Thyroid Hormone Replacement Drugs and Birth Control Pills: A Safe Combo?

Birth control pills, the liver, and Hashimoto’s

Hormone Replacement? Birth Control Pills? How Estrogen Affects Thyroid Function.

Thyroid and birth control medicine

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Welcome to WebMD Live. She has joined us to talk about thyroid disorders. I have just been diagnosed with hypothyroidismand had a Linene goldshield antibacterial thyroid stimulating hormone of It is now down within range, but I still do not feel well.

How long does it take before I feel better? A TSH of 84 tells me that for a long period of time you developed thyroid and birth control medicine symptoms of thyroid dysfunction and probably became very accustomed to a slow metabolism. With such high elevations of TSH and slow metabolism we tend not to over-correct the hypothyroid state. From the start of medication to a change in the next dose it usually takes about six weeks for reassessment of a TSH. Most labs record a normal range TSH at 0.

Although a more realistic goal for a TSH should be at around 2. If after placing patients on appropriate thyroid replacement the patient continues to have abnormal levels of TSH, I ask questions about not only thyroid and birth control medicine timing of medications, but also potentially what else they take with their thyroid pills. Simple things like multivitamins that contain thyroid and birth control medicine can cause your thyroid pill not to be thyroid and birth control medicine completely.

Commonly we see both men and women unaware of this fact. The other common provigil and strenuous exercise I frequently see is the combination of birth control pills and thyroid hormone. Interpretations of lab results from patients taking these two medications can be difficult. Is there any food that one can take in excess or avoid to help in the regulation of the hormone?

In individuals who have a susceptibility to thyroid disease because of genetics or predisposition of family history or underlying scarred thyroid for whatever reason, thyroid and birth control medicine, they can be susceptible to foods containing a high iodine content.

These individuals can develop hypothyroidism from iodine-containing foods like kelp. Sushi does not apply here and seafood does not as well. But excess supplementation of iodine like with health-food supplements can lead to an accelerated hypothyroid state. Although it is true that the thyroid uses iodine to make thyroid hormone, in excess amounts you will shut down and scar your thyroid gland.

This character of iodine excess is used as treatment for hyperthyroidism. In a hyperthyroid patient, to quickly make them hypothyroid, excess iodine is frequently used.

Is there anything that helps your thyroid as far as foods go? On the concern of iodine in excess amounts, I note that people consume salt heavily in the United States, and most of this salt is iodized.

Good or bad idea? Years ago in the U. Our bodies also do a very good job of recycling iodidne. During the process of labor and delivery in such a case, asphyxiation of the fetus could happen as it travels through the birth canal since it brings its head close to its chest, and with a goiter the soft tissues in the neck would get crushed.

That type of supplementation in bread and salt is adequate even in miniscule amounts. I have an underactive thyroid. How does that affect me trying to conceive a baby? During the first six weeks of development the fetus depends on the maternal supply of thyroid hormone for development of the brain and nervous system.

Only after six weeks is the fetus capable of supplying its own source of thyroid hormone. During pregnancya hypothyroid patient, one who has inappropriate levels of thyroid hormone, can have a few complications. A TSH should be checked during the first trimester and should be monitored every eight to 12 weeks. The delivery of infants smaller than their gestational age can happen.

There is also an increased risk of stillbirths. There is a possibility of impairment of brain development. And in the mother, other complications exist as well. It is extremely important that your thyroid hormone levels be checked during pregnancy, and again multivitamin and iron supplements need to be taken at a different time than when taking the thyroid hormone.

Of course you can. Is infertility affected if hypothyroid? Yes, it is, most definitely. And even if a hypothyroid individual becomes pregnant, there is a higher risk of spontaneous abortions miscarriages.

It applies to the hypothyroid patient who is uncorrected by medication replacement or medication therapy, thyroid and birth control medicine. Is it true that hyperthyroidism will eventually "burn out" the thyroid? Also, what are the symptoms of hyperthyroidism besides weight loss?

Hyperthyroidism in Graves disease can eventually burn itself out. It can take sometimes up to five or more years. Hyperthyroidism from Graves can lead to life-threatening consequences, including heart abnormalities congestive failure and extremely irregular heart beats.

Muscle wasting thyroid and birth control medicine paralysis can also occur. Weight loss is usually seen early in the disease. A few patients are not aware of the more devastating consequences of hyperthyroidism caused by Graves. Other more appropriate options for treatment include medical therapy, radioactive iodine, and even surgery to remove the thyroid.

I take my prenatal vitamins at night thyroid and birth control medicine 11 p. Is that a sufficient gap for both to act?

I take birth control pills with estrogen levelen Does that interfere with synthroid? Your doctor is right. Birth control pills do not interfere with the absorption of thyroid hormone, but they increase thyroid and birth control medicine of proteins in the body.

And when we interpret thyroid blood testsmany of these tests are analyses of proteins in the body. So in an individual taking birth control pills, the best thyroid test to analyze is a Free T4 as opposed to a T4, which has a protein component to it and is affected by birth control pills. What is a thyroid scan and what does it tell you? It is a functional test or picture of the thyroid. It contains a very inactive or minimally active radioactive iodine substance.

The radioactivity basically glows on a scan, and your thyroid uses iodine to make thyroid hormone. So one having a thyroid scan would be given a pill containing radioactive iodine, then asked to return in six hours, and again in 24 hours after the ingestion of the tablet. During that time the iodine is taken in by the thyroid in an attempt to make thyroid hormone at a normal rate. At six hours a picture of the thyroid is taken.

A calculation is made depending on how much iodine is consumed and how much radiation is detected on the scan, and the pattern of glow that appears on the scan, thyroid and birth control medicine.

This allows one to determine various pieces of information: How fast or how slow the thyroid is in making thyroid hormone. Where it is making the thyroid hormone, like in a nodule or in all of the gland that is functioning. Or if there is a "cold nodule. It depends on whether you have cancer or not. My sonogram indicated a water-filled cyst on the thyroid. What exactly does that mean?

A fluid-filled cyst usually indicates a benign mass, as opposed to a rock-hard or solid or calcified mass, thyroid and birth control medicine.

The only thing that can truly differentiate the two is a biopsy. A fine needle biopsy will go into this fluid-filled mass not attempt to drain the fluid from the mass, but attempt to scrape the wall of it to get cells. Those cells are later sent to pathology to evaluate for cancerous cells. Symptoms in men mirror those seen in women, whether hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.

Thyroid masses are unusual in men and warrant a higher level of suspicion. So when typically I see men in taking zoloft morning and night office for a thyroid mass, I almost immediately recommend a biopsy be done after the history and the physical, thyroid and birth control medicine.

So yes, thyroid problems can be seen in men but are not as common as we see in women. I am trying to make sure my year-old son who is miles away at college is properly treated. He developed symptoms beginning in early October and getting progressively worse. He is fatigued all the time, has tingling in both legs, feels weak, naps a lot, hair is brittle. TSH test shows 3. They are of course investigating lots of other things, thyroid and birth control medicine, as they should be.

Your son has a complicated problem. Your son should have a complete thyroid panel looked at, which includes a total T4 and TSH. The TSH is a blood test of something that drives your thyroid to function or a gland called the pituitary gland.

His physicians should probably question whether his TSH is appropriate. One way to do that is to evaluate the rest of his pituitary gland or other hormones produced in the pituitary. This is what I recommend, and your physicians can take it from there.


Thyroid and birth control medicine