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Fenn, Have the rules of capitalization been properly followed throughout the entire poem? For the record… B in Brown trout IS capitalized. This is an extract from the rules of capitalization from the American Fisheries Society who sets the rules on correct fish protocol and that makes me laugh because just how specific can you get LOL:. The currently accepted names of these species are given in the 7th edition of Common and Scientific Names of Fishes from the United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Grammar Queen, are you saying that the B in Brown is not capitalized for being a proper name, but is capitalized for another reason? No, she is saying that the B in Brown is not capitolized for being a proper name, but is capitolized for another reason. Grammar King and Queen and Astree! In the manuscript, some letters are capitalized and written extra-large, non-italic, and in red, and the lines are shifted left or right and internally spaced sequa paper and oil caps as necessary to position the red letters within three crosses that extend through all the lines of the poem.

I am partial to the one by E. Poe in that link above. Ever Drawing Nigh an anacrostic. Tools one of a pair of heavy flat disc-shaped stones that are rotated one against the other to grind grain 2. World War II Windmills speak a language which can be read by reading strategic plan review and revision process position of the sails.

There are four positions: In each position, the sails are slightly tilted one way or another so that the people in town know what is occurring. Certain resting positions were also used to signal messages to confidants.

During World War II, messages were relayed by pre-arranged signals, used to warn people in hiding about raids. Well, you can see that just 14 minutes ago, after we started the millstone discussion, that a thread appeared about the chase as just that.

Evard is big in Texas and indiana. However, as a peom purist, I tend away from those sort of connections. I thought I would share that I found a digital solar-powered panel,…at the base of a tall post,…that housed a nest of three Ospreys,…on the property of the camp,…where I stayed while on The Chase. The owner of the camp said that panel was previously being used to study bats,…but had since been disconnected.

And I found a deceased bat, later,…in my camping spot near there. What is interesting,…is that depending on which resource I checked,…the little brown bat,…and the big brown bat,…are sometimes capitalized,…and sometimes not. And because of your plus sign or crux immissa? How doth the little crocodile Improve his shining tail, And sequa paper and oil caps the waters of the Nile On every golden scale! How cheerfully he seems to grin, How neatly spreads his claws, And welcomes little fishes in, With gently smiling jaws!

I thought you were kidding. And that looks like Peggy sitting on the front row to the left of the conductor…with her beautiful silver-white hair! One of my favorites of Forrest on the piano, in cognito … between working on the poem lines. Battery is a Finnish sequa paper and oil caps weight loss and cruize. Its stimulating effects are based on coffee and guarana extracts, as well as taurine.

The drink is yellow, sparkly and sweetish. Sei, that looks exactly like Forrest playing the piano, and accompanying one of his favorite Carroll poems. Does anyone know if Forrest plays piano? She smiled, and thought a few seconds.

We were burning sunlight and Anna kept looking at her watch. So I quickly wrote a check and headed for the back door. I waved good-bye just as a Federal Aviation inspector buzzed at her gate. I think his arrival added a few revs to my propeller.

The answer is obtuse. A lot of you seem to be happy with Forrest making up his own rules, because you think you know what his little secret is, and no doubt believe that you are the only one who understands his rules.

Good for you, but there is absolutely no way that you can be sure. It may all be a mirage. IMO the poem is too vague.

Forrest should add an addendum. Hello Will, I believe that there is a subtle difference between what Smarty suggested and your response. Smarty appears to be suggesting an after-the-fact addendum, possibly based on the level of comprehension that Forrest has seen from searchers.

So, Forrest might now realise that he has made the hunt too hard or too vague, or possibly too full of meaning when he only intended it to be understood by that proverbial redneck.

TTOTC appears to have been co-written, with clues added to complement the poem. In sequa paper and oil caps, TTOTC does not seem to be a proper addendum in the truest meaning of the word, and that is what Smarty seems to be asking for.

You would have to be adventurous, self aware and a day dreamer sorta speak like Forrest to find the chest and imagine his poem and clues to come up with the solution.

If Forrest says that it can be solved by a redneck, I do believe that. Some searchers overrate the complexity of the search. Knowing about head pressures, foot pounds, acre feet, bible verses, Latin, cubic inches, icons, fonts, charts, graphs, sequa paper and oil caps, yeast infection and cancer, curved lines, magnetic variation, codes, depth meters, riddles, drones or ciphers, will not assist anyone to the treasure location, although those things have been offered as positive solutions.

Smarty, I agree, this was one of the most useful things that Forrest has said. Surprisingly few people appear to have taken notice. To assume that Forrest Fenn is a treasure hunt setting genius is folly.

He may be a genius in many other walks of life, but entirely useless at helping us to locate his treasure. I think it will be sad if Forrest dies without the world knowing how good zapper and cancer puzzle is, and without being able to share the post-hunt celebrations.

I happen to know that there is no solution anywhere else in the world, not even in the chest. I have strong reason to believe it will be found while he is alive in the summer ofthat is. But I also have strong reason to believe that although the successful solve may then be publicized, the identity of the finder will be carefully guarded. This is all my opinion only. Good luck in your search. I have to build a logical sequential path to that knowledge by constructing clues in poetry format.

IMO Forrests poem does not do that. In the several years I have been following this, I have come to see Forrest as an honest person. And he says that the poem, if well-studied, will lead one directly to the chest. If you believe Forrest. So, sequa paper and oil caps, it involves character assessment and a degree, faith. Forrest usually makes up his own rules, sequa paper and oil caps, does he not? Which is probably not very good for those looking for this chest. Thou who wish to find it by a universal set of rules or standards will sequa paper and oil caps come up short, sequa paper and oil caps.

Maybe he never wanted it found after all? Of course he not ever going to say that. Lots of variables in play!!

He went from place to poem. We have to go the opposite direction, from poem to place. In the end, only he knows whether the poem can actually lead someone to this place. Personally, I believe it will eventually lead someone there. Test and evaluation master plan template Why, your last word here is fascinating.

What do you mean by vitamins and fetal abnormalties Forrest said that most of the words in the poem are useful for finding the treasure, and just solving a few words and happening across the treasure would be bad for me, if Forrest has sequa paper and oil caps or refuses to explain all.

This is sequa paper and oil caps a million dollar prize and so I expect the hints to be extremely difficult to figure out and that is fine with me. I have no perfect solution, but plenty of places to search and have some more fun as I see the Rockies, sequa paper and oil caps. Vague and obtuse are not necessarily the same as difficult.

Is there something here? Are we being told again to make our own rules for success and work within them? Testing and tweaking what? It sounds like an absolutely fascinating process. What are we missing? Thousands of people always thinking and still no chest……. Why were those that got the first two clues correct, which IMO also includes the correct starting point, …. Some had the beginning correct a long time ago, …., sequa paper and oil caps.

There has been plenty of that, and some very creative thoughts and deep research by many searchers. I think the problem is vagueness. The conventional interpretation implies that they have reached the right answer for the right reasons.

Never seen so much intelligent conversation, between Tammara and Helen you guys are knocking it out of the park.


Sequa paper and oil caps