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Telix Pharmaceuticals Limited was established in January to create a new industry leader. The targeted radiopharmaceutical landscape has historically suffered from a lack of commercial critical mass and commitment to late-stage product development. Our goal is to rectify this. Our product development strategy is to closely integrate and add value to standard care, reflective of the modern team-based approach to managing cancer in a clinical setting.

Molecularly-targeted radiation MTR potentially offers better-informed treatment decisions and truly personalised therapy. The Telix team is an experienced group of biopharma clinicians and executives, with a passion for radiation biology and oncology. We believe that the time for this technology has arrived and that superior efficacy has been demonstrated. Our pipeline currently focuses on unmet needs in cancer care, specifically in prostaterenal kidney and glioblastoma brain cancer.

We are also keenly interested in partnership and in-licensing opportunities to further expand our portfolio. We are based in Melbourne, rice dream and advanced prostate cancer, Australia.

However, the fight against cancer is global, and so is our team. Dr Behrenbruch has twenty years of healthcare entrepreneurship and executive leadership experience. Chris holds a D. After moving to Melbourne in he oversaw the preclinical development of several engineered antibody drug conjugates and clinical translation of novel rice dream and advanced prostate cancer fragment in prostate and rice dream and advanced prostate cancer cancer, including radioimmunoconjugates.

Dr Arora has extensive experience in project management, operations and GMP manufacturing. She holds a PhD in Medical Science and Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry from RMIT University Melbourne, Australia and has been involved in both a technical and commercial capacity in a range of translational research projects for novel healthcare technologies. Jyoti also completed a post-doctoral research fellowship at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre where she developed and translated novel nanoparticle based imaging technology to the clinic.

Her role extended to integrating the use of medical imaging technology in monitoring therapeutic responses of cell based therapies. Andreas has extensive experience in the practice of nuclear medicine and radiochemistry, molecular imaging and the clinical development of novel radionuclide-based products and devices. He is the author of numerous patents and publications in the field of nuclear medicine, neurology, infection and immunology.

Andreas is a registered physician and holds a doctorate in Medicine from the Free University of Berlin. Dr Behrenbruch has 20 years of healthcare entrepreneurship and executive leadership experience.

InRichard established Chrysalium Consulting, which provides specialized consulting expertise in radiopharmaceutical development and industrialization. Mr Buck is a bio-physicist who has spent his professional career in a variety of entrepreneurial and management positions in industrial companies.

Oliver has served as founder, managing director and developer of several companies in the fields of manufacturing, technology, demilitarization, pharmaceutical and information technologies. SinceOliver has acted as senior advisor to the CEO in a role that continues to support the ITM Group as it has become a leader in next generation medical isotopes and theranostics.

Farris is an experienced governance, communications and operations professional. He has over peer-reviewed publications, and holds numerous national and international research grants including a major translational research grant from the Victorian Cancer Agency to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for this group of diseases.

An olympian dream for theranostics. Journal of Nuclear Medicine. Intratumoural rice dream and advanced prostate cancer intertumoural heterogeneity in syndromic neuroendocrine tumours. Is it biology or technology that is the issue?. Journal of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network. He has written original papers and rice dream and advanced prostate cancer more than invited lectures in his career, which began with the creation of a research team devoted to diagnostic and therapeutic use of radiolabeled monoclonal antibodies in oncology.

He also contributed to the creation of Atlab-Pharma, a company dedicated to the industrial development of radiolabeled antibodies for radioimmunotherapy. Jason has published over papers, books, book chapters, and reviews in the field of cancer imaging.

Imaging androgen receptor signalling with a radiotracer targeting free prostate specific antigen. Cancer Discovery, 2,rice dream and advanced prostate cancer, Imaging tumor burden in the brain with 89 Zr-transferrin. Journal of Nuclear Medicine, Bioconjugate Chem, 25, Applying 89 Zr-transferrin to study the pharmacology of inhibitors to BET bromodomain containing proteins.

Molecular Pharmaceutics, 13, Pretargeted immunoPET of pancreatic cancer: Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 57, A Structure-Activity Optimization Study. Bioconjugate Chemistry, 27, Molecular Cancer Therapeutics, 16, Cancer Research, in press, His research focuses on radiopharmaceutical sciences with focus on radiopharmaceutical drug development in combination with medicinal chemistry, in recent years directed to the development of novel theranostic radiotracers targeting the prostate-specific membrane antigen PSMA, rice dream and advanced prostate cancer.

He is author and co-author of more than publications and inventor and co-inventor on more than 10 published patents, primarily dealing with the development of new PET tracers and radiopharmaceuticals for endoradiotherapy. Giesel FL, et al. Cardinale J, et al. J Nucl Med Liolios CC, et al. Bioconjugate Chem J Med Chem Schrigten D, et al. Textbook Nuklearmedizin 8 th ed. SI in Pharmaceuticals; Ed. After joining the faculty of Cornell University Medical College now Weill-Cornell Medical College and New York-Presbyterian Hospital, rice dream and advanced prostate cancer, he has directed both a laboratory effort and translational clinical research program to discover and clinically develop monoclonal antibodies for targeted cancer imaging and therapy.

His group developed the first series of monoclonal antibodies to prostate-specific membrane antigen PSMA that could target and bind viable prostate cancer cells. His team and collaborators have developed PET imaging agents as well as radiolabeled- and drug-conjugated antibodies that have entered phase 1 and 2 clinical trials now extending to a dozen leading academic medical centres in the US and Europe.

Antibodies developed in his lab have been licensed to multiple bio-pharma companies for further development and commercialization. Neil has authored approximately peer-reviewed publications, and he is an inventor on approximately US and foreign issued and pending patents. He has served on, and chaired, multiple study sections and grant review panels. The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism.

The Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer consensus statement on immunotherapy for the treatment of prostate carcinoma. Journal for ImmunoTherapy of Cancer. Pardee Foundation Key Personnel. After graduating from St. Chaitanya is involved in educational and policy initiatives, in particular the successful integration of diverse Investigational New Drug applications into one centre, under his supervision, that was responsible for all IND applications utilizing radiopharmaceuticals at Penn and Columbia.

Indium labeled J anti-PSMA antibody for vascular targeted imaging in progressive solid tumors. Ciunci, MD; Rodolfo F. Perini, MD; Anjali N. Avadhani, MD ; Hyunseon C. Flaherty, MD ; Bruce J. Giantonio, MD; Mark A. Pilot study of PET imaging of I-iodoazomycin galactopyranoside IAZGPa putative hypoxia imaging agent, in patients with colorectal cancer and head and neck cancer. Lin, Antti Silvoniemi, James B. Stabin, Alexander Kachur, Stephen M.

Koch, and Heikki Minn. In he joined the Department of Nuclear Medicine at the University of Saarlandes Germany as head of the radiopharmaceutical research and accomplished his habilitation in Experimental Nuclear Medicine and Radiopharmaceutical Chemistry, followed by an appointment as Rice dream and advanced prostate cancer Professor in Radiopharmaceutical Sciences and as Apl.

CXCR4-directed endoradiotherapy induces high response rates in extramedullary relapsed Multiple Myeloma. Methionine emerges as a new biomarker for tracking active myeloma lesions. Epub Nov 9, rice dream and advanced prostate cancer. The development and validation of innovative radiopharmaceuticals for molecular imaging using PET and SPECT for neurological, oncological and cardiovascular research, and for endo-radionuclide therapy, and translational and clinical research.

Baum RA, Baum S. Scheduling, revenue management, rice dream and advanced prostate cancer, and fairness in an academic-hospital radiology division. Thoracic duct embolization and disruption for treatment of chylous effusions: J Vasc Interv Radiol. Recent Results Cancer Res. Safety and utility of transjugular liver biopsy in hematopoietic stem cell transplant recipients.

Intense 18F-fluoride accumulation in liver metastases from a neuroendocrine tumor after peptide receptor radionuclide therapy. Radioguided surgery in neuroendocrine tumors using Galabeled somatostatin analogs: Management Board Scientific Advisory Board. Christian Behrenbruch Chief Executive Officer.

Douglas Cubbin Chief Financial Officer. Michael Wheatcroft Director of Research and Development.


Rice dream and advanced prostate cancer