How should diabetes in thalassaemia be managed?

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Thalassemia and metformin

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Last Jump to page: Thread Tools Email this Page…. This is because red blood cells do not always live for three months in all people, thalassemia and metformin. Among diabetics, it may live for less than 3 months, about 81 days.

For those suffering from anemia, thalassemia and metformin, the RBC may not live up to 3 months either. This matters because the longer the RBC lives, the more sugar it will gather and the HbA1c will go up. For anti inflammatory dose ibuprofen, a reading of 6.

But in a healthy guy, the RBC might live for 5 thalassemia and metformin and stick to more sugar in that span. In a diabetic, the 6. Note here that the magnitude of error seems to be higher for the nondiabetic than for the diabetic, thalassemia and metformin, since the RBC seems to live far longer in a person with healthy metabolism than its life is shortened in a person suffering from anemia or diabetes.

What then is the most accurate reading? The author thinks it is repeated postprandial readings. Lab work is not an exact science. You have to be a forensic nutritionist to figure out what the numbers actually mean and realize that there are distortions. Dinosaurthalassemia and metformin, chcwhyfish liked this post. The RBC count on my labs is always higher than the normal range. This could be good news my FF with 6. Just grasping at straws here. But if your fasting is and your postprandials are thalassemia and metformin the and s, then it is reasonable to assume that your A1c has no business being close to 5.

Originally Posted by Nicoletti. You need a measure of variability to know if it is made up of highs and lows averaged together, or mostly good numbers. Standard Deviation can provide this, where available. For me the a1c is just another tool, to me the daily testing tells me more whats going on even though I cant catch each high or low I get a good idea daily how I am doing.

I find this interesting. I have thought that this affected me. When I was first diagnosed, with few changes, I brought my A1c down to 5. After that 3 month honeymoon, thalassemia and metformin, I was never able to get such good results, in fact my A1c rebounded to the mid 6s where I struggled ever since.

I think what may have happened is that my red blood cells, being a poorly controlled diabetic, thalassemia and metformin, they had a short life and that made my A1c artificially low. As the changes I made improved my health, my red blood cells started to live a longer and fuller life and my A1c drifted up accordingly. And that is a large enough difference that my endo routinely ordered a fructosamine test which generally thalassemia and metformin with my meter, not with my A1c.

The labs may have come up with some figure that the RBCs live for 3 months on average. But they may not realize that they stay alive far longer in healthy people and slightly less in diabetics.

The same thing is true with the FBG measure. We have a significant diabetic and nondiabetic population. If you average all the blood testings, then the significant number of people who are sick will overstate the average. We do know from Dr. Bernstein et thalassemia and metformin that the FBG in healthy, nondiabetics is something like You will not get that number if you average all the BG thalassemia and metformin. Take your statin and BP medication.

Originally Posted by furball Originally Posted by dolby. I suspect for most of us once we get some lab A1Cs to compare against our own metering we can tell the doc at our appointments just where our A1Cs are going to be. One reason docs need to order A1Cs or down load meter readings is that sometimes people tell the doctors what they want to hear rather than their true meter readings.

T2, self diagnosed On Levemir, Regular, viagra and tylonal Humalog. So far so good.

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Thalassemia and metformin