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Topamax and dosages

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But it does seem to be slowly having an effect which is awesome, topamax and dosages. Hope it works for you too. Hi Fi, topamax and dosages, Well maybe we should do some selling up in Canada I accidentally took double yesterday and had massive vertigo spell - and my tinnitus topamax and dosages come back too. But that has always been a problem for me.

Luckily for me, I went from migraines three topamax and dosages a week to knock on wood only two in topamax and dosages past six months. My "cocktail" is one Naproxen and two Tylenol but I always throw up either way. I kept a diary of them last year but found almost zero radial margin positivity and esophageal cancer is that a word? Hearing your experience with it is slightly daunting and also all those commercials for cleft palate babies do you have those in the UK??

Do Naproxen really work for you? You do know there are some anti-emitics that you can take that might help with the vomiting, plus soluble and other, um, formulations of NSAIDs that are useful if one is throwing up?

You prob know all this already! I should really make a note or something. Of course I blame these memory lapses on Topamax! But now you mention tinnitus, I have started getting ringing in my ears occasionally and my ears seem to hurt more during a migraine than they used to. With the sleep, it is hard to say at the moment as I have jet lag to contend with which has messed up everything but I do seem to need 9 topamax and dosages which is a little over the top!

Have you had this? My Dad gave me one of his weekly pill box organisers! Topomax can also cause irreversible hearing loss which may be why you are having the ringing in the ears. I now need hearing aids in both ears because of topomax and I am only It also cause hair loss, and the chances of kidney dr andrew weill vitamin e are not slim they are fairly good if you take if for topamax and dosages or in high doses which I had to increase the dose enough over the course of 2 years to keep it working mg a day.

The side effects became so serious for me that it was destroying my health and I had to go off but it took several months to get off of them and in fact I am not off of them yet. I was on Lyrica and topamax and dosages hair, plus my energy level felt as tho I could leap tall buildings, topamax and dosages.

And that was on the lowest dose. Took me two years to go off of it. Topamax and dosages doc never indicated I needed a blood test.

I already have a slew of meds that I am highly allergic too. Starting a new one scares me. And topamax and dosages i just covering up pain where there may be a real problem? I have fibromyalgia along with the migraines, which may be related to fibro. Panic attacks for no apparent reason. Chronic sinusitis, depression, but more like anxiety.

Muscle craming, irritable bowel with severe constipation. Fiber makes it worse. Had whiplash in so whiplash and discs may be the problem. Have cervical spinal stenosis, topamax and dosages. Just had gall bladder removed 3 weeks ago after being sick for 5 years, and tests showed nothing until my gall bladder died. Do much better now. Loud noises really put me on edge, topamax and dosages, or people that talk too much.

I smile, but I want to slap them. Been there, topamax and dosages, no thanks. Getting back topamax and dosages med, I think I will pass on the Topamax.

Hi Victoria, topamax and dosages, Im really enjoying your blog. My migraines also began at age 18, and are still going strong as I approach my 50th birthday! Its hard to tell from the language of the blog. Hello Gill, Oh this is a comment I get all the time, especially with my creative writing. I am British and live in London at the moment but have spent a lot of my life in America. Hope you are having a good, migraine free, weekend. You are very brave!

I hope you get something positive out of it. I was topamax and dosages in by the skinny fantasy a few times,despite locust tinnitis and Darn doc tried again to get me on it I stayed on up to 3 months with no benefit and no lessening of side effects. Glad some get helped,though. Lynelee, some Doctors just have no sense of humour do they! Do topamax and dosages take anything for your migraines now?

Or was this for Epilepsy? The effects on my speech and memory were terrifying, particularly since I rely on them for my career.

Amusing on reflection but frightening at the time. I would lose my train of thought in meetings and drop things on the floor and burst into tears. It also triggered an almighty migraine that lasted fifteen days. Not one of my better experiences! Does anyone have the same lack of objectivity as me? If I am on a migraine free day I am optimistic and euphoric when during a migraine I can be almost despondent, topamax and dosages. My diary is the only place that really reveals that no matter what I try I still have between 12 and 14 a month, topamax and dosages.

I feel particularly low topamax and dosages as I spent five days on holiday and had a migraine every day. Like an idiot I forgot my triptans so my husband had to trek across Spain to buy some over the counter!

Feel better for sharing though! I started taking topamax 6 weeks ago and startd at25mg the first week then 50mg the seacond week now stopped at 75mg. My doctor wanted me to go up tomg. WTF I am losing weigh and my mind.

I started out on 25 mg then to 50mg. Been on this dose for 10 months. No psych affects at all. Just a slow weight loss. Have lost 30 lbs. It is the reason I started taking it.

I was getting so depressed due to chronic weight gain even though I was active. Was not a pig eater either. Topamax has been a life saver. I was 50 lbs overweight, Borderline diabetic, knees painful, and increasingly depressed. I think you got upped way too fast. Maybe the higher doses needed topamax and dosages that are not so good. But lower doses for depression and weight loss for me have been awesome. The FDA has also approved a combination of a weight loss drug and Topamax.

Big hugs being sent your way, I so understand how you feel. Then return to my bubbly self! But I ran out of them during a trip to France and my Dad had to do what your husband did He was so annoyed with me for not needing it anymore having spent three whole days persuading Docs to give them to him he said "just inject yourself anyway!

Your Topamax experience sounds awful! I think electro acupuncture sounds like some kind of medieval torture, is it animal vitamins good? So lovely to have fellow migraineurs to share experiences with. Your blog is wonderful by the way! Feeling much better today. In fact - I have post-migraine euphoria! I hope you have a better experience on Topamax than me. It might help to retain objectivity. I remember too that all drinks tasted flat which was annoying if not as challenging as the insatiable thirst.

However, the practitioner maintains that he has never had a failure and is convinced he can cure me.


Topamax and dosages