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Teddy and friends breast cancer foundation

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Scientific discoveries are dependent on new ideas and moving beyond the status quo, teddy and friends breast cancer foundation. Most breast cancer is in the body five to eight years before it can be detected through current methods. Science and technology are coming together to create the venue for discovery of a new test that would detect breast cancer at its earliest stages, possibly before a tumor has even formed.

Where do I start? What can I do? Wiley Stockton, a four-and-a-half-year survivor, has realized how fragile life can be. Wiley shared that he is extremely blessed to continue his same lifestyle and appreciates every day he has. A thirteen-year survivor, mentions she is still the same person today as she was before the diagnosis. Two-time breast cancer survivor, Vicki Harris shares that her experience amplified her life, values and direction.

At 59, a new cancer therapy was discovered through a mammogram. Sondra Freeman is a woman of very strong faith which has notably helped her throughout her journey. Sondra shared that her faith in Jesus Christ, His healing power and a loving, supportive family to surround her with love, prayer and encouragement was everything she needed to get through her breast cancer journey. Although she had prayer requests of her own, she was devoted to supporting those who also needed prayer and encouragement.

Simone Liebling, an eleven-year survivor, lives life to the fullest every day and was lucky to return to her active life immediately after her treatment. Shelia Fairbanks was first diagnosed in February of Unfortunately, her cancer has returned three times throughout the years. However, that has not stopped her from seeing the beauty in every day. Shelia appreciates all the blessings life offers. Ronni Lundy, a one-and-a-half year survivor, has learned teddy and friends breast cancer foundation life is the gift of possibility, and her responsibility is to make the most of it.

Percy Ann Edmundson, a four-time survivor, shares that she has learned to be thankful for every day as well as her family and friends. Breast Cancer has not been stopped. How can you get involved?

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Teddy and friends breast cancer foundation