Colon Cancer Claims Veteran Journalist Leroy Sievers

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Ted koppel and living with cancer

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Hi, I am wondering if anyone watched the special on Discovery channel yesterday. It is a very good program. Close to the end of the documentary, Lenroy ran out of treatment options, that was January Now Lenroy is still alive and doing pretty well. He went through a procedure called radiation frequency ted koppel and living with cancer it killed his tumor in the lungs not ted koppel and living with cancer whether it killed his brain and spine tumors as well but he said he is now tumor free.

The doctor gave him a few months to live in the beginning of but after the procedure, the doctor expects him to be using viagra and cialis for a couple more years.

There was a live discussion after the special and Lenroy seems to be doing very well just like a normal person and in January he was preparing for his death. I recommend the show to anyone who has cancer or caregivers, it is worth watching.

My wife and I were in the studio audiencecourtesy fo LCA. I had a chance to talk to Leroy and the Doc that did the Radio Frequency ablation on his tumors. Koppel show was a fascinating session in which to participate and, my guessmade good viewing as well, ted koppel and living with cancer. The questions that went out on air were almost all studio organized and overly scripted to my taste. The best questions of the evening popped up from the audience of survivors and supporters during the "commercial breaks ".

These interchanges were full of the pain and passion that one would have expected and were well handled by the ted koppel and living with cancer. What was fascinating was the aftermath.

Sievers and the medical team that had treated Sievers stayed and mingled with the crowd answering questions for nearly an hour We are talking midnight here, ted koppel and living with cancer. Lance raced off after a couple of signatures. I talked to the Dr at JH who did the Radioablation for some time.

Sievers was the star and his segment is certainly worth watching. Would Radio Frequency Ablation useful even after the cancer has metastisized? I found this website: My thought was that once the cancer is "out of the bag" it is traveling freely in the whole body.

LeRoy was four years ned from a bout with colon cancer. He was stage four when the recurrence was picked up two brain and two lung mets.

He had four or five tumors by the time that the RFA came up including one on the spine. It seemed that he had brain surgery as well but the sequence there was not clear. The RFA eliminated all the tumors and there is ted koppel and living with cancer evidence of disease on Pet scan. He looks and feels great but acknowledges that the disease is still there, ted koppel and living with cancer, some where, in his systems.

It is not a cure but what the heck, I would take it. I have mets in my spinerib shoulder and hip. I be glad to have them gone. Karen Yes it does matter. Survival rates and treatment options are different. The following is a link which states that Mr. Hi Mary, ted koppel and living with cancer, I watched the show and enjoyed it very much. It showed we should never give up hope and there can always be new treatments for us.

I did get the feeling that we should use the best cancer center near us for proper treatment and remission. I saw the special as well ted koppel and living with cancer Ted Kopple.

It was an excellent program and emotional to watch. Anyone who has suffered with cancer of any type would have found this story moving. I was surprised at the method at which they went directly into the tumor and hit it with radiation. I believe his spinal tumor was gone and the mets to the brain were unchanged. He was a unique man with his excellent style of writing, whichallowed one to feel they had actually been on the ted koppel and living with cancer with him.

The female that was also fighting her cancer opted to go on to Hospice after a long struggle. I cried knowing that this is someone whom is greatly loved by others; one more person who lost the battle against lung cancer.

Interesting -- I watched parts of the rerun on Discovery Times channel last night and got the impression that his colon cancer was gone and the lung cancer was a new primary, ted koppel and living with cancer. I thought it was rather ambiguous. Guess it is my rage over being the "ignored" cancer, but nothing really jumped out about how high the percentages of thediagnosis a year are lc. Hi Karen, I, too, have the same questions you do.

I was very excited about radiofrequency ablation when I first read about it. However, we went for a second opinion at Sloan Kettering in NYC and the doctor there said it was not an option. He said that procedure is only for a pinpointed area. I sure hope so. My main complaint is that they chose people who had defeated cancer, to be on the program. Why call the program living with cancer? I would like them to have a program where the main person has stage iv disease.

Where the person has cancer symptoms. Where the doctors tell the person you can not ever get rid of it. It can not be used ted koppel and living with cancer lung cancer, because the low density of lung tissue does not translate the energy tattoos and cancer, but if you had a liver metastasis it would work there.

It is not available in the U. FDA approval is slow. It is mostly being used on prostate cancer. We however are very impressed with our team at Sloan and maybe we can further discuss and compare We also have 2 children.

He is not being treated at Sloan. We went there for a second opinion. Please email me at tandabyrne optonline. His started in the colon and there was a family history of colon cancer. If the education were provided, it would really help the cause. My mom has sclc that was in fact, caused by her smoking. I totally agree that lung cancer is not given enough attention. I lost my husband in October to stage 4 lung cancer. He was diagnosed in March This was a man whom had a stress test done in December of and passed with flying colors.

Yes, he did smoke, and I harped on him all the time, but, I do not believe smoking caused his cancer. I believe it contributed it to it. I believe the cancer was in his body thru genetics his father died a few years ago with pancreatic cancer and the elements around us ted koppel and living with cancer to cancer. We missed the airing of this show. Did anyone record it and would maybe share it with us? We would really appreciate it. Phil, Totally missed the show, but very interesting discussion here and wonder if the Dr.

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Ted koppel and living with cancer