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Sensitivity to chemicals and allergies

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Allergic reactions are as diverse as the person themselves; however, more and more people are developing severe allergies as a result of living in antibacterial and preclinical and university toxic world. These allergies are known as chemically induced immune system disorders, and a fast spreading phenomenon associated with chemical hypersensitivity. Research by the California Dept.

Synthetic chemicals are all around us, sensitivity to chemicals and allergies. These environmental allergens are life-changing, and often life-destroying, for the person afflicted and those around them. The resulting allergic sensitivity to chemicals and allergies affect sensitivity to chemicals and allergies only the way our body functions, sensitivity to chemicals and allergies, but the physical, sociological, and emotional quality of life as well.

It is a medical condition developed by individuals exposed to chemicals in their environment that affects the neurological, immune, respiratory, skin, gastrointestinal and musculoskeletal systems.

Environmental medicine, also called clinical ecology, was first developed by Dr. He then discovered, of those treated by standard medical diagnostic techniques and confirmed arthritics, more than half were helped by making dietary and environmental modifications.

Low levels of toxins may have been tolerated previously, but suddenly the body loses the ability to neutralize the chemicals, and an allergic reaction occurs. The onset can be triggered from a single major exposure as in pesticide poisoning ; long-term exposure to low levels food preservatives and additives, sick buildings, sensitivity to chemicals and allergies, off-gassing from computers, copiers, cleaning products, carpets, building supplies ; side effect of prescription drugs especially medications for pain and inflammation ; serious illness or trauma.

This is truly an example of our "toxic cup runneth over. The chemicals synthesized after World War II pesticides, fragrances, synthetic fabrics, cleaning products, detergents, etc. There have been virtually no studies done on the majority of these chemicals to determine consequences on humans — the industry just places the chemicals in the environment with the assumption that they are "safe, until proven toxic," instead of ensuring their safety before allowing them to be used.

Formaldehyde is another toxic chemical that causes many of the symptoms of MCS, including dizziness, light-headedness memory impairment, attention disorders and allergies.

Many of the ingredients in construction, especially mobile and modular homes, are made with particleboard, glues, plastics, and toxic finishes—all of which can outgas toxic substances including formaldehyde. Repeated exposure weakens the immune system, making you more vulnerable to other toxic chemicals.

Formaldehyde is in many products including some cosmetics, sensitivity to chemicals and allergies, baby shampoo and baby lotion. Years of laundering does not remove the formaldehyde!

In the early stages of MCS, repeated exposure to the substance or substances that caused the initial health effects provokes a reaction. After a time, it takes less and less exposure to the related chemicals to cause symptoms.

As the body systems break down, an ever-increasing number of chemicals, including some unrelated to the initial exposure, are found to trigger a reaction. Many people also become hypersensitive to molds, sensitivity to chemicals and allergies, aromatic plants and wood such as cedar. Those of us who are becoming chronically ill from these chemicals are similar to the "canaries in the coal mine, sensitivity to chemicals and allergies.

We "human canaries" are here to warn the rest of you that, unless you become informed and start making changes to avoid as many toxic chemicals as possible, you too may become very ill, or even die, from the consequences.

Education is the key in making a difference, naturally. This sensitivity to chemicals and allergies subsequent articles are for the purpose of education and to provide support to the millions afflicted with allergies and multiple chemical sensitivity syndromes.

Gloria Gilbere Allergic reactions are as diverse as the person themselves; however, more and more people are developing severe allergies as a result of living in a toxic world. Future articles will provide information on chemicals and their health risks. Customer Reviews Leave your reviews. Filter by star All star 5 4 3 2 1. I have all the symptoms by the way including anaphylactic shock especially when it comes to being exposed to mobile home building materials.

My doctor keeps insisting that my symptoms are not allergen related when I am absolutely sure they are. Thank you so much for putting this article together. Please know that it is much appreciated. I do plan to send it to my doctor. Was this review helpful to you? Looking for chemical free furniture cotton only. If you plan to purchase anything through Amazon, please click on this banner to go to Amazon! It will give us a small referral fee to help keep our site running! Thank you very much!


Sensitivity to chemicals and allergies