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Join us as we celebrate the opening of the Architecture Fringe ! In celebration of our jam-packed two week long program we invite you to join us for an evening of conversation, immersive dance performance pieces, visual art and music from an all female DJ line up. A collection of animated films by two artists who share an interest in architecture and the built environment.

A collaboration between two visual artists - Glasgow-based Ally Wallace and Lincolnshire-based David Carruthers - resulting in a collection of short animated films about architecture and the built environment. The artists normally work independently of each other - in drawing, sculpture, photography and video - but have collaborated on this project to concentrate on the architecture related animated films that each has recently been making - dealing with a range of subjects from education buildings and public art to the relationship between landscape, shelter and inner self.

Sacred Vessels consists of 52 model water towers made from matchsticks. The models are three-dimensional recreations of water towers photographed by renowned artists, Hilla and Bernd Becher. The work pays homage to the late Bechers, and to this unique building type, using the rigorous medium of the matchstick hobbyist. The title alludes to the sacred properties often attributed to water, to its essential role for life on earth and to the growing importance its availability will play in shaping global affairs.

The Reuse Showhome is an opportunity for residents to view a new build home fitted entirely with reused and repaired furniture and furnishings. It demonstrates that beautiful and comfortable home interiors can be achieved on a small budget, in small spaces scottish architecture and design centre plan minimal environmental impact.

The exhibition at Quay Community Improvements shares the life stories of reused and repaired items. Some items will be available to purchase. Zero Waste Leith is a project delivered by Changeworks, funded by Zero Waste Scotland and the European Regional Development Fund and supported by Leith community partners working to create cleaner, greener streets. Zero Waste Leith Launch. Custom Lane and GRAS will work with Custom Lane residents and members of the wider creative community to design and build an experimental, temporary structure within the Custom Vitamin d and metabolic syndrome courtyard, scottish architecture and design centre plan, responding to the theme Common Senses.

The new structure will perform a variety of functions but, most significantly, will be designed to encourage regular use of the recently reclaimed public space, scottish architecture and design centre plan. Where possible, found materials will be used and all materials will be capable of future re-use or recycling. Frankentypes is an exhibition of ideas from five emerging practices, exploring new ways of thinking, new ways of living, scottish architecture and design centre plan.

In architecture and public life we now take certain typologies for granted; in terms of how they look, how they operate and how they are used. We recognise a house as being different from a library and a leisure centre as being distinct from a farm, scottish architecture and design centre plan. The status-quo for architecture in Scotland is dead. What do we want for the profession? And how are we going to do it? Join us for a lively, plural and provocative unconvention where the content and agenda is shaped by the participants.

An opportunity for practitioners, academics, professional bodies, students and activists within the architecture community in Scotland to come together to debate the fundamental role of a professional institution at this moment in the 21st century.

Do we need a professional body? Do we need an alliance across the sector provide a stronger lobbying position for construction quality and procurement? How should we engage internationally?

Or is the architecture profession dead already…? Talks, workshops and conversations SAT 09 June 1. This year the Abriachan Forest Trust celebrates 20 years since it took ownership of local land on behalf of the community. This story is part of scottish architecture and design centre plan much bigger story of land reform in Scotland that has its radical roots in the Highlands. A generation later, scottish architecture and design centre plan, what can we learn from the story of this place?

How do we see our Highland landscape today? What will the Highlands of the future look like? How do we light the touch papers for generations to come? What knowledge, skills and tools do we need for today and for the future? Ciamar a lasas sinn falaisgear de bheachdan dhan an ath ghinealach?

Following the success of their Doors open Day activities the SituLab Research Group return to present their musical composition and digitally crafted souvenirs created specially for Craigsbank Parish Church.

SituLab will perform and exhibit their ongoing project into how the public respond to modern architectural heritage through in-situ musical compositions and experiential, digital souvenirs, scottish architecture and design centre plan. The composition and souvenirs limited edition 3D printed models and digitally printed badges are all directly inspired by the architectural elements of Craigsbank.

The public are invited to visit the space, hear scottish architecture and design centre plan music, interact with and collect their own souvenir and to reflect on how they feel about their surroundings. The changing character of Scottish towns and their impact in contributing to the expansion of cities.

The project reflects on the contemporary image of the new town in the public imagination and seeks to collaborate with local people to develop solutions to current challenges. The focus is knowledge dissemination by engaging families and interested parties. This will occur by a reflecting on the past experience and developing new solutions for the area that residents and the wider community could be inspired in becoming active agents of change.

Through using architecture and design methods as the driver towards an enriched experience of the towns. A series of walking tours that focus on earlier housing developments and the Penthouse area have been organised. There are also a series of prepared family events and a collaboration with local schools. K-ART Kelty Art Regeneration Trust is a group of local artists and volunteers working together to bring colour and art to neglected areas of the village of Kelty in Fife.

Visit some of their work at Blackhall Square. Architext investigates the relationship between playwriting and architecture. These stories scottish architecture and design centre plan been assembled into a play script which takes the form of architectural plan of the building.

Lines denoting walls and staircases are replaced with lines of dialogue that pertain to each specific space. In this way, these architexts function as blueprints for both the tangible and intangible elements of this iconic building. The building remains in private ownership and stands surplus to requirement. In spite of, or because of the decay the structure has developed an aura of timelessness, a stillness that belies its productive past.

This past conjures a collision of art and capitalism, foregrounding ideas around the division of labour, the construction of femininity and the individualism of the artist. Our scenic live land sculpture is a vibrant reminder to connect to nature in our ever changing developing city landscape.

This project will be a small sculptural installation land-space within the larger regeneration site in the heart of the city of Edinburgh at Fountainbridge. An exhibition exploring the often undefinable emotive effect that buildings and materials have on us. Hoskins Architects have a preoccupation with creating architecture that is emotive and impacts the senses. To the practice a building is never a mere scottish architecture and design centre plan, it is a device that brings people together and makes connections to its wider surroundings to create spaces which are deeply rooted in their place.

This group show features the work of friends, collaborators and architects from the practice, scottish architecture and design centre plan, exploring this theme in a variety of different mediums. The exhibition takes place at a former clay tobacco pipe factory built in which until recently was vacant and in a state of scottish architecture and design centre plan. Now inhabited, the building is going through a process of ongoing transformation into exhibition and studio spaces.

Tracings of Home will create a memory box of information on how we might live when we are older. Missing In Architecture are filling the gaps that we care about in architecture.

For The Architecture Fringe we present Tracings of Home, in this project we invite people to think about a time when they are older, what might your home of your future be like? What will you take from your past to your future? In this drop in session participants will contribute to a living memory box that will be used as research into the key elements that inform the designs of homes for all our futures. Take part in an array of cultural and creative opportunities in the newly refurbished Dunoon Burgh Hall.

Dunoon Burgh Hall Trust welcomes visitors to this fully refurbished cultural and arts venue. The friendliest venue about! Facebook Dunoon Burgh Hall. The Baby Pianodrome is the full-scale prototype of the final Pianodrome.

It shares a brownfield site with its sister project, the Forge, a community makerspace based in shipping containers. Run in partnership with the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, the final Pianodrome will be a playable seater amphitheatre built entirely from 50 disused pianos. It is at once an interactive sculpture, acoustic concert venue, workshop space, lecture theatre and playground.

A series of four new, scottish architecture and design centre plan, site-specific commissions in the landscape responding to the history and characters of Mellerstain House. Installation ; ; June Exhibition runs 4 May to 1 October 11am - 5pm Garden entry: The Messenger by Hilary Jack comprises four site-specific works in the landscape, made in response to the rich history of Mellerstain House, scottish architecture and design centre plan, its architecture and the fascinating characters who lived there.

Mellerstain Borders Sculpture Park. Revealing wine and lung cancer reduction often hidden promise of derelict buildings, an architecture tour with a difference. Derelict buildings deserve a second look. A Brisk Walk invites you to explore the strange beauty and hidden promise of seemingly forgotten buildings, scottish architecture and design centre plan.

An architecture walking tour with a stimulating difference. Come with Johnny Rodger, Professor of Urban Literature at Glasgow School of Art, on an audio trail exploring past, present and future of six very different buildings — quit smoking without stress and anxiety ornate Victorian to minimalist s modernism — in Glasgow city centre.

New use for derelict buildings can transform streets and bring new life to neighbourhoods as we find in the happy new beginning at the Barras. Blocked by Design is an event to create the variety and diversity of CAD blocks that are currently missing!

Desperate for drawings with diversity? Another Perspective is hosting an evening at Project Cafe to trace people of diversity and create the variety of CAD blocks that are currently missing. We will be creating an online platform for these to be shared and used in future work. A small hill of sand in Toronto leads to a particular way of doing the discourse of art, architecture, and our experience of material culture. Thorpe is a Canadian artist, writer, and rock musician living in Glasgow.

Scottish architecture and design centre plan talk will consider a modest piece of landscape design in a park in Toronto; propose ways of reading and discussing such things outside of commercial, journalistic, or academic approaches; and invite participation in a new forum for reading and writing the world in these ways.

Two events to consider the uniqueness of Princes Street Gardens: Princes Street Gardens are unique in geology, history, planting and the myriad of ways that folk have used and abused them.


Scottish architecture and design centre plan