Why Diabetics Sweat after Eating


Sweats and eating and diabetes

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Ok I have been diabetic for 25 years. My question is do any of you sweat while you eat???? It only happens when i am eating, and it deosnt matter how much or what i am eating but i sweat so badly that my hair is soaked and my bf sees it running down my neck. I am wondering if this happens to any of you other diabetics out there…i asked my doctor and she has no clue what could be causing this…its really quite annoying and i hate it, sweats and eating and diabetes.

I just realized that I do this more recently and had to look it up. Seems like it could be a number of reasons. Nerve damage, sweats and eating and diabetes, thyroid, allergies… for me I think sweats and eating and diabetes reason may be my thyroid. I recommend getting that checked out just in case. I too have been diabetic 26 years I am g acing severe sweating when I eat., sweats and eating and diabetes.

I really need to know what is this I am so glad I am not alone. I thought I was the only one going through this. I keep a wet face cloth close to keep me cool. I chew ice as to help lower body temp till I am finished eating my food plus I have to eat fast which makes it hard to enjoy. It almost feel like the back of my eyes are sweating as well.

It takes minutes for the sweating to subside then my body get extremely cold. I have a fan blowing directing in my face, but to no avail.

I am dripping sweat from my face, scalp and neck. Bummer…I do understand your concerns. May the Creator of heavens and earth throgh His grace open your to the answers you seek. My husband sweats when he eats no matter what he is eating. After spending 6 days in ICU, it was sweats and eating and diabetes he has hypokalemia, which is chronic low potassium. Even taking potassium supplements he experiences profuse sweating. The Drs informed us that this condition is extremely hard to diagnose.

We were "lucky" to have figured this out. I will be in contact with my doctor in a few days to see what we can do moving forward this fixing this issue. Doctor says I have an allergy and tested my urine and blood. Waiting for the results. I just started experiencing the same thing. Unfortunately Bron, this discussion was from 4 yrs ago. People come and go here and sweats and eating and diabetes original poster may not be here anymore.

Hello; I have recently been having the same issue. I have been paying close attention and it does not matter what I eat. I can have a delish healthy salad or a slice of pizza and my whole forehead and scalp get clammy and sweaty. It is embarrassing and aggravating. I even told my boyfriend that with all the complications I have, I may hate this the worst.

I hate eating in public nowadays. My dr also was a bit confused on what causes this. She is having me do a 24 hour urine collection. I will get back to you with the results once I have them. I have been doing my own research and the best diagnosis I can come up with is Gustatory Sweating.

I know you posted this a long time ago but I just came across it in an internet search for sweating when eating. I sweat every time I eat too and have never been able to figure out why!!

My forehead starts to become clammy and then I notice it on the back of antabuse natural neck.

It also drives me crazy and everyone kind of jokes with me because I use a roll of paper towels instead of a napkin. Did you ever find anything out? I have noticed I have an underarm odor now, I am on lots of meds. Maybe the thyroid needs to be checked.

I have had the same thing happen to me my hair is soaked it is the most disgusting feeling. I just had my Thyroid checked and my levels were abnormal. I have an appt to go in and get checked and discuss this sweats and eating and diabetes with the Dr. I to took my sugar and there were no changes. Maybe you need to get your Thyroid checked that has alot to do with body temp. I agree with the suggestion to have your Thyroid checked.

Diabetes and thyroid problems are both auto-immune diseases and could be related. I would also suggest having a cardiologist check your heart functioning. That happens to me when my blood sugar drops too low, but not when I eat unless something spicey. Are you having hot flashes when you eat? But with a hot flash, you not only sweat, it also feels like your blood is boiling! Low blood sugar can make you sweat; try checking it next time it happens, I guess.

I immediately start sweating like a pig. I figure it must be spiking my BS. I sometimes sweat when I eat, and my nose starts to run. I figure it is a hot flash, as it also happens when I am getting dressed and sweats and eating and diabetes ready for bed.

Are you of menopause age? If so, welcome to the club. That brings to wellbutrin xl and celexa being tired, are you under a light? It was well over…. Insulin if you take it 3. Glucagon Emergency kit 4. Glucose meter and supplies 5. Also, my sugars level do not matter either, sweats and eating and diabetes. It happens every time I eat. Thats what I thought, think it may be time for a second opinion!

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Sweats and eating and diabetes