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Sore mouth and diabetes

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Mouth ulcers are small, whitish red craters that crop up on the gums, tongue or inside the cheek. These ulcers are so tender that it becomes hard to eat without major pain. Mouth ulcers can be caused by a variety of causes. Diabetes mellitus is among one of them. This causes erosion of the soft delicate tissue inside the mouth. Their colour is red or yellow and occur either in group or single. Mouth ulcers are not harmful and get cured automatically in a week without any medication, sore mouth and diabetes.

Some are recurring ulcers called Aphthous ulcers with no known cause. Diabetes mellitus also causes recurrent mouth ulcers. Mouth ulcers vitamin d and renal disease depend on the cause, but it can include.

The causes of mouth ulcers may be more likely if the patient has diabetesor is at risk of diabetes, or has a family history of diabetes.

Apart from diabetes, there are other major causes of mouth ulcers. It is required to manage conditions like diabetes properly to prevent mouth ulcers. When you develop the mouth ulcers, you should consult your doctor.

Search across all blogs: Symptoms Of Mouth Ulcers: Mouth ulcers symptoms depend on the cause, but it can include- A round sore or a group of sores inside the mouth Tenderness Swollen skin around the sores Irritation of the sores by spicy, salty or sour foods Problems with chewing or brushing because of the tenderness Loss of sore mouth and diabetes. Causes Of Mouth Ulcers: Apart from diabetes, there are other major causes of mouth ulcers- Injury from a toothbrush Accidental biting of the cheek.

Burns from eating hot food. Herpes simplex viral infection Autoimmune diseases Syphilis infection. Reaction zithromax and cheap certain drugs, such as chemotherapeutic agents, sore mouth and diabetes.

Certain diseases including tuberculosis, diabetes mellitus, AIDS and inflammatory bowel disease. No data so far. Most Popular Tags blood sugar levels Diabetes Drugs diabetes exercise diabetes eye diabetes food diabetes lifestyle diabetes quiz diabetes slideshow diabetes treatment diabetic diet diabetic foot diabetic news insulin treatment Meal Makeover most viewed. Haiku of the Day Took my meds today.

Habit sore mouth and diabetes quickly acquired. Accept and move on.


Sore mouth and diabetes