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Shed and poll barn plans

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What are the things that you should consider before buying herds? Goat Mineral Issue - Discussion thread. Log in or Sign up. Apr 22, Messages: I made this single bale hay rack for my goats. I scrounged all the wood. The biggest expense is the goat panel. When I make another one I will try to get new ones. The goat panels I buy are 48" high. The design uses the 48" height so you only have to cut one end.

Cut two sheets 28" 7 squares x 48" 12 squares. This can be thicker if that is what you have. Repeat for the other side. Attach the 5th 51" long 2x4 flat wider side down across the center of the frame, sitting shed and poll barn plans top of the 36" 2x4. Make sure the center of the 51" 2x4 is in the center of the frame. Set the goat panels resting on the top of the flat 2x4 in the center. Attach the goat panels to the flat 2x4 with fence staples, shed and poll barn plans.

This must be done after the goat panels are in place. Nail the plywood to the sides. Jul 13, Messages: This is definitely put away for the future. DH wants me to state he likes your construction shed and poll barn plans and would really like to know what you think about rain water retentions systems.

We would be using our gutter water for our garden. ResearchNov 27, I have a rain water retention system on my barn. It was a quick throw together kind of project and I have some ideas for improving it. The goat shed was designed with the idea of adding a water retention system in the future.

I can send him my really sketchy plans but I want to do some more testing with it before I put it out for public viewing. It is funny, I spent a lot of time and money getting a very fancy piece of paper called a "Mechanical Design Engineering Degree" and was disappointed the entire time I was in college.

I am still learning about design with all of the work I do on the farm but things get better with every iteration.

My daddy is an engineer and feels the same way I do about working in the shop. We bounce ideas off each other and hubby is an electrical engineer and he helps me fine tune and tweak things.

Jan 20, shed and poll barn plans, Messages: What a great design! PumpkinpupNov 27, Jun 15, Messages: BossrooNov 27, Dec 31, Messages: Nov 18, Animals for therapy cancer SmallFarmGirlNov 27, Oct 25, Messages: I LOVE the design!! Ownedby3alpacasNov 28, You must log in or sign up to reply here.

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Shed and poll barn plans