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Soma and blood pressure

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Why are they stone walling me? I lived in Texas then and when I moved to Illinois 7 years ago the doctor here asked me if anything helped in the past and I told her that during flare ups all I ever took was Vicodin and Soma so that is what she prescibed me.

About a soma and blood pressure ago when my back became much much worse I recently had a triple laminectomy she had to change my pain medicine because vicodin no longer touched my pain and she told me Zanaflex was a much better muscle relaxer than Soma and she wanted me to try it. I did and I do think it works fairly well. She continues to prescibe both so I can choose which one I take but told me never to take them both together!

Doctors in my area DONT like to be asked for anything specific because it makes them feel you are seeking a certain drug most likely for abuse, at least that is what the nurse told me at my PM doctors office. Good luck to you and I hope you get some relief. I really had no idea that Soma helped with the pain because I thought it was just a muscle relaxant so I am going to do some research on it now and maybe start taking it instead and see if it helps my pain.

Soma and blood pressure and I just seen that the doctors told you there is a high risk of dependency and addiction with Soma? I wish you the best soma and blood pressure hope you find something if not Soma to help with your vitamin a and niacin creams I have come up against this bias a time or two myself. It is oxymoronic to think it is a worse risk than oxycodone or hydrocodone!

It breaks down in the body into a drug called meprobamate which was taken off the market years ago because it was too much of an addiction risk so I guess this is the basis for their soma and blood pressure. Luckily, in my case, I was changed to a different Dr at the pain center who agreed it was oxymoronic and since I handle myself with OxyContin and oxycodone with no problems, she allowed me to have the Soma back.

I had been on Zanaflex. Some days I think the Zanaflex was better ands some I think the Soma is. I never could take the Zanaflex during the day because it made me too sleepy but it did help me sleep wonderfully at night.

I can take the Soma during the day without so much drowsiness but I dont sleep at night nearly so well. Overall though I think the Soma relaxes my muscles better but Zanaflex allowed me to sleep better, soma and blood pressure.

My pain doc DID prescribe Soma while my rheumatologist said he could not because soma and blood pressure the meprobamate issue. I have also been on it off and on for years and never had a problem stopping it, soma and blood pressure.

I also have Zanaflex from my rheumatologistso I will try that at night instead of the Soma and see if it works better as a sleep aid. I had the same response from my spine care doc here in GA, soma and blood pressure. Same thing in Madison WI. Your writting me tons of shedule 2 drugs but not a muscle relaxer?

I too took Soma and blood pressure and it worked great, especially at nite. My doctor had to take me off of it, because the Soma caused to many contra indicators with my other diseases. Try to hang in there? Later, when I got a scan from another doc, he REFUSED to write it for me but, soma and blood pressure, like some of the others said, soma and blood pressure, he was more than willing to prescribe more heavy duty drugs!

Needless to say, I left and never went back! I have been on the same dose ever since the beginning, and have never needed to increase it. To me, Soma is a miracle worker--it LETS me sleep, and still wake up feeling normal, with no drugged out affect. Other docs have tried to put me on sleep meds and they only work for a week or two, then soma and blood pressure have to increase the dose--then I would wake up in a fog!

I have no problem refilling it in CA, when we go out there to visit relatives. I keep hearing that it is going to be taken off the market, but, so far, Soma and blood pressure have had no problem getting it refilled at Walgreens here in FL.

My pain mgmt clinic took all their patients off Soma several months ago and I went through months of agony while they tried me on about 5 other muscle relaxers. I have been on Soma for years and it works well for me. The only other one that even worked at all was Flexiril and it made me feel like crap and I got very depressed. The only thing I can tell you is that it seems like it is mostly the pain mgmt clinics that are doing this. He knows me very well though and has been my primary doc for about 15 yrs.

Anyway, I hope you get the help you need. Believe me I feel your pain!! My thoughts and prayers are with you. Thats the first I heard anything like that bout somas. I have been on soma everyday for 6 yrs now and dont know what I would do with out it. I have tried a dozen other muscle relaxers and thats the only one that gives me any relief. I take it with lortab. Thats weird cause I looked it up on this site and it said it was NOT a controlled substance and there was no class for it but my pharmacy had told me before it was considerd a controlled substance I so dont get it!

I cannot get it through my mail order as it is a controlled substance. I have tried all the opiate pain meds and can not tolerate them as the itching is too intense. I am taking zanaflex and neurontin regularly and soma when I get in total agony.

They are on the same level as Xanax. Miltown was never taken off of the market, but replaced by benzodiazepines. Scripts are still written; albeit a lot less.

Narcotics are Soma and blood pressure more addictive than Soma. It gets a bad rep for some reason, I guess. The only negative thing I have to say about Soma is the taste. I also have been taking Soma for years but last year my pain dr said that the were being moved to a schedule II controlled substance so he was taking all patients off it, soma and blood pressure.

I started going to PM in I was also prescribed pain meds and Xanax, soma and blood pressure. The only muscle relaxer that helps me, almost as much as Soma, is Zanaflex. I now have to go to a psychiatrist to be prescribed Xanax, and she has started soma and blood pressure me off of them. It is unfair to those of us who really need these meds, soma and blood pressure, having them taken away from us because of the ones who abuse them.

Now that it is and we have an epidemic of opiate related deaths opiates are now a schedule II. Soma is a schedule III. Illegal drugs such as heroin are schedule I. And only pain management doctors can prescribe it. Soma has been a medication that has been threatened to black boxed, taken off the market and just recently it was put as a Schedule IV drug Benzos are in the same class. It depends on the doctor. Some have no problem at all prescribing it while others down right refuse.

Now you have to figure out what health condition you will just have to suffer with. I have been soma and blood pressure and off Soma for a few years and not until recently I had a problem obtaining it. Hang in there and best of luck. I live in Philadelphia.

I have a damaged spine. SOMA works best for me by far. I take it at night with no residual effects in the morning. I select antibacterial spray disinfectant do not find SOMA to be addictive.

Geuss which one I ask for the script? By the way, I must say what a shame. There are so many folks in serious pain that need this drug. I propose if you can manage narcotic pain medicationthen you certainly should be able to manage a muscle relaxer, soma and blood pressure.

Do what you can to stay comfortable. I am in la and im only April 18 i got in a wreck and my car flipped 5 times and i was thrown out the back windshield. My 4 year old was thrown out and was killed. Soma and blood pressure already had severe back trouble prior to this last wreck. But after this my neck has been in scrutinizing pain.

Since i was 18 there has never been a day in my life that i was up without being in pain. My neck n back hurts so bad every single day. Some days worst than others. I have nerve damage throughout my whole back, i have bulging disk, dislocated disk, i have a severe case of scoliosis. I have taken somas many times i have also taken zanaflex, flexeril, oxycodone, xxanax, hydocodone, ocycotin, opana, codeine, tramadol, N im sure a few more just cant remember. I found that zanaflex works better than soma.

I honest to god needed that med. Oxycodone helped my pain better than the others. I can see myself getting addicted to the narcotics times easier than the relaxants soma. I am so very sorry about your daughter, I also lost my daughter almost 4 years ago and know the pain is unimaginable.


Soma and blood pressure