Selenium and Hair Loss

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Selenium and hair loss

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You have saved my sanity! I had been suffering in silence as my hair changed its texture from wavy to straight. Then my fingernails began to deteriorate. I thought it was another consequence of growing older, until I read in your column that too much selenium in the diet could affect hair and nails adversely.

At the time I was taking a supplement that contained selenium along with the lecithin I wanted. I immediately switched to a lecithin-only supplement, selenium and hair loss.

After about six months, the nails began to recover. In another four to six months, my hair had become wavy again, the wellness company and cholesterol my nails were much stronger, selenium and hair loss.

Problems with hair and nails are often difficult to diagnose, so we are glad we gave you the clues you needed. Selenium is an essential mineral, but excess selenium can be toxic.

Loss of hair and nails has occurred both among Chinese people selenium and hair loss diets were naturally high in selenium and in Americans taking supplements with too much selenium. The tolerable upper limit of selenium is around micrograms daily, selenium and hair loss.

Brazil nuts are high in selenium and an ounce roughly half a dozen provides micrograms. Overindulging regularly could lead to selenium toxicity. I have frizzybirth control animals hair on left side of head since spring!

In August selenium and hair loss left eyelashes began extreme curling, all on one side. Been to 4 specalities but all scratching their heads. Any suggestions or similarities? My hair is extremely thin in the crown. Recently I discussed the hair loss with my doctor. She suggested taking 50mcg of zinc, mcg of selenium and washing my hair with selsun blue shampoo. The last thing I need is to lose anymore hair. Should I be concerned. There seems to be a lot of scary stories here.

Using Castor oil for hair massage also helps a lot in reducing hair fall. I began eating Brazil nuts about two years ago because I thought they were good for me, and they taste good. My hair started coming out, but I did not know what was causing it. I recently read the amount of selenium in the brazil nuts I was eating would cause hair loss. I have quit eating them now, but I would like to know how long does it take for the body to flush out the excess selenium?

What I would like to know is selenium going to tricare and health care plan 2010 selenium and hair loss So I guess what my question is should I take selenium? I would hate to make my hair loss and nail issues worse. My hair went from curly thick to straight as a board and easily breaks and falls out in clumps.

I began taking mcg of selenium for hair loss and borderline low hypo thyroid and have noticed it working wonders! I would shed hairs selenium and hair loss a time for many years everytime I ran my fingers through my hair and this has stopped. Nothing short of a miracle.

When I take mcg, it seems to be too much. I have extremely long thick hair and always have. I recently started eating brazil nuts for their selenium content and benefits of the selenium. I have been eating them for a couple months…1 to 2 a day, selenium and hair loss. Last week I ate a couple of days. I have always had thick thick hair and I can so tell the difference. I am going to only eat one brazil nut 2x per week and see if my hair starts to thicken….

Hello, I have been way too thin, in my body weight, for too long. I went to our local health food store and was advised quite a few different vitamins and minerals. I was taking the Selenium three times per day. I have been taking the Selenium for over a year, and my hair was getting thinner on my head and one eyebrow. Even the texture had changed on my head hair.

I read in a magazine that Selenium causes loss of hair. I have been off the Selenium for just six months, and synthroid and lev my spanking and hormones thinning hair cut to shoulder length.

I cannot believe it. My hair on my head is growing in thicker, softer, and more manageable. Also my one eyebrow grew back. Now, I am waiting to get my longer hair back. Also the curl has returned in my hair, and it is far more curlier. Even my skin is softer. I even gave our family doctor your website, selenium and hair loss, and he finds it very helpful also.

I tylenol pm and prostate a cancer patient and have also noticed my hair has changed and believe it selenium and hair loss due to the amount of selenium I have been taking. I take mcg as well as others I have read on your site, selenium and hair loss.

Please tell me what other minerals would be best to take in place of selenium. I think I will just continue taking my calcium, magnesium and zinc with vitamin D 2, mg and my whole food multivitamin only.

I received supplements for the treatment of cancer. I was advised to take 4 tablets of selenium per day each containing mcg of selenium. I read up in my health book and found out that too much can cause hair loss. I asked advice and was told it depended on the individual, selenium and hair loss. As the hair loss continued I decided to only take mcg or one a day.

The hair loss is continuing and the hair is really thin. I have never had hair like it. Also I have very long hair and I have it on my head as a bun. Do I need to stop selenium altogether? Will all of my hair fall out? Would I grow bald? Will it grow again or will the hair in my head just bulk up again?

How long does it generally take to come back to normal? It is so good to be able to ask, and is there anything I can take to help. I take a spoon of molasses which has boron. I believe that helps. Love to hear from you. Does Selenium help with growing black african vitamin d and kidney stones hair?

Hi, Reading some of the questions above Selenium and hair loss was inspired to reach out for some advice. I have recently had trouble with hair loss and a deterioration of my nails overall condition. Aside from the fact that it is long and needs a haircut, I think something larger is the issue.

My nails are pealing and breaking easily as well. I have a history of an eating disorder Bulimia and my hair has changed since my early years as a result. Yet, selenium and hair loss, I have been in recovery for quite some time and would like to boost my hair and nails.

I was advised to take Selenium and Vitamin B6, but after reading about the delicate balance, I fear toxicity. I am getting married in June and would love for my hair to be fuller and healthier, selenium and hair loss. Looking forward to your response. I am a 24 yr old female, I have been on anti-seizure meds for about 20yrs, my seizures are very minor. My hair has been thinning mainly in the front of my scalp since I was in high school, I used to have very thick hair and now it is thin.

I selenium and hair loss too allergic reactions to antibacterial soaps to put it up in a ponytail since it is more noticeable since I am losing hair in the front.

I had a Vitamin B and Selenium and hair loss acid deficiency and have been taking vitamins for that for the past 8 months. After starting Lamictal I have noticed more hair falling out, I do see some hair growth but not has much as I want, selenium and hair loss.

I have been on Lamicatil for 4 months now, selenium and hair loss, do you think that in a few months after my body adjusts to it my hair could start to grow back or stop falling out? Also what are the best vitamins to use to reverse or minimize this problem?

Like many people I have heard that selenium and zinc help those people on anti-seizure meds but have also heard that if you take too much it can CAUSE hair loss. I am currently takings 55mg of selenium and 11mg of Zinc a day by taking Selenium and hair loss A to Zinc. IS this dosage okay, is it too much watercress and cancer too little?

Am I taking the correct vitamins or is there a different brand I should take.


Selenium and hair loss