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States and capital lesson plan

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About the Lesson In this lesson, students will learn to identify the names of the 50 U. Over time, they will be able to do this more quickly -- and more correctly. This lesson provides the resources and games you will need to give your students plenty of practice identifying the 50 state capitals. And isnt practice the key?

Like the multiplication tables and many other skills, repetition is the best way to master the ability to identify all 50 state capitals on a U.

Fun repetition is what this ongoing activity is all about. This activity includes states and capital lesson plan handful of online games that you can use to give students a variety of fun ways to reinforce their capital-naming skills. See the Online Games section below for a list of games that can be used in the computer lab, as independent practice and fun, or as tools simon and yasmin boag setting up individual or team classroom competitions.

If you have a classroom projector, all the better; you can use it to involve the entire class in the games. The Lesson Arrange students into pairs. Provide each pair of students with one of these printable U. State Capital Maps Use these maps with capital names and locations identified to help students become familiar with and learn the names and locations of the state capitals: Have students work together in pairs to make a list of each state name and the name of that states capital.

The next day, states and capital lesson plan, challenge student pairs the same pairs as yesterday, if you see fit to write the names of each states capital on one of the maps below. How many state capital names do they recall from the day before? Once they have filled in as many state capital names as they can, they might use atlases, wall maps, and any other resources to complete the task, states and capital lesson plan.

In the days ahead, continue to repeat the activity. As the days pass, keep track of the number of state capitals student pairs are able to correctly identify without using map resources.

Each day, the student pairs should improve their capital-naming results. Eventually, separate students so they work individually to identify all 50 state capitals on a U.

Once most students have mastered the names of the state capitals, you might make practice less frequent. Check in each week or two to be sure they are retaining their capital-naming skills.

State Capital Online Games Use these online games to help students master the names and locations of the 50 state capitals. Students will continue to improve their scores as they learn the names of the 50 state capitals. Once they master the skill, occasional reinforcement will verify that the skill is sticking.

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Classroom Problem Solver Dr. Grades K Objectives Students will work cooperatively with peers to learn and practice state capital names and locations.

Want ideas for helping students learn the names and locations of the 50 U. See our lesson, Speed Smoking and accutane We doubt that few of your students will qualify for the National Geography Bee, but that is no reason to believe they shouldnt know states and capital lesson plan names and locations of the 50 U.

Getting to know the capital names is the purpose of this ongoing activity. This might be a daily activity for a period of time. Once mastered, you might continue to reinforce the skill on a weekly basis. Have the pairs of seizures and lithium the same pairs as yesterday would be ideal repeat the activity without any resources.

Give them 15 minutes or so to fill in their maps. How well do they do? State Capital Games A variety of tutorials and games help students learn state capital names and then test their knowledge.

Capital Catch What is the capital of each state? This multiple-choice game lets you choose from four city names and receive immediate feedback. State Capitals Kids, or pairs of kids, states and capital lesson plan, will enjoy this game because they get to choose the state, then identify which of three cities is weght loss and hair loss capital. Capital Map Quiz Random capital city names are presented. Students must click on the state that matches the capital name.

Move the capital city star symbol to the correct location states and capital lesson plan the map. The map determines by how many miles, on average, you miss pinpointing the exact location of the capitals. Students can keep trying to improve their precision. Assessment Students will continue to improve their scores as they learn the names of the 50 state capitals. Be sure to see our tips for using Every-Day Edits in your classroom. See our idea file.

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States and capital lesson plan