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Sinusitis and diabetes

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I have had a sinus infection on the right side of my head for sinusitis and diabetes months. I am currently on my third antibiotic and in the care of an ENT, sinusitis and diabetes. I am concerned that the doctors are not taking my T2 diabetes into account during my treatment. Then I was put on Avelox for 14 days and it did little or nothing to my symptoms. Now two weeks later I am on Omnicef for 10 days. It seems to be knocking out the symptoms, but I am afraid that in a couple weeks after the drugs run out I will be in the same situation with pain and terrible headaches.

Anyone out there with similar experience or advice? I hope something will knock it out soon. I know how you feel. I have chronic sinusitus my allergy doc said years ago. I suffered for many years with several sinus infections per year, started with one, then two then three each year, until I finally went to the ENT.

He put me on a regimen on a prescription nasal spray and Claritin, worked well for a few years, now he has me on Zyrtec in the morning, Singulair at night, works great for me, have not had an infection in about two years. Sorry about those headaches, I never had them too bad, sinusitis and diabetes I had them sometimes not, sometimes fever but usually no fever, sinusitis and diabetes. My main thing was all the congestion, just a yucky sick feeling, sinusitis and diabetes, did not want to do anything, and awful sore throat, sometimes coughing a lot.

I hope they are taking your diabetes seriously. He asked me if I wanted sinusitis and diabetes shot once, after I was diagnosed, told me it would raise my BS, I said sinusitis and diabetes thanks. I had a sinus infection and bronhitis for almost 4 months. Antibiotics one after the other, sinusitis and diabetes.

Finally, they added a nasal spray and saline spray and use a humidfier daily. That helped clear everything up. For the hadaches advil. Yes the nasal spray does help with the sinus infection, also for the headaches regular ibuprofan helps as well. I use the generic brand.

I recently had a sinus infection also. Beside giving me a Z pack my doc told me to use saline nasal spray. Two sprays each nostril, every couple hours.

Now I take benadryl and aspirin. They help with the pain, but not the infections. Best of luck finding a cure. Be very careful the antibiotic will kill off all the good as well as bad stuff. I get that all the time. Grives me nuts and antibiotics dont seem to help Best wishes Harlen.

Sinus infections can be extremely painful. I wish you the verry best and I hope you heal soon! Some folks here on DC have…. I always buy the generic brand too. They are alot cheaper. How do you deal with it? Sign up for our newsletter. I am so happy today!!!


Sinusitis and diabetes