleep medicine, I do recommend the Remeron, but that will also make you gain weight. I take a low dose of it because my Dr.

I been taking gabapentin for over a yr at first it game me flu like symptoms then,my body has gotten use to it it put a lot of weight on me I had stop taken it for a week the weight came off so fast. Now,I am back on remeron and weight ga again because of my fybroidmaglia pain and also to gain my weight back.

But I switched from Lyrica to neurontin myself. Did you lose the weight, or some of it at least, you gained from the lyrica after you switched to the neurontin? Or did you stay at about that weight and struggle as normal from there? Diet certainly can wood and cooper gates plans a help. I took Gabapentin for bipolar disorder. I was only on it for about 3 months to help me sleep. It made me gain about 30 lbs.

Once I quit taking it most of it came off fairly quickly, remeron and weight ga. Let us know what you decide. I wish you well. I know this was a lot of years ago, is 3 percent a lot, remeron and weight ga, just want remeron and weight ga know if I am going to gain weight, does everybody gain weight, but if you are taking it remeron and weight ga feel better, remeron and weight ga, then you can do more things, remeron and weight ga, like exercise.

OMG thank you so much for that information! I thought it was the facet injections to try to block the pain all this time! Yesterday I went to see my doc and I was weighed. The moment the nurse said what my weight was I cried. I had gone from health nut despite the pain to not so much because I suffer from another condition.

After seeing the weight gain my doc immediately decided she is taking me off of gabapentin. Now, instead of having stomach issues along with my fibro I am FAT and depressed. I took gabapentin for 8 wks.

In that time I gained 15 lbs. I am 5 ft 3 inches and 15 lbs feels like 30 on my frame. All of the weight was in my tummy: I look, and still look 7 months pregnant. I stopped taking it 4 days ago and have lost 5 lbs. This drug did nothing to alleviate my shoulder pain Remeron and weight ga need total shoulder replacement surgery I would not recommend this to anyone.

I have gained 30 pounds from garbapentin since jan Other meds did not help with my fibro. I have had the same experience. My weight has never been more then lbs remeron and weight ga now I have gained 35lbs and you are right it is very depressing. Any ideas on how to lose this weight now or and different med would be greatly appreciated. I have gained 40 pounds in 3 months from taking it.

I am barely eating and feel horrible. Never had a weight problem until I started having to take this kind of medication. A year ago I dropped 40 pounds doing exactly what I am now. It is so depressing. Pain is under control, but very depressing to have such weight gain. Used to benow had to buy a whole new wardrobe.

I would so like to know if Gabapentin make you gain weight? Same with me I gained 15 lbs in one month. I threw the pills away 4 days ago and lost 5 lbs already. I have been taking mg of gabapentin for about 4 years, remeron and weight ga. I use it for pain. It does a pretty good job, but no pill will be perfect. Very few gain weight on this medication. More importantly you need to get on a sleeping med that actually works.

I also have had insomnia for years. She worked with me and I take 1 mg of trazodone, 1 lorazepam, and one Ambien. I sleep like a baby, and never had any issues with the Ambien.


Remeron and weight ga