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Technical approach and work plan

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Technical subject matter experts or project managers often write the response to the statement of work in a proposal, which is usually called the Technical Approach. The Technical Approach defines your offering, saying what you will do or deliver. What the technical subject matter experts may lack in writing and fine art skills, they often make up for with enthusiasm for their subject.

When they bring that enthusiasm to the proposal, the result is mostly positive. People debate whether proposal writing specialists interviewing subject matter experts is a better approach, but either way, the subject matter experts are involved.

They just need to be guided in the right direction. So what technical approach and work plan the best technical approach focus on? All of these common answers are technical approach and work plan. Worse, they are wrong on their technical merits. They are a result of enthusiastically saying what you know, instead of solving the problem. What the customer needs from a technical approach is to determine which offering is their best alternative.

Some or all of the above common answers play a role in this. But the real focus for a technical approach should be on what the customer will get as a result of what is being offered, technical approach and work plan. They need to see that what they get will fulfill their goals. They need to see why it is their best alternative. Often the explanation of why you do things matters more to the customer than what you will do or the procedures you will follow.

For the customer, the offering fulfills a purpose. The goal is not to explain how you would do things. The difference is subtle, but it matters. When you are on the receiving end, do you evaluate a technical solution by the approach or the results?

If it delivers the wrong results, who cares about the approach? If you focus on the details instead of the results and a competitor focuses on the results, then their technical approach will likely be seen as the best alternative, technical approach and work plan, even if your approach is technically superior. Your technical approach should talk about results.

It should explain what the customer is going to get. It should explain why your approach matters and why you made the choices you did. I believe they will be able to achieve that because their approach is credible, technical approach and work plan. They ask you to describe your approach for doing what they ask.

They really make it sound like they want to hear all about your approach and will make their selection that way. They wrote the RFP to fulfill their goals. And their best alternative for achieving those goals will be the proposal that best demonstrates how what the vendor does results in achieving those goals.

That is the most important technical requirement. That is what the technical approach should be about. PropLIBRARY helps companies becoming winning organizations through a combination of online process guidance and training materials that are ready for immediate implementation. As the links above show, PropLIBRARY can help you win more business while also providing hours of online training to boost the skills and get everyone on the same page. You can start with a single user subscription and upgrade to a corporate subscription.

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He is a prolific author, frequent speaker, trainer, and consultant. Carl can be reached at carl. Beginners should start here. Discovering what it will take to technical approach and work plan. Figuring out what to say in your proposals. How to win in writing. For inspiration and acceleration. Winning as a team. Criteria based proposal reviews. Turning them into everyday tools. Unit and link test plans into a winning organization.

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Guidance related to communicating your message visually. For making decision and keeping track of key details. Useful intel, data, or boilerplate: Guidance based on what you know about the customer, opportunity, or competitive environment and material from your library. Optional considerations, inspiration, recipes, and things to write about: For guidance that applies across the proposal in multiple sections. Sign In Sign Up. How to write a better technical approach Most proposal technical approaches are written with the wrong goals in mind.

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Technical approach and work plan