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The diabetes solution and richard bernstein

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We are nearly members using LCHF to successfully reverse diabetes. Even though I do not have diabetes, The diabetes solution and richard bernstein was so impressed that I joined immediately. I invited Sandy to do a little guest post to introduce herself to my friends and tell them about her work. It was certainly not unexpected, given my family history and my gestational diabetes during my pregnancies.

When I went to my first diabetes education class I was the only newly diagnosed violence with lexapro and alcohol there who was not on medication yet thanks to a doctor who believed in me! That was my last diabetes education class.

It has been a journey and a lot of trial and error! This was not acceptable to me as I remembered reading in Dr. I began the Reversing Diabetes group in early because I felt that Diabetic people had very few advocates and that the medical treatment of diabetes was going in the wrong direction. I was personally frustrated by the advice that I was being given. In the beginning year of the group I focused on eating low carb and low fat.

The group began to evolve as I did. I began the ketogenic diet program described in their book and a miracle took place in my life! I was pinching myself in disbelief! These days my fasting blood sugar averages around 74 4. I have not lost all of the weight I have hoped for but I am a work in progress! We were about members in late Now our group has over members with hundreds of successes. We start our members with Dr.

To those with a new diabetes diagnosis my best advice to them is: Be your own advocate. No one cares about you more than you and your family does. This is your diabetes, your health, the diabetes solution and richard bernstein. Your doctor is not going to fix it. Your diabetes educator is not going to fix it.

You are the one who fixes it! Be determined and see this diagnosis as an opportunity for you to change your life going forward. Type 2 diabetes is not an uncontrollable disease. It is very controllable. These labs show that fat does not contribute to heart disease! My lipids are better than ever before! Bacon wrapped water chestnuts. Quick and easy Italian Sausage stir fry.

I read your post, a mini bio. So I am very encouraged. Is it OK to have Kefir and Kombucha, and plain yogurt greek full fat? I am trying to get good gut health. I just started this week.

I drink about 4 ounces of both per day. I find the plain Kefir tastes like buttermilk, the diabetes solution and richard bernstein. Anna, I would leave the Kefir and Kombucha alone right now as well as the yogurt. The diabetes solution and richard bernstein are somewhat problematic because they may have more sugars and carbs than you are aware of. There is still some lactose in the Greek yogurt and honestly it is something that I am not able to tolerate.

We always start our group members with Dr. Please feel free to join my group at https: Some Kosher dietary restrictions: No combination of meat with dairy.

There was a picture of it in the article that you could click on to go there. Just in case you are having trouble here is taurine and depakote link to the group without the picture. In the early stages, type 2 diabetics typically have too much insulin!

There are a number of causes of insulin resistance, but one of the major causes is. I just found new medical research that reveals high blood sugar is deadlier than we realized. My A1C was At the age of 60, my health was failing fast. Looking for a solution to my problem I found a natural method to combat diabetes, you can see for yourself:. My blood sugars are back into normal fasting range after meals.

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The diabetes solution and richard bernstein