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As I narrate this in July, l, seven and a half years have passed since I was found to have stage four prostate cancer. As I learned later I should have been dead at least seven years. What follows is an account of things that were done by me and by many other people and the results that followed. The accounts that follow are not to be considered as specific advice, but the information given may be used by any individual as he or she sees fit, as is the right of any person.

Bone scans and other tests indicated no spread so it was decided to operate. During the operation it was discovered that the cancer had spread to the Lymph glands making it stage four. The operation was not completed as that would not be the answer. The only treatment used was Lupron and Eulexin to cancel the male hormones. I was told the male hormone does not cause cancer, but if cancer is present it is like throwing kerosene on a fire.

He is a medical research the cancer answer al carter and very knowledgeable. He says scientists can cure cancer. He also has a recent video tape on the immune system as it relates to Cancer, the cancer answer al carter. The book or tape can be ordered by calling 1 - - He quoted from another book, "How to fight Cancer and Win" by Fischer. There are three chapters on oils describing the work of Dr.

Johanna Budwig in Germany. She is a Biochemist and blood specialist who has been treating cancer of all kinds with nothing but cottage cheese and Flaxseed Oil for over 16 years. She says that people with cancer have blood that is low in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids and the blood has a greenish cast.

Budwig has taken patients sometimes given only hours to live and restored them to health. Doctors had attempted to treat patients with sources of Omega 3 but had not been consistently successful. Depending on the severity zyprexa and diphenhydramine injection the condition she had her patients use 3 to 6 Tbsps. I have learned recently that Dr.

Budwig recommends that the oil and the cottage cheese be thoroughly mixed before eating it. I have realized that an excellent approach would be to mix however many Tbsps. Of Flax oil one plans to use each day in a bowl with at least a half cup of cottage cheese and some fruit such as crushed pineapple or frozen strawberries, put it in the refrigerator and eat a portion of it at different times during the day. For two and a half years I put a half cup of cottage cheese in a bowl, added a Tbsp, the cancer answer al carter.

Of flaxseed oil, mixed in some crushed pineapple or frozen strawberries or honey and took it to school for lunch. An excellent method of mixing is with the use of a small hand held blender.

Milk or juice may need to be added to make the mixture thin enough so that the little motor may be able to handle it.

After 3 months of treatment, the cancer answer al carter, the blood would be bright red, the tumors disappearing and the amount of oil reduced to 1 Tbs. Yogurt will take the place of cottage cheese but more of it is needed; actually about three times as much and if fruited Yogurt is used it would need to be even more. Flaxseed oil is increasingly available in health food stores though it must be kept fresh and cold. It will keep a year in a freezer, the cancer answer al carter, 4 months the cancer answer al carter a refrigerator but only 3 weeks at room temperature.

Barlean, in Ferndale WA,was, I believe, the first company in the US to process Flax oil for food and is an excellent source. Another source is Flora Inc.

They have other products also, including "Companion Nutrients" that are capsules containing dried sulfurated proteins and enzymes which activate the essential fatty acids. They guarantee that one capsule will activate one Tbsp, the cancer answer al carter.

We have recently learned that Omega Nutrition Canada, Inc. Their toll free number is They have a variety of information available on the value and use of Flaxseed Oil and other products as do the other companies the cancer answer al carter cited. When I began looking for sources of Flaxseed Oil the sources were quite limited, the cancer answer al carter, but, as the realization of the value of this material has grown, there are now more companies producing it.

I have been told by one company that, while they feel their product has somewhat of an edge, all these oils are good as long as they are cold pressed, fresh and kept cold. This cannot be over emphasized I would be skeptical of any Flaxseed Oil that was kept on a store shelf at room temperature. In "How to Fight Cancer and Win", an account is given of a young woman, the cancer answer al carter, who had cancer so advanced she could no longer eat.

She was given enemas of Flax oil and skim milk. In a short time she was able to eat and in three months she was home taking care of her family. The three chapters on oils are worth the price of the book. Unfortunately, this book is no longer published. I immediately found a source of the oil and started. At the time I had no real guidelines so used 2 tbsps of oil a day for six months.

At the time of the attempted operation my PSA count was It was six months before I had the second PSA. Your count is completely normal! From that time until this, Octoberat 6 month intervals, the count has ranged from 0. As I revise this in July of I want to say that the flaxseed oil was not the only thing that was being done. At the time I discounted it a lot because we had seen the PSA brought down with flaxseed oil alone in a number of cases and when I asked the doctor if he had expected the counts to go down that much he said, "No Way!

I have a cousin in California who lost his wife to cancer a number of years ago. He is militantly trying to get American doctors to look at this approach, the cancer answer al carter.

Nothing in American medicine approaches that degree of success. In the cancer answer al carter talked to Dr. They come here and observe my methods and are impressed. Then they want to make a special deal so they can take it home and make a lot of money. Budwig has been nominated for a Nobel prize 7 times, but her methods have incurred the wrath of the establishment and she is passed the cancer answer al carter. Especially upsetting is her refusal to use radiation vitamin d and menapause chemotherapy.

In the summer of we were at a Bible conference in Northern Ohio. While there a friend told me that he knew a doctor in Northwest Ohio who had developed terminal cancer. He took a nutritional approach and apparently recovered in 5 months. Now when a patient vitamins and quit smoking his is diagnosed with cancer, he says "I can tell you the standard treatments, and I can tell you what works.

Which do you want? He told him of these alternative approaches and his wife, who is an RN, practically threw him out. She said that if there were anything that would help, the doctors would be doing it and the only things that do any good are radiation, operations and Chemotherapy.

He said "He died last week". She told her about Flax oil in case the lady would want her husband to try it. When we talk about these things there are a number of reactions. Can I get it tonight? In my case, I felt what in the world do I have to lose; it is a food, not a drug, the cancer answer al carter, and there are no side effects. We have heard that in rare cases Flax oil can cause a slight rash.

In those cases starting with a smaller amount will usually eliminate the problem. In cases of allergic reactions to dairy products, soft Tofu will work fairly well in the place of cottage cheese. Where it has not been successful those with cancer have not used enough in the first place, or switched to Flax flakes or capsules Capsules scare me. In the first place, it takes a number capsules to make a Tbsp.

Also, bottles of capsules are likely to sit around on shelves at room temperature. I knew of one man who was quite badly off and began using the liquid oil and began making dramatic improvement.

About a year shirleys plan service and tucson az I learned that he had died.

I later learned that he had switched to capsules. Shortly after I found out I had trouble we learned that a friend of ours had been having trouble since One day my wife and I visited him and talked about the oil. He decided to use it and began using it 2 tbsps a day [Now e know that probably was not enough quite].

The doctor said his bladder had welbutrin sr and weight loss and lost its elasticity. The doctor examined him and said, "Mr. The bladder is elastic again and everything is back to normal. I knew a man out west who found out he had colon cancer. He just used Flax oil and cottage cheese and the tumors disappeared. She had had cancer in one place and had been treated with chemo and radiation. The next year it appeared in her back and was again treated and it disappeared.

Now it had reappeared in her head. She had 18 shots of radiation and the doctor wanted to do the 19th but she said the 18th almost killed her and she refused it. In march of her doctor moved out of town and her new doctor examined her and went over her records and said, "Maxine, this is a miracle!

They had done an MRI on her head and everything was clear, and she was praising the Lord!


The cancer answer al carter