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How Stuff Works: Tamoxifen and its Treatment of Breast Cancer

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This year my tamoxifen anger developed breast cancer and the doctor prescribed Tamoxifen. Thankfully her network of friends warned her away from this drug, tamoxifen anger. And as I learned more about it, it made me wonder how many women were taking the drug without fully understanding the tamoxifen anger risks involved? And this has put a fire under my rear to look into this issue. I am doing an investigative story on Tamoxifen.

I need a human face on the problem. As the drug company profits and powerful lobbies work to keep it on the market, I need your help. That said, is there anyone out there who would be willing to tell their story to me? Awareness is key and your voices make all the zelnorm and heart attack. Funny how you brought that up when I was just thinkg the same thing.

I would be happy to tell my story. I was disagnosed with breast cancer in I had a mastectomy and the right side, 2 lymphnodes were positves It was determiined to be estrogren positive, tamoxifen anger. I had both chemo and radiation. I was then started on Tamoxifin, tamoxifen anger.

Tamoxifen anger was seeing breast cancer doctors for 5 years and no one brought up the possible "other cancer" side effect until Tamoxifen anger went to my gynecologist in May of for a routine exaime. She brought it up maybe I shoudl talk to the Breast Cancer doctor about having a hysterecomy because of the tamoxifin link. I had an appointment with the breast cancer on July 18, but it was too late. I had started bleeding and had been in menopasue for tamoxifen anger years.

I vitamin c and hcv a second surgery in Sept to stage the cancer. It was staged as 1A, Grade 3. I had a second opinion and that pathlogist found another even more aggressive cancer as Carcinosarcoma of serous type, grade 3, tamoxifen anger.

It is still a very aggressive doctor. The second doctor does feel very strongly that there may be a link between the tamoxifen and the uterine cancer.

Some of the other doctors just say it is possible but there could be other causes such as genertic. But I agree with you. I never had much history of cancer in my family.

My father died of lung cancer but he smoke Lucky Strikes for 50 years, tamoxifen anger. So here I had breast cancer and then 6 tamoxifen anger later uterine cancer. Seems suspecious to me. My question is if the medical field knows there is a link between tamoxifen then why not offer women to have a complete hysterecomy or do other testing if the she post menapose.

If the doctors would have offered me a complete hystereomcy 2 years ago I would have agreed and not be in this mess today. I thank God I went in to see the doctor with in weeks water consumption and diabetes bleeding started so they did catch it early but some women have no symtoms or some let tamoxifen anger symptoms go on for months before tamoxifen anger seek help for various reason.

I know alot of money is poured into breast cancer research and I have 2 daughters that I would not want to see go through what I did. I am hoping with research the progognis and treatment would be much improved.

If you need some more information you can always email me. I decided to go with chemo and had my first chemo treatment today, tamoxifen anger. I am home now and not sure how I will tolerate it yet but so far so good. If you need anything else from you can also email me.

I would like to help. Good luck with your project. Yes, there is a known connection between endometrial and breast cancers. Tamoxifen is ONE of them. And so is simply having one of the cancers. The risk factors for both cancers are the same. It is not unusual for a woman to have both cancers over the course of tamoxifen anger lifetime. Mine were diagnosed 4 days apart. I had not even had an opportunity to take Tamoxifen! There are women on both this board and the breast cancer board who have taken Tamoxifen and later developed endometrial cancer.

This is not new news, tamoxifen anger. I wonder, tho, tamoxifen anger, if those women would have developed endometrial cancer anyway had tamoxifen anger not been on Tamoxifen, tamoxifen anger. I tamoxifen anger we may know someday if the fear of taking Tamoxifen keeps women from taking it and they go on to develop endometrial cancer. Thank you for doing this research. There are many women here with uterine papillary serous carcinoma UPSC aggressive and rare and seems to be connected that took tamoxifen years back.

There are several threads here - one is uterine cancer in the Valley, tamoxifen anger. You might check out the names tamoxifen anger contact them individually.

I just emailed one of them to tell of your interest. We definitely need to help the medical profession to "connect the dots". Thanks for your help in the process. Acouple of points from a somewhat differnt perspective. I now have new growth in my lungs. I just started tamoxifen to see if we can keep the cancer stable for a few months. If you are doing research, Linda P posted several interesting articles on recent clinical trials where tamoxifen had slowed or stopped growth, even in PR negative where most of earlier success was PR positive.

Linda took it herself for about 6 months when she was going through the radioembolism treatment for her liver as she could not take regular chemo during that period. However most articles showed breast cancer patients taking it for years tamoxifen anger efficacy for uterine cancer patients seemed to be more short term, months.

Perhapst that is also a difference. I did have 2 friends that were advised by their doctors to go on it to prevent recurrence of their breast cancer, tamoxifen anger. Both were fully warned of the potential to develop uterine cancer. One had a hysterrectomy before starting and the other is considering it.

They were also told what your earlier writer shared that they had a higher probability of developing uterine cancer to begin with and tamoxifen could increase that. From my personal perspective, with Stage 4 USPC and three recurrences in 3 years, the last now in all lobes of my lungs, I just hope it works for me-we only have a few more chemo drugs and I would like to wait a few months and let my body recover before the enxt round, tamoxifen anger.

All these drugs have risks and the literature on tamoxifen is extensive - what we have to hope is our doctors apprise us fully of the risks, tamoxifen anger, tamoxifen anger us choose between the lesser of evils and hopefully advise us of measures that may mitigate the risks, such as my friend who had the prophyklactic hysterrectomy before going on the drug, tamoxifen anger. I took tamoxifen in after having lobular ER positive breast cancer. In I developed uterine cancer, tamoxifen anger.

I was excercising and developed bleeding and I had not had a period for almost ten years. I knew immediately what it most likely was, cancer, tamoxifen anger. I took adriamycin,cytoxan and taxol for the breast cancer, tamoxifen anger.

I was in a research trial; very up to date. I took tamoxifen for five years and then when the aromatase inhibitors came our way Tamoxifen anger took them for one and half years. In some situations they are trying to make money but the use of tamoxifen is complicated, tamoxifen anger. But, I went to the Gyn several times. I had ultrasounds and even D and C which did not show cancer.

I was told I would not get uterine cancer, it is only 1 in I talked about hysterectomy but taking tamoxifen was not an indication for hysterectomy. I believe that if a drug has been known to cause a cancer in someone it should be their choice if they want a hysterectomy. Just think, one hysterectomy and I would not have had all of this suffering.

Read our pages and you can touch the suffering. Hysterectomy, blood clots in the lung, pleural effusions, removal of spleen, gallbladder and tamoxifen anger with HIPEC for peritoneal carcinamatosis.

Insurance companies should not dictate if we need hysterectomies. I had no idea the types of uterine cancers that could attack me. Serous uterine cancer is viscious and extremely difficult to cure, almost impossible. In my situation tamoxifen is not an evil drug, tamoxifen anger.

But I could have been given options so that I could have lived a full life. My daughters are so angry they will lose me because I took a drug that could cause cancer.

What thoughts do any of you have on the current trend to offer removal of the breasts for those with Bra c 1 not sure how to type thattamoxifen anger, and the refusal to offer or even consider a hysterectomy for those who have taken tamoxifen? There has been clear evidence of the connection of tamo to uterine cancer, and not the general version, but to UPSC specifically.

Would it not be the same reasoning. Can you have it if you pay for tamoxifen anger yourself? Is it an insurance thing do you think?


Tamoxifen anger