Statistics Confirm Rise in Childhood ADHD and Medication Use

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The ADHD Medication:Strattera and You

Strattera and adhd

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It is not addictive and is often chosen over other medications because there is no potential for its abuse. This results in an improved ability to concentrate and reduced hyperactivity and impulsivity. The FDA recommends a starting dose of 40 mg per day, increasing to 80 mg per day after a few days if the initial dosage is not effective, and further increased to a maximum of mg per day after a few weeks if needed to achieve an optimal effect.

The effects last for a full 24 hours, so the medication only needs to be taken once per day, strattera and adhd. This medication can be discontinued at any time without tapering it or causing any withdrawal symptoms. Atomoxetine comes in capsules containing 10 mg whitestrattera and adhd, 18 mg gold25 mg strattera and adhd40 mg blue60 mg blue80 mg brown and mg brown.

There have been at least two major double-blind studies showing that this medication markedly improves the symptoms of attention deficity hyperactivity disorder in adults. Common side effects include: It can also cause suicidal thoughts, so mood must be monitored closely while taking this medication. It can also impair sexual function in some people. It is not known yet whether this drug can pass into breast milk, strattera and adhd.

If you plan on getting pregnant, be sure to inform your physician. Indian Pediatrics, Julyp. I was diagnosed with Strattera and adhd about 2 months ago and my doctor told me that he wants to put me on a nonstimulant Strattera instead of a stimulant, strattera and adhd.

I have been taking it for a month now strattera and adhd it has not helped with my ADHD at all. I am extremely tired when I take it and has made my symptoms worse. However, I mentioned maybe trying a stimulant to him and he seemed to not want to budge and let me mb anderson cancer some?

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Strattera and adhd