Borderline thyroid tests: When should you take thyroid medication?

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Thyroid replacement hormones and lab tests

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Understanding Thyroid Lab Tests. Find a Top-Notch Expert. The bestseller Living Well With Hypothyroidism is your starting point for information on how to live well.

Living Well With Autoimmune Disease is for anyone with an autoimmune disease. Michelle became so fatigued that any amount of exercise seemed impossible. Previously, she would do Spinning classes three times a week, but now, she had not made it to the gym in six months.

Her moods took a turn south, and that led to binge eating in front of the TV. When her primary care doctor wanted to put her on anti-depressants, Michelle found her way to my office. My other doctors said my thyroid tests were normal! I would like to do a more complete workup. Being overweight can be caused by lots of things, thyroid being only one of them. But I will say this, your tests definitely say you are under-medicated. By the end this visit, I think you will know more about thyroid disease than most endocrinologists.

Later on, when you learn more, I want you to help choose among options of what to do next. In my opinion, the days of paternalism in medicine are long over. I want you to take an active role in your care. If it is really cold, the thermostat your brain will send lots of electricity TSH to the boiler your thyroid gland to make lots of heat thyroid hormone.

As the apartment heats up, the thermostat will still send some electricity, but maybe not as much, to still make heat, but only enough to keep the apartment at the right temperature. Can I borrow your lab coat? Your TSH is at 0. I already feel cold. I said you were under-medicated and I meant it. On the contrary, it proves that you are NOT getting too much. The other doctors always decreased my dose when that happened. And I always felt worse when they did.

When there is too much heat in the apartment, such as the danger of a fire, NO electricity goes to the boiler. I do not think you have a raging fire inside you. Your body is asking for more heat. It happens when a test is very sensitive it picks up most diseasebut is not specific it tests positive when no disease is present. Thyroid replacement hormones and lab tests, their cutoff point cuts off many patients from getting proper treatment.

But you said I definitely was under-medicated. How do you know? The first set describes the levels of free hormones in your blood stream. It actually is four times as potent as T4, so I test for both. They can be thrown off by toxic chemicals and drugs lead poisoning, birth control pills, thyroid replacement hormones and lab tests, hormone replacement therapy, seizure medication, blood pressure and cholesterol drugs Propranolol, Gemfibroziland high dose aspirin used for arthritis ; deficiencies of vitamins and minerals Vitamin E, Selenium, others I just get upset when doctors do tests that do little to help their patients, just to line their pockets.

The insurance company raises the premiums the employers pay. The employers pass on these premium increases to their employees, or worse yet, drop coverage altogether. I have quite a few patients in that situation. For this lab, the normal for Free T4 is 0. What other tests do you got there? It is elevated for a variety of reasons, and really is only useful to follow patients after have been treated for differentiated thyroid cancer.

There are other modalities used for that. Unfortunately, most vitamin a and health are totally unaware of the Reverse T3 phenomenon, and even worse, most labs do not properly assay for it. With the common laboratories around here, it always comes out normal, even when there is a real problem. What thyroid replacement hormones and lab tests my numbers?

Normally, they should be undetectable, but yours were 1, and respectively. You may have even had these antibodies all your life. There is no way to know. The other doctors never tested you for them. But right now I just want to get better. What do I need to do now? And when will I need to come back to be retested? It is because these thyroid antibodies variably bind up the hormones you have. There is no way to tell how much thyroid hormone you need based upon blood tests.

She obviously needed more of an explanation. There is no way to know how much of a negative effect those thyroid antibodies are having, we just know that they are there. The presence of thyroid antibodies throws off every thyroid test, including the TSH.

With hormone resistance, it is often easier and more effective to test the function of the hormone, not the actual level.

In Type II Diabetes, thyroid replacement hormones and lab tests, we know there is insulin hormone resistance. There are many different types of thyroid hormone thyroid replacement hormones and lab tests. Here is a handout to describe how to do the test. I want you to write down the ten things most important thyroid replacement hormones and lab tests you. Please call me before they take away your credit cards.

Every so often, scale yourself. You said I would have options in choosing my own care. Because you are lower in T3 than T4, thyroid replacement hormones and lab tests, and because many of my patients report they feel better when they add some T3 to their regimen, I think whatever you choose should include that. Other people that were never really happy on T4 alone find it easier to switch completely to a combination product that has both T4 and T3 in it Armour Thyroid, Nature Thyroid, others.

Many people that do not have insurance prefer it for price reasons alone. What do you think you want to do? But what dose to we start at? How often do I need to come to see you? You can do this each two weeks up to four pills a day mg without causing any long term side effects. Dosing thyroid is almost like running on ice.

Every time I begged my endocrinologist to give me more medication, he said my bones would become thin and break. In fact, those taking thyroid had thicker bones than those patients not on medication! We should do a baseline test now. I hope that you will eventually learn how to manage your condition on your own and we can space out these visits, thyroid replacement hormones and lab tests. Kenneth Woliner is a board-certified family physician in private practice in Boca Raton.

Though he often recommends vitamin supplements, thyroid replacement hormones and lab tests, thyroid replacement hormones and lab tests does not sell them due to conflict of interest concerns.

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Thyroid replacement hormones and lab tests